Escape Reality Manchester Auron Return from Space Escape Game – Review

Escape Reality Manchester Auron Return from Space Escape Game Review: November 2019

Over at Escape Reality Manchester things are getting out of control, in a good way of course, as they are now spinning you off into another dimension.

Prepare you and your team of space cadets for an out of this world experience, Auron Return from Space.  It is 2035 and the team mission is to explore Mars.

Warning, warning, weather warning; an unexpected and fierce dust storm has impacted on the expedition and immediate evacuation is required.

The mission commander thought we had died, so made the decision to leave Mars without us, so now it is a race to escape, as with only 60 minutes to go time is not on our side.

There are two identical Auron Return from Space escape rooms so you can compete against a fellow team which would get the adrenaline going even more for sure.

‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’…grab the guys and gals, don your space suit, make the leap of faith and join in the space race.  We escaped, but the question is can you?

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Breakout Chester Dark Magic and Excalibur Escape Game Review

Breakout Chester Dark Magic and Excalibur Escape Game Review: November 2019

Breakout Chester located smack bang in the middle of the city is the perfect place for cracking clues and plenty of laugh out loud moments.

Dark Magic

These are dark times and upon exploring corridors, halls and stairways, myself and team of wonderful wizard’s found an exciting secret passage leading to an unknown room.

Intrepidly entering the unknown room, the air goes cold and we felt the presence of ancient Dark Magic!  It was our challenge to overcome this ancient power.

With a swish and flick of a wand, we cast spells onwards to victory, our professor will be most proud of us.


Be brave warriors, prepare to fight the fight, as myself and my fellow knights had been kidnapped from Camelot.

Being held captive in a tower whilst the intruders are disgusing themselves as us.

The challenge was to find our way out of the tower, back to the round  table and prove our worth by being the true king by removing the sword from the stone…

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Rowton Hall Country House Hotel & Spa Chester Review

Rowton Hall Country House Hotel & Spa Chester Review: November 2019 

A hidden Chester gem, Rowton Hall Country House Hotel & spa is located 10/15 minutes away from Chester city centre.

Away from the hustle and bustle, Rowton Hall, provides guests with a cosy Country house spa stay, the ideal place to enjoy some rest and relaxation.

Warmly welcomed at check in right from the word go you are treated as a valued and honoured guest.

The hallway and sophisticated staircase up to our room set the tone for our stay; elegant, indulgent and simply gorgeous.

Our beautiful bedroom split over two levels was a cosy snug hub with fluffy monogrammed robes, slippers and flipflops all provided to use for the duration of our stay.

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