York Cocoa Works Chocolate Lollipop Making and Afternoon Chocolatada #Review

York Cocoa Works Chocolate Lollipop Making and Afternoon Chocolatada Review: October 2019

Sophie, founder of York Cocoa Works is a skilled and dedicated chocolate enthusiast.  Creating a bespoke, luxurious and quality brand, York Cocoa works offers a range of chocolatey experiences to suit all tastes.

When visiting York Cocoa Works it feels like family, as Michelle and her team are just as lovely as their chocolate treats.

The Chocolate Lollipop making was a simple, but fun experience which took me back to my childhood evoking memories of baking in the kitchen with my mum.

You are free to release your inner artistic and creative spirit and use the toppings to create your Lollipop Piece de resistance aka your marvellous masterpiece.

After the lollipop making session, we enjoyed an Afternoon Chocolatada experience.

A live chocolate Afternoon tea experience that is freshly prepared right in front on your eyes.  Sarah, Piping our delicious cream cakes, was a lovely lass who clearly has a passion for the chocolate making and all things bakery.

This was a unique interesting and immersive experience, a whole new take on the Afternoon tea which I loved.

Beginnings included a Tomato & Basil soup with a Chocolate Olive Tapenade Palmier.  Along with some lovely Yorkshire tea.

York Cocoa Works cater for various dietary requirements and made tweaks accordingly.  Sandwich wraps included Roast Chicken and Chocolate Pesto Mayonnaise Wraps and Sweet Red Pepper, spinach chocolate Pesto Wraps.

Also, the super scrummy Chorizo and Leek Tart, also the cheese and Leek tart along with a Red Chocolate Pesto Crostini.

The Chocolate & Cherry Scones are fabulous and served with Jam and Cream.  Along with miniature Chocolate Beetroot Cakes and a Chocolate Chunky Cookie.

Their classic hot chocolate was divine and the ideal end to our chocolate tea party.

Their Afternoon Chocolatada provides chocolate in abundance, but they have achieved a delicate balance, so they have cleverly infused savouries and not overpowered them.

Chocolate, Chocolate and more Chocolate…let York Cocoa Works give you the chocolate tea party of your dreams.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



80 thoughts on “York Cocoa Works Chocolate Lollipop Making and Afternoon Chocolatada #Review

  1. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon and topped off by that amazing looking afternoon tea too. Are children allowed to attend the class, I’d love to do this with my daughter as some special time with her during the half term.

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  2. Awesome! It would be nice to learn the craft from the experts and make my own chocolate lollipop! I wish we lived close. I’d be there often if we did!

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  3. The decor itself translates to a warm chocolatey environment and this would get me so excited for coffee or cocoa at this cafe. I’m such a fan of anything chocolate, coffee or tea so this would be an amazing spot for me too. Love it!

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