VE Day Celebrations with Bad Brownies #Review

VE Day Celebrations with Bad Brownies Review: May 2020 #Gifted

Due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak it has been a very challenging time for everyone.

That said it is important to enjoy some sweet small indulgences at home and the perfect time to do so for tomorrow’s VE Day celebrations.

Bad Brownies are a brilliant brownies home delivery service that will make your day with their freshly baked bespoke brownie yumminess.

These Brownies are perfect to enjoy at home an Afternoon Tea at home for celebrations such as VE Day, Birthdays and Anniversaries.

Their home baked loveliness comes in 24 beautiful bite box set included Raspberry, Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate Chip, Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter & Jelly and Passionfruit & Coconut flavours, so they make for a super sweet gift.

They do a whole range of their brilliant brownies, that are seriously scrummy, including Vegan and Gluten Free (Note: Not suitable for a coeliac)

Happy VE Day celebrations with beautiful Bad Brownies, they are bad but in a good way!

Stay Home and Stay Safe #ShopSafely #GiftSafely

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


94 thoughts on “VE Day Celebrations with Bad Brownies #Review

  1. We love brownies so would love to give these bad brownies a try. It is great that they do have vegan and gluten free option for those who prefer it

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  2. Wow these looks amazing and I love the range of flavours too – I really love salted caramel and would love to give that one a try!

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  3. Yummy! I want to try them all. They look beautiful as well. Now I am hungry. Should I mention that I just finished lunch?

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  4. whoa! I love chocolate so when I saw all the different types of Bad Brownies I almost drove over to your house to help you eat them all! Wish they were available in the states cause they look so moist and the various flavors look amazeballs!

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  5. I was not craving brownies, but now I am for sure wanting some! Looks so delicious, and what a great review. I think I would love the raspberry, and the cookie dough ones the most. -Yum!

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  6. Wow, of all the food I’ve seen on your page, this would surely be my favourite gift! These look absolutely delicious and I’ve always had a special love for sweet baked goods. What a delicious treat.

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  7. Oooh what delectable selections they have! I have been spending so much more time in the kitchen during quarantine but I for sure cannot whip something as good as those! I’ll have the cookie dough and salted caramel please!

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  8. This is the company my husband works for! He’s currently running their customer service from our flat and it’s so lovely to hear all the kind messages that come in every day from people who’ve loved their delivery! I’m so glad you enjoyed your brownies and thank you for supporting a great small business at this difficult time!

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  9. Oh my. How can something “bad” look this good! I would love to try some of them. My children could finish a whole box in record time, that I am positive of!

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  10. These brownies look droolworthy and so delicious , I love all the beautiful flavours and the variety. It’s a lovely selection.

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  11. When I saw the title of the blog post, I thought “There is nothing such as bad brownie”. It made me laugh that you were talking about delicious brownies, it just proves that you can’t go wrong with a brownie. What a great way to celebrate!

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  12. You had me at raspberry brownies! I’ve seriously been craving brownies lately too. My husband and I were having this discussion a couple of days ago in the grocery store. I don’t make or eat sweets a ton, more just make them to share. But the brownie craving is strong right now! Bad Brownies sounds like a pretty amazing company, with a variety of amazing options. I love that they do both vegan and gluten free. I have a couple of friends with both of those dietary restrictions, so this is a perfect recommendation for them too.

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