Where to Source your Fresh Fruit, Veggies & Food During the Covid-19 Lockdown and Beyond #Review

Where to Source your Fresh Fruit, Veggies & Food During the Covid-19 Lockdown and Beyond Review: June 2020 #Gifted

Life has changed for everyone due to the current Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak with social distancing the new norm.

Venturing out to the shops can be a challenging time to say the least, so take the stress out of your shopping by ordering deliveries direct to your door #StaySafe #StayAlert

Pikt Organic & Plastic Free Fruit, Salad & Veggies

Pikt are a family-owned business, B Corp, soil association certified and are Plastic Free Trust Awarded.

Enjoy plastic free fresh and fabulous organic fruit, salad and veggies delivered direct to your door when you need them the most.

Ethically sourced and delivered with heart and soul you cannot go wrong with Pikt and you have clearly ‘Pikt’ the right choice.

Press London Juices, Smoothies, Soups & Meals

PRESS London co-founded by Georgie and Ed, who resided in LA and NYC respectively, brought their healthy concept to London.

They have both dedicated themselves to providing 100% plant-based quality nutrition, so people can live happier, healthier and a more balanced lifestyle.

Enjoy Smoothies, Juices, Soups, and meals delivered direct to your door in perfect and pristine condition.  Packed in a cooler system, so ideal to get that fridge stocked up in record time.

Fruit-ish Fresh Fruit, Salad & Veggies

Fruit-ish all began from a small idea and one big family meeting to bring healthy food to your office desk.

Now, due to the current situation Fruit-ish have diversified to help the community by providing their fabulous fresh fruit and veggie boxes with delivery direct to your home.

They are all about supporting British farmers to bring food from farm to plate in no time.

Gourmade Prepared Frozen Meals  

Gourmade Co-founder and creative Chef Jo wanted to provide quality and delicious home cooked food that was convenient and easy.

Each recipe is all about encouraging people to live more and cook less and with delivery direct to your door the food can hit your freezer in record time.

From freezer to plate, they offer a range of plant based and non-plant based foods all delicious and yummy for you to enjoy without the faff or fuss.

Bettaveg Fresh Fruit, Salad & Veggies

Bettaveg usually supply wholesale fruit, vegetables, salads and so much more to hotels, restaurants, and food outlets throughout the northwest, but the team have taken on the task to provide the public with an amazing contactless delivery service direct to your door.

The Bettaveg team are predominantly a family run business, a lovely bunch, that go above and beyond and are ethically and honest in their business practice which makes me love the brand even more.

Based at New Smithfield Market, where produce arrives fresh daily, you are guaranteed to get the pick of the crop and a beautiful bespoke box full of vibrant colourful fruit, veggies and salad that will taste just as yummy as they look.

Eight Foods Nutritious Prepared Frozen Meals

Eight Foods founded by the trailblazing trio Georgie, Jo and Hattie are all about providing customers natural, nutritious and delightfully delicious tasting foods.

With a contactless delivery direct to your door you can go from freezer to plate in no time at all.

Eight is the symbol of harmony and balance and now more than ever is the perfect time to achieve this balance through food which is nutritious and time saving.

They have a range of veggie options, that are also gluten free and dairy free, include the lovely Lentil Shepherds Pie, the super Sri Lankan Dhal with Vegetable toppings and the Coconut Chickpea curry

Nova Blooms

Nova Blooms plants and flower business have adapted to help the community by providing a fresh veggies, salad and fruit delivery service direct to your door.

Their excellent Essentials Salad box is packed to the rafters with fresh, fabulous produce such as bunched carrots, super sized spring onions, big beautiful tomatoes, radish, salad potatoes, pepper, lettuce, fresh beetroot, mini cucumbers, spinach and a red onion

Now is the time to make your super salads stand out with the lovely Nova Blooms!

The Cookaway Recipe Box Adventure 

The Cookaway team are a passionate bunch of fabulous foodies who have made it their mission to make cooking and eating at home easy with their diverse Cookaway recipe box Adventures.

From Spanish, Indian, Japanese, Italian, and healthy choices covering a range of dietary needs such as Vegan, Vegetarian you are spoilt for choice.  No subscription, no commitment just pick a box and let your adventure begin.

Each bespoke box has been designed by a Cookaway chef who has extensive experience and expertise in running a restaurant, kitchen or cooking school, so you are in safe hands.

The Cookaway care for our environment on average 95% of there packaging is made from natural and renewable resources.  Also, packaging is 100% recyclable with only 5% of their packaging made from plastic and with free nationwide delivery and no subscription, it’s a big thumbs up.

