Moma Making Oats more Awesome Dairy Free & Vegan #Review

Moma Making Oats more Awesome Dairy Free & Vegan Review: April 2020 #Gifted

With Covid-19 making worldwide waves, isolation periods and social distancing in force sourcing now is the time to have Healthy food delivered direct to your door.

Tom Mercer, founder of Moma, was frustrated at breakfast being an unhealthy option, so he decided to get his thinking cap on and in turn created Moma.

The team over at Moma are Oat obsessed and want to make sure that their British jumbo wholegrain oats make your day more #MomaMarvellous.

Offering a range of dairy free and Vegan oatyliscious porridge, granola and milk they have your breakfast brilliance covered.

Start your day well and enjoy unsweetened oat milk for a fresh cuppa along with some yummy Bircher raspberry and coconut muesli.

Feeling blue, let Moma pick you up and choose blue to be your positive colour and enjoy Moma’s fabulous blue branded breakfast goodies.

Moma have produced quality Muesli, Cherry & Almond Granola and my personal favourite the amazing low sugar Cacao, Coconut and Ginger Granola.

There is also unsweetened oat milk and Barista style too ideal for morning coffee.

Moma have made portable porridge pouches and granola pots ideal for when on the move from home to work.

Good quality Dairy-Free & Vegan breakfast goodies what’s not to like!

Stay Home and Stay Safe.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


104 thoughts on “Moma Making Oats more Awesome Dairy Free & Vegan #Review

  1. Will have to look for these yummy-looking options the next time. I love having oats for breakfast, so am sure I’d love all these oat-based products.

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  2. Their website lists Whole Foods as a retailer so I’m hoping to try the oat milk here. I didn’t even know oat milk existed but I’ve tried so many other milks, I might as well try it lol.

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  3. Moma are a great brand. Always looking for a healthy and nutritious breakfast and I’ve spotted some products I haven’t yet tried so I know what I’m doing, ordering some!

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  4. These sound great and I really love the fun packaging too! I will have to give them a go as I have not heard of them before now

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  5. I didn’t realise Moma had such a big range. I’ve always loved their pre-made bircher muesli pots, used to love getting them in my Boots Meal Deals but I don’t think I’ve seen them in there for a while.

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  6. I’m a huge fan of Moma, they are a great brand. Love their porridge pots – they are perfect to take into work for breakfast and there’s so many delicious flavours. I’ve not tried their granola yet but I definitely need to – it looks yummy!

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  7. I wish just talking with my mum this morning about how the breakfast options we have is so unhealthy and then I come across your post. Moma sounds like my kind of breakfast and I would love to try this.

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  8. I’m a big fan of Moma, their porridge pots are delicious! Have to say I haven’t tried their granola and I’m definitely intrigued to give it a go, thanks!

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  9. I will check and see if they have this brand at the grocery store near our place. If they don’t, then I have to find out where I can order online. Sounds really healthy and delicious!

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