Mr Lee’s Noodles #Review

Mr Lee’s Noodles Review: April 2020 #Gifted

Life during the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak is certainly a strange place and with social distancing in place food deliveries to home are often the best course of action.

The lovely Mr Lee and his team have the loveliest Vegan Gluten free noodles which can be delivered directly to your door, so no need to worry about ordering takeaway.

Even better for each box of noodles you buy in April, Mr Lee’s Noodles will donate 1 cup to UK Foodbanks and NHS frontline staff.

Mr Lees Vegan Gluten Free Noodles Review 1aaThere are two Vegan flavours, that are also Gluten -Free.  The yummy Zen Garden Vegetables is a balanced mix of miso rice noodles with green beans, asparagus, spinach and ginger.

Their delicious Dragon Fire noodles, a combination of hot and sour rice noodles with green beans, mushrooms, bamboo shoots and ginger.

Make your life easier by ordering your box of noodles direct to your door and at the same time you will be helping UK Foodbanks and NHS frontline staff.

Stay Home and Stay Safe

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


70 thoughts on “Mr Lee’s Noodles #Review

  1. I love pot noodles and eat them quite a bit but not discovered about Mr Lee’s Noodles yet. The flavours are so different to the others I have tried and I would definitely give it a try


  2. Wow Mr Lee’s Noodles sounds new for me I love noodles and I can’t wait to try this noodles this is awesome. Thanks to this!

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  3. How nice of the company to donate part of the proceeds. It is during these times that we must help each other in any way we can. My cousin lives in the UK. I will let him know about this so he can help out too.

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  4. I wonder how gluten-free noodles taste like cos gluten-free cookies are not tasty at all. Still, a good cause that’s donating to frontline staff.

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    1. They are lovely noodles well worth a try. Ooo which cookies did you try, as I have had some Gluten free cookies that are AMAZE – there are so many different types out there, so don’t give in. Yes, the donating is fab xx


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