The Botanist York Fabulous Festive Foodie #Review

The Botanist York Fabulous Festive Foodie Review: January 2020

Quaint and cosy, located within Stonegate, the Botanist York is the perfect place for family and friends to meet.

Escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy some fabulous food and drinks, as you unwind.

The décor is rustic and relaxed creating a beautiful and gorgeous setting for lunch or dinner.

Christmas in full swing, we loved the festive vibes and the charming Christmas tree.

Even though the place was super busy the staff including Christian, Richard and our super server Kyley all remained as friendly and efficient as always, a true test of professionalism and skill especially during the crazy Christmas season.

Equally impressive was the staff knowledge of allergens, without faff or fuss, providing both useful advice and alternatives which made our visit super smooth.

Yet more praise for the Botanist York for their extensive drinks range including The Northern Monk and a range of mocktails such as the Botanist for those of us that do not drink alcohol.

Now onto the yummy food, my plus one scoffed his salt and pepper chicken wings with sweet chilli sauce in record timing.

My deli board was an absolute triumph! Fresh and fabulous including aubergine caviar, quinoa, hummus, crudité and a salad with olives.

Marvellous mains included a beautiful Vegetable curry with rice packed with flavour along with an added side of chips.  Both the taste and presentation of the Fish and Chips was amaze with mushy peas, curry sauce and Tartar too.

The Botanist York Festive Foodie Review 7a

End on a sweet note with sorbet, ice cream or this scrummy bread and butter pudding with lashings of Nutella all washed down with a super sweet hot chocolate.

Super service, fabulous food and delightful drinks, Botanist York is definitely worth a visit.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



82 thoughts on “The Botanist York Fabulous Festive Foodie #Review

  1. The food there sounds mouthwateringly tempting. I’d love to try that vegi curry it looks nice and colourful. A hot choc is perfect to wash down dessert.

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  2. The Botanist looks like a charming quaint place to eat and drink. The decor is fantastic and I like the way they present the food. This could be a place I’d visit often. The bar looks great as well.

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  3. Wow the Botanist looks like an amazing place to visit! The food presentation is outstanding and I love that there is such a wide variety of drink options. It’s always nice when a restaurant can accommodate food allergies without fuss! Thanks for sharing this awesome little spot!

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  4. Wow those drinks and food look pretty neat and they look tasty! Next time I am in the area I will check this place out during lunch. Thanks for sharing this!

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  5. What a fabulous find! Just love the look of this place. It looks so homely and the staff obviously make all the difference with the way they look after everyone. Love the presentation of the dishes you were served and they obviously take pride in what they serve. Would love to experience this place also one day.

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  6. What a quaint and quirky restaurant! The food looks amazing, especially the fish and chips! 🙂 A plate fit for a Queen me thinks! I have yet to visit York, hoping to get there with my daughter for a long weekend in the Summer so will look out for The Botanist! Sim x

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  7. This food looks incredible and the decor just charming. I was especially interested in reading about the allergy-issue. I have food allergies myself and find that server/venue knowledge and ability or willingness to accommodate vary hugely. If you can find a place that gets it, eating out can feel a lot better

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  8. The Botanist sure looks like a wonderful place to visit! The food and drinks all look so good – I’ll definitely have to stop by if I am in York!

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  9. I love The Botanist and been to a few branches close to us as I love their food, the ambiance and the live music, it is also a very child friendly restaurant. Looks like you have a great meal there as well.

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  10. Looks like such a warm and inviting place! Loved the presentation of food, especially those wooden boards. The deli board has made me really hungry – it looks so colourful and yummy!

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  11. It’s always comforting to come across a place that understands and actively works with allergies like that without you having to explain yourself over and over again. That is a HUGE plus, in my opinion! If we’re ever in the area, my husband and I will have to make a point of checking it out.

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