Escape Reality Manchester Auron Return from Space Escape Game #Review

Escape Reality Manchester Auron Return from Space Escape Game Review: November 2019

Over at Escape Reality Manchester things are getting out of control, in a good way of course, as they are now spinning you off into another dimension.

Prepare you and your team of space cadets for an out of this world experience, Auron Return from Space.  It is 2035 and the team mission is to explore Mars.

Warning, warning, weather warning; an unexpected and fierce dust storm has impacted on the expedition and immediate evacuation is required.

The mission commander thought we had died, so made the decision to leave Mars without us, so now it is a race to escape, as with only 60 minutes to go time is not on our side.

There are two identical Auron Return from Space escape rooms so you can compete against a fellow team which would get the adrenaline going even more for sure.

‘One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind’…grab the guys and gals, don your space suit, make the leap of faith and join in the space race.  We escaped, but the question is can you?

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



82 thoughts on “Escape Reality Manchester Auron Return from Space Escape Game #Review

  1. Sounds like a great escape room experience. I have never tried one – though used to love watching Crystal Maze (TV show, Channel 4) which had an escape element …and maybe it is time I got people together to have the experience!

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  2. I absolutely love doing an escape room! My family and I always try to get together to do one and it’s always great fun although I feel knackered afterwards! This one sounds fab, love the Space theme!

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  3. I have honestly never done escape rooms before. I would want to give it a try, but I still have to build up enough courage. It would be so embarrassing if I peed my pants. Haha. Seriously though, I will let my cousin know about this place. He lives fairly close.

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