Gorgeous Gifting with Prestige Flowers #Review

Gift Gorgeously with Prestige Flowers Review: April 2020 #Gifted

With the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak and social distancing in place it can be hard to gift family, friends and loved ones during what is a testing time for everyone.

However, Prestige Flowers have made gorgeous gifting easy which is perfect for families.  Offering UK delivery and to ensure safety they have a contactless delivery system in place now is the time to send a smile and give someone special a lovely surprise.

Pretty in perfect pink, this beautiful bouquet bundle of Rose’s and Lily’s along with a cute cuddly teddy and mini box of chocolate truffles is the perfect gift for a birthday, anniversary, get well soon or simply to say I love/appreciate you.

Why not go all out and add on a large box of lovely luxury chocolates to make this even more extra special.

Feel fabulous and fruity when you add on the gift of a classic fruit tray where the lucky recipient will enjoy a natural and healthy vitamins boost.

Included with the vibrant fresh fruit tray are bananas, grapes, satsumas, gala and granny smith apples

Looking for a get well soon, birthdays, anniversary, a surprise, I love you gift or perhaps even treat yourself…well you know Prestige Flowers has you covered.

Stay Home and Stay Safe #GiftSafely

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



96 thoughts on “Gorgeous Gifting with Prestige Flowers #Review

  1. Is it weird if a person wanted to send themselve flowers from prestige flowers just to get the big boxes of luxury chocolates or those giant chocolate truffles in the Pretty in Perfect Pink offer??? Cause those truffles look amazeballs! Just asking for a friend of course!

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  2. The fruit basket looks so tempting! I love sending my friends and family flowers, they are always appreciated and look so beautiful I end up treating myself too!

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  3. Such a good idea. I love the fruit basket idea. So unexpected and so useful and adorable. This is a thoughtful idea and I am sure my mum will love it.

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  4. I love receiving flowers in the post and I think they make a great gift to send to friends and family too! It was my 30th last week and a friend sent me a beautiful bunch of rainbow flowers and they really made me smile as well as brightening up my home right now. I definitely love the idea of being able to add an extra gift such as chocolates too!

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  5. This looks like the perfect gift to send family and friends now since we can’t meet each other. The truffles, flowers and teddy is such a perfect gift. At the moment receiving a fruit basket is also an amazing present!

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  6. What a lovely idea. Just love the presentation and options offered. I have a dear friend in the UK and this might be just the idea to bring some joy and a smile to her day.

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  7. I love delivery services where you have a number of options to customize a gift so it’s perfect for the many different people in your life. This definitely fits the bill and I’m saving the information for the next time I want to send something to friends in the UK.

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  8. This looks so inviting, I’d love to get those pralines in particular! A nice fruit basket is a wonderful idea as well, what a nice way to tell someone you’re thinking of them.

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  9. I’ve been wondering what to send friends who have birthdays right now, and this would certainly be perfect! I’d rather be there in person, of course. But these gift baskets are a great substitute, to let friends and family know we’re thinking of them and haven’t forgotten special days. I love the pink teddy bear. It looks so soft and cuddly.

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  10. We might have thought of doing a box of chocolate but never had the idea of a box of fruit could be a good gift. I might try it the next occasion for any member of my family or even friends since it can be on different occasions. Thank you for sharing it!

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  11. What a wonderful array of gifts! I love it, flowers by mail always makes me feel better and the added bonus of chocolate and even fruit baskets is amazing.

    Katie xoxo

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