The Harrogate Theatres Royal Hall Radio Ga Ga #Review

The Harrogate Theatres Royal Hall Radio Ga Ga Review: March 2020 #Gifted

The Harrogate Theatre Company have a whole range of exciting venues offering a varied range of performances.

The Royal Hall is a Grade II listed Edwardian performance hall and theatre located with Harrogate town centre.

The warm welcome by everyone was a real testament to Yorkshire’s reputation for being a friendly place.  I must say a special mention to Jane who made our evening a lovely one – Thank you.

The beautiful building is breathtakingly amazing and a sheer pleasure to admire.

Excitingly the Royal Hall was to be the venue for the UK’s authoritative Queen Concert Show Radio Ga Ga.

Performed live, this 2-hour ready to rock sensation was a journey through the decades of Queens musical melodies.

An entertaining display playing back to back hits, such as Crazy Little Thing Called Love, I Want to Break Free, Somebody to Love, Bohemian Rhapsody and much more.  The crowd all soon jumped out of their seats to enjoy the amazing atmosphere.

Clearly the Radio Ga Ga tribute act were not ‘under pressure’ and will ‘Rock You’ and the crowds definitely thought ‘The Show Must go on’ as the band sang with pride and confidence ‘We are the Champions’ and rightfully so.

An super show, amazing atmosphere and the Royal Hall is a lovely venue too.

Also recommended is a visit to the Harrogate Theatre, located in the centre of Harrogate, built in the 1900’s and a perfect place for performance.

Last time we visited, the Harrogate Theatre Rep Company in partnership with Phil & Ben productions presented On The Piste written by John Godber and directed by Phil Lowe and it was a real hoot!

Looking for Fun, frolics and theatre, the Harrogate Theatres have something for everyone!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


114 thoughts on “The Harrogate Theatres Royal Hall Radio Ga Ga #Review

  1. That looks like it was an amazing show! I love the music, and the hall itself is just so beautiful.I’d love to take in a show there one day.

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  2. This looks a lovely theatre, im a big queen fan so would have enjoyed the songs!! would be a great family night out to be honest.

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  3. What a breathtakingly stunning building – love to see that they are caring for the theatre so beautifully! An epic show to watch there too, love Queen! 🙂 Sim x

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  4. Wow, The structures are stunning looks really amazing and very entertaining. I love going musical and concert events! Awesome photos

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  5. I’m not sure I’ve been to the theater. All my experiences have been much for than I could have hoped for. People are electrified with excitement and it makes the experience truly

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  6. The Queen show Radio Gaga would be interesting. They were a very entertaining band made up of so many personalities. This venue is gorgeous and kind of decadent looking.

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  7. That theatre totally gives off the high-class, old school theatre vibe and I LOVE it! Such attention to detail in venues like that, it’s mind-blowing. We have a couple similar locations here and I find myself investigating the art and the architecture as much as I am watching the show when we’re there lol

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