The Skinny Food Co Vegan Collection #Review

The Skinny Food Co Vegan Collection Review: April 2020 #Gifted

Easter was a strange time this year due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak, but we still managed to enjoy a chocolate Easter Egg or two, but now require some healthier options.

The Skinny Food Co Vegan Collection Review 1a

With many people still in isolation periods and social distancing in force sourcing good quality Vegan and Gluten-free condiments, jams and spreads can be a hard task.

However, The Skinny Food Co make this much easier, as they offer a range of Gluten-free and Vegan friendly products, that can be delivered directly to your door.

Spray Cooking Oils 

Their #NotGuilty 1 Calorie natural fat free sprays are an ideal healthier alternative to normal cooking oils.  They are Vegan, Gluten Free and suitable for roasting, frying and baking.

Their spray oils come in a range of flavours such as Sunflower, Extra Virgin and Butter.

Skinny Sauces

Jazz up your dinner with The Virtually Zero Calorie®* Skinny Sauce range including Gluten-free, Vegan original mayonnaise, Tomato ketchup and my fav Smokey Barbecue.

Skinny Syrups, Spreads and Peanut Butter

No palm oil, no salt, no sugar literally just 100% Crunchy peanut butter speaks for itself, Gluten-free, Vegan and in a 400g recyclable jar.

From Savoury to sweet enjoy some Skinny Co scrummy syrups such, as the brilliant Butterscotch is ideal for a sweet fix without the added sugar.

Made with real fruit and with only 7 calories per 20g serving their #NotGuilty Gluten-free, No GMO, Vegan Low sugar Raspberry Jam and Apricot Jam is high in fibre, has no preservatives, contains 93% less sugar and is certified no added sugar!

Good quality Gluten-Free & Vegan friendly sauces, peanut butter, jams and oils to enjoy at home or gift to family and friends, The Skinny Food Co have you covered!

Stay Home and Stay Safe #SnackSafely

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


102 thoughts on “The Skinny Food Co Vegan Collection #Review

  1. I’m really glad you shared this. I’m not really a vegan, but I love how healthy this is. Using these could help me live healthier overall.

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  2. This sounds like the perfect box to receive during isolation as it has all the essentials like jams and sauces to make the food dishes interesting. So glad that they use healthy ingredients in it as well

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  3. I must admit I haven’t tried anything from Skinny Food Co Vegan range before but I think you have perfect timing in sharing this product now. With many of us being at home during the global Covid 19 pandemic, now is the best time to source something like this – being super healthy and reduced sugar at a time when a lot of us are not getting a lot of exercise. Even after this pandemic is over, these are obviously a much healthier lifestyle choice.

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  4. wow i never head of this brand , but you had me sold at peanut butter! i didnt even know that there is a skinny version ! will be looking for the brand kind regards pati robins

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  5. The BBQ sauce sounds particularly great, I love BBQ but always find the sauces are so high in fat and sugar. The jams as well seem like a good option x

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  6. As much as I eat plant-based and maybe some vegan dishes, I do like high calorific foods because I’m already slim at 128lbs lol. I do like low salt options and avoid bbq sauce cos it’s always so salty. This is a good option.

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  7. I have been seeing the Skinny Food Co a lot recently and had been wondering what the products were like. I’m definitely going to get myself some condiments from them now.

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  8. These all look like amazing products. I have not heard of this brand before now so I appreciate your wonderful post. I especially love those oil sprays as they are perfect for using in my air fryer. I am heading over now to check them out for myself so thank you!

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  9. There are so many products here that I can gift to my friends and family who are vegan! I’m not one myself but it’s great to know that I have a wide range of options.

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  10. I have been seeing these skinny sauces popping up quite a bit lately as people one slimming world love them but I didn’t realise they were vegan! I will be trying the syrup and the jam

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  11. I am always looking for great vegan options, and I have not heard of that brand either which makes your post a very useful one. Thank you for sharing. I am kinda excited to try.

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  12. We don’t have any special diets or food sensitivities but I would still love to try these products out. The BBQ sauce sure looks like a winner!

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  13. I keep seeing this brand pop up on social media all the time and their stuff does look good! I love how big their range is and I am always so tempted to buy some bits. What did you think of them? How do they compare to regular (non skinny versions) of the sauces etc?

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  14. This is such a cool idea. I love that its vegan – I’ve wanted to try The Skinny Co for ages. Sauces are also one thing I’m struggling to get at the moment, so it may be worth ordering some from The Skinny Co!

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  15. They sell lots more products too like pancake and porridge mixes and various cake mixes.

    My favourites are the golden syrup on my porridge, chocolate orange spread and the blackcurrant jam. A sweet tooth without all the sugar!

    You can also buy them in selected Spar, Co-op and Morrisons, as well as Holland & Barrett who sell the jams.

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  16. I love trying new products and this skinny food vegan collection looks very interesting to me and I will gladly try these products. I am not gluten-free, but I have many friends who do not eat gluten products, so sauces will certainly be helpful when the quarantine time passes and the barbeque time begins.

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