Splendiferous Sweets Vegan, Gluten Free Movie Night Package delivery service Review 

Splendiferous Sweets Vegan, Gluten Free Movie Night Package delivery service Review: June 2020

Since the startof the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic people have had to make adjustments to their daily life and with social distancing in place it can be a challenging and stressful time.

Sweeten up your nights in and let the cinema come to you.  Make Movie nights out out in in and order a mega movie night package from Splendiferous Sweets.

Splendiferous Sweets offer Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free and a whole range of other packages, so you are sorted.

Cosy up with a loved one, gather the family or enjoy some time alone in the movie zone and enjoy some marvellous movie munchies.

Enjoy a black & white classic movie or a modern day action film, as you chow down on your scrummy splendid sweets and treats.

The products provided are top quality and including a beautiful box of 1kg quality sweeties.

Also, Eat Real snacks, Propercorn, Cawston Press Elderflower lemonade and Cloudy Apple drinks.

Make your movie nights next level with Splendiferous Sweets and enjoy some sweet smiles.

Stay Alert and Stay Safe #ShopSafely

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



98 thoughts on “Splendiferous Sweets Vegan, Gluten Free Movie Night Package delivery service Review 

  1. ooh this sounds brilliant! we love a movie night and right now we’re trying not to go out unless it’s necessary (other than walks in the woods etc) so this would be a lovely treat x

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  2. Such a fun idea to liven up lockdown! Have to admit to overdoing the sweet treats and carbs whilst in lockdown, but I think everyone is guilty of that. Wish I’d had a huge delivery of sweet though for a movie night! 🙂 Sim x

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  3. i actually love this concept ! i mean i have a sweet tooth so any food delivery thats this yum will go down well in my home kind regards Pati Robins

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  4. What a perfect addition to movie night! It all looks so amazing we will have to give this a try for our next family movie night.

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  5. I love that it’s can serve vegetarians, vegans and gluten free options. I have been watching more movies and shows so these look like delicious snacks

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