Celebrate Christmas 2019 in style with Aldi: November 2019

Celebrate Christmas 2019 in style with Aldi: November 2019

Its Christmas, the fabulous festive season approaching, we all like to treat our family to an indulgent and decadent Christmas.

Now you can party in style this festive season, but without breaking the bank, thanks to the amazing Aldi.

They have a superb range of Christmas foodie treats, to create a beautiful buffet, for you, your friends and family to enjoy.  Get ready to enjoy fabulous festive party food this season just like #KevinTheCarrot Katie, family and friends.


There are Crackers for cheese £1.99, this lovely Cheese selection £3.79 and a stunning pre-prepared Cheese sharing platter £4.99 all ideal for a party platter.


Make your party decadent and indulgent with some super Smoked Salmon £4.99, an impressive Italian platter £5.99 along with some delicious Olives £1.59.

Vegetarian & Vegan

Make sure you are prepared for every palette with some lovely Vegetarian and Vegan options including these Vegan sausage rolls 75p, Vegan Cauliflower bites £1.99 and these stunning Vegetable tempura nests £2.99.

Party Pies

Bring on the pies and puddings, but in these cute mini sizes, including the marvellous Mini pork & Pate pies £1.69 , Mini beef wellingtons 2.99 and these Mini Yorkshire puddings 2.99.


Delicious and delightful dessert options such as these sweet Mini mince pies £1.79 ,a classic Yule log £2.99 and the stand out Chocolate orange bombe £4.99 are the perfect way to present a show stopping spread.

Stand out party items

Have some fun with these Christmas tree tortilla chips 99p , Moser Roth festive Favourites Chocolates £4.99 and this gorgeous Musical biscuit tin £7.99.


Have a very merry Christmas.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



Note: All the above are serving suggestions.

119 thoughts on “Celebrate Christmas 2019 in style with Aldi: November 2019

  1. Aldi just went through a major renovation in my neighborhood and I have been shopping there more and more lately. They have just enough selection and great prices. The cheeses are really good as are the cracker selections if you’re looking at adding appetizers to the menu. I also just read that some Aldi stores in the US will begin to sell beer and wine. This is a gamechanger. 🙂

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  2. Aldi have really developed a wonderful reputation for sourcing quality product at low prices in recent years. They have done so well in competing against other major chains that simply are so much more expensive and yet often don’t have such great quality. The selections you have highlighted here certainly show you can definitely have a fabulous Christmas without having to spend a fortune.

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  3. I absolutely adore all the Christmas products at Aldi! We popped in to get two things the other day, left £53 lighter and most of it was their festive offerings.

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  4. Christmas shopping at Aldi is great for gifts and food! I love this time of the year when I can get quick snacks at the store. Make sure you get there quick because ours runs out of sale items and specialty items. Check out the meats and cheeses.

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  5. I’ve heard so many great things about Aldi, but we don’t have one close to us. I’m glad that you shared this so others who shop there and have one nearby can experience Aldis.

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  6. Looks like Aldi is party-ready! 😉😄 It seems to have a great selection of food and their price range is awesome too😍 I must pay a visit!

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