The Hilt York Axe Throwing #Review

The Hilt York Axe Throwing – Review: January 2020

Prepare to unleash your inner Viking warrior, arm yourself with an Axe and chop down your competition a peg or two.

The Hilt York offer an immersive, exciting and entertaining experience right in the heart of York city centre.

Alex and Josh York residents and founders of the Hilt aim to captivate the crowds, push boundaries and enable people to seek out adventure.

Right from the offset, the welcome, quality set up and authentic interiors provide a relaxed and realistic setting to conquer the Axe throwing challenge.

Yes, there was a safety briefing, but delivered with flair and finesse, so to keep you alert and on focus.

Additionally, on a serious note, the whole set up including type of axes used, blue chipped flooring, upper board panels and caging have been built for your safety which makes this Axe throwing session, as safe as it can be, so you don’t need to worry and can get ready to sling them Axes.

We loved every minute of our session, fun, informative and what’s not to like about hurling an axe threw the air at a target right?! There are even trick shots to be learnt, my personal fav the Gun Slinger – Pow!

The board is scored 3 for the centre, 2 middle ring, 1 outer ring and seven for the red spots.

Whatever your aim go in for the kill, high scorer, most axes in the board, I managed to get the Viking victory throw of the day bang on centre, so was well chuffed.

There is even Viking themed food to keep you and your warriors fulled before or after your session.

Grab your peeps, ship your way down to The Hilt York to explore your inner Viking axe adventure and leave as victorious Viking warriorsssss!!

This is one Viking discovery that is a definite Must do while in York.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



90 thoughts on “The Hilt York Axe Throwing #Review

  1. This sounds like brilliant fun! We went for a Viking feast at a Viking restaurant when honeymooning in Iceland – in hindsight I am now disappointed there was no axe throwing involved.

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  2. I have read so much about Axe throwing and that it releases stress but never tried it, so it was wonderful to read your review of the activity

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  3. Well this certainly looks like fun! What an extraordinary place – a fab alternative to say bowling etc. I’m not sure I’d be too good at it though x

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  4. What a hoot! I couldn’t stop laughing as I looked at the photos of you holding that axe like you were ready for trouble. Sounds like a truly fun and different type of outing.

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