Healthy Fast Food at Leon Restaurants Manchester Piccadilly #Review

Healthy Fast food at Leon Restaurants Manchester Piccadilly Review: March 2020 #Gifted

The three musketeers, Henry Dimbleby, John Vincent and chef Allegra McEvedy, aka the founders of Leon Restaurants, have combined their wealth of knowledge and skills to take the world by storm with their fab fresh fast food philosophy and started their own foodie revolution.

A light bulb suddenly goes off in your head and you realise how much time you spend travelling and eating on the go.  Fast food need not be unhealthy thanks to Leon and with their stylish and relaxed environment you can enjoy #FastFoodFabulously

Lovely Leon staff at Manchester, including Errol, Chris and the team make your experience warm and welcoming.

The range on food on offer is impressive such as a vegan Love burger with vegan cheese that can also be made gluten free.  A Korean chicken burger again with the Gluten free option.  Why not add on a side of lush Leon baked fries.  There’s also a huge range of sauces so you can get a bit dippy!

Finish on a sweet note with the super tasty vegan billionaire and the vegan raspberry and rose donut all washed down with fresh mint tea and iced tea.

Love fast food on the go…well do things the Leon way.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


88 thoughts on “Healthy Fast Food at Leon Restaurants Manchester Piccadilly #Review

  1. My son introduced me to Leon when I visited him in London recently. He is a vegetarian. I was very impressed. I just wish we had a branch in Bristol.

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  2. If all fast food chains had food that good, I would never cook anymore! I wish they had branches Nationwide. The food looks so delicious, you’d never think it was from a fast food restaurant.

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  3. I love the fact that Leon have such a great range of gluten free options, they are one of the few fast food places I feel that I can trust to be able to get food on the go.

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  4. Healthy and fast food are never in the same sentence normally! Leon restaurant does look like a fab place to grab something to eat. I’ll mention this to my sister as she often shops in Manchester.

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  5. I can’t wait to try the food at Leon’s Restaurant as soon as we are able to head to Manchester, loving the chips and selection

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