Clearspring Organic, Dairy & Refined Sugar Free Products

The lovely team over at Clearspring, a family-owned business for over 25 years, have been dedicated to providing customers with authentic Japanese foods and a selection of organic and Gluten Free products all with delivery direct to your door.

Clearspring products help sustainable agriculture by supporting organic farmers and artisan food producers.  By caring for the eco-system and enriching the soil, Clearspring work towards protecting the world for future generations to come.

All Clearspring products are dairy and refined sugar free,Vegan and a selection of products are gluten free too.

Fruity Gift

Making life much easier are the fabulous Fruity Gift brand who make a range of bespoke fruit hampers which can be delivered direct to your door.

The Juicy Jumbo fruit hamper is generously packed with nutrient rich fruit including a pineapple, bananas, oranges, tangerines, apples, pears, red and green grapes.All displayed in a wonderful wicker basket it is the ideal way to get your 5 a day in a fabulous way.

Sacla’ Italia Pesto, Sauces and Dressings

Sacla’ Italia provide a rather saucy delivery service with beautifully boxed produce delivered direct to your door.

Their Truly Madly Deeply Italian embossed box, logo labels and foodie postcard showed that the order had been packed with lots of heart and love.

Now more than ever it is nice to mix things up a little and get creative in the kitchen with Sacla’ Italia and their range of Egg, Dairy and Gluten Pesto, Sauces & Dressings to give your pasta and salads the final finesse.

COOK Prepared Frozen Meals

COOK know that even the most enthusiastic foodies like an evening off from time to time, so they have created a range of ready made frozen meals, that are bespoke chef prepared, and can be delivered direct to your door.

Fill your freezer in no time and still enjoy quality nutritious delicious meals in record time and with minimal washing up too.

Offering a range of meals from Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Vegan, Vegetarian  they have you covered.

A certified B-Corp company, they source quality food produce with sustainability and traceability at the forefront of their business, a brand that cares about their team, the environment and importantly their customers.

Prestige Hampers

Prestige Hampers offering UK delivery and to ensure safety they have a contactless delivery system in place, so perfect for your needs.

Need your five a day well they have a range of fabulous and fruity hampers such as this classic fruit tray where the lucky recipient will enjoy a natural and healthy vitamins boost.

Included with the vibrant fresh fruit trays and hampers are a range of fruits, teas, drinks and conserves perfect for staying at home during lockdown.

Fairfields Farms

Fairfields Farms families have been farming in East Anglia for three generations on scenic and stunning farmland across the Colne Valley just north of Colchester in Essex.

Now, the lovely Laura & Robert, over at Fairfields Farm, have teamed up with parcelforce so you can buy 1 box of 15kg washed large potatoes and get a box of 24 x 40g crisps delivered free, all for only £27.

Boiled, baked or mashed these potatoes are perfect for your family meal times.  Their potatoes are made with green energy, no plastic as it is all recyclable cardboard and offering the lowest carbon footprint potato in the UK, so it is a win-win.

These suggestions should see yourself and your family sorted throughout the Covid-19 Lockdown and importantly Beyond, as it is crucial to support the brands, that have looked after us, now and in the future too.

Stay Alert and Stay Safe #ShopSafely

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx

128 thoughts on “Where to Source your Fresh Fruit, Veggies & Food During the Covid-19 Lockdown and Beyond #Review

  1. Since we have been in quarantine it has been so easy to snack on unhealthy foods! I have been making a more conscious effort to buy healthy fruits and vegetables- thanks for the great suggestions!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These are great recommendations. It’s so easy to eat junk when you’re at home all the time. Wearing sweat pants doesn’t help either lol 😀


  3. this is a great resource! I wasnt aware that we could grab these. I will add this to my list and source them. Since we are all at home, fresh vegetables and fruits are savior

    Liked by 1 person

  4. There’s so much information and great services here. I like the idea of all the fresh produce, especially the fruit. Like the fruit baskets.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I honestly had not considered having produce items delivered, but it is such a great idea! Being a prepper, I have stocked up on food and many other supplies long before the Coronavirus happened, and I was pretty ready for it all. But the one thing I missed and had difficulty with was needing something fresh for a meal. I ate meat out of the freezer easily, and didn’t mind the boxed pasta and potatoes or canned veggies. But it was too heavy for me too. If I ate a boxed pasta or potato, I wanted a fresh vegetable. Same with canned veggies. I could eat them, but I needed a fresh starch. I’ve been contemplating growing my own veggies, just so I have my own supply on hand if I’m confined to my home again. But for those who may not be able to grow their own, this is such an amazing resource!

    Liked by 1 person

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