Chocolate & Love Vegan Box, Bars and Recycled Tote Bag #Review

Chocolate & Love Vegan Box, Bars and Recycled Tote Bag Review: May 2020 #Gifted

Birgitte Hovmand and Richard O’Connor, loved up couple and founders Chocolate & Love have exactly what you need chocolate, chocolate, and lots of love with more chocolate.

Their premium organic Fairtrade chocolate bars are the perfect indulgent treat to gift to family, friends, loved ones or a gift from you to you to enjoy some self-care and you time.

Vegan flavours in their beautifully boxed Vegan selection include Pomegranate, Orange, Rich Dark and Panama there is something to suit every palette.  You can also add on additional bars such as the marvellous Mint crisp.

Why not present them in a beautifully recycled tote bag, that has been made from recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles, so that you are helping our planet in the process too.

The tote measuring 41cm (H) x 44cam (W) is perfect for yoga and carrying your fresh fruit and veggies from the shops.

Enjoy chocolate and lots of love with this amazing chocolatey Loveliness.


Stay Home and Stay Safe #ShopSafely

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


104 thoughts on “Chocolate & Love Vegan Box, Bars and Recycled Tote Bag #Review

  1. There are so many great box/subscription items available these days! It’s really a great opportunity for companies like Chocolate and Love to succeed while we are all stuck inside.

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  2. Vegan goodies, yes! I am not vegan, but my daughter is, and I am always happy when I find something that she can actually eat. Not only is she vegan, but she has to keep a strict diet due to chronic illnesses, but she may actually be able to enjoy this – so thank you very much!

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  3. Aside from being a chocolate lover myself, you really have to love the designs on the wrappers, not to mention the presentation box and the tote bag. This just looks like a really lovely present or even an excuse to treat yourself while we are all indoors at this COVID 19 moment.

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  4. Haven’t tried vegan chocolates, but it does look really appealing. The packaging is superb and eye-catching. The tote bag is so cute too. I will check out how I can purchase some of these delicious treats.

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  5. Chocolate & Love really hit a homerun with the packaging. It is gorgeous and what a beautiful presentation. I’m intrigued on the Panama bar – 80% whoa!

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  6. Love the wrapper colours! So bright and beautiful to look at. Love all things recycled and upcycled and fair-trade items are socially responsible.

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  7. Oo these look delicious and so pretty making them a great gift idea! Love the idea of the reusable tote bag too. I don’t think I have ever seen a pomegranate chocolate before but now I really want to try it lol!

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  8. These look and sound incredible. I have a HUGE weakness for anything chocolate orange… it has always been one of my favourite flavour combinations. I love that the bag is so pretty. A lot of stores have their own reusable bags, but they don’t look as nice as that one does. I would proudly carry that with me store to store!

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  9. I like vegan chocolate and my sweet tooth husband likes it even better than regular. The bx looks so awesome, I would have totally give it a try

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  10. Every time I read your posts, I get hungry! One of the things that stood out to me here was the packaging. Plus having the tote bags to match. They are gorgeous! I seriously want to go replace all of my boring solid colored bags now with these. Plus being made from recycled materials. Sign me up!

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