Love Life with Love Leggings #Review

Love Life with Love Leggings: June 2020 #Gifted

The Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak has certainly had an impact on our daily life’s with lifestyle changes due to the required social distancing.

Try not to get to caught up in the potential stress and strain of the new strange place we live in as lockdown eases.

Stay motivated and positively plan your daily permitted outdoor exercise and indoor fitness time with Love Leggings.


A full-length legging with figure-enhancing seam design to provide support in a lovely midnight black.

Performance enhancing lightweight fabric offering both the correct compression and support where needed so you can focus on your power run and feel energised to the maximum.

Love Leggings Review 1a 344Team up the leggings with a cropped sports bra and/or training jacket for the perfect sports look.


Another full length fitted legging with shimmer in a nice navy blue.  There are two slimline pockets for on the go phone storage.

Embossed with the LL Love Leggings logo you know that you have your fitness game on point.

These strong and sleek leggings are ideal for a run or an intense hike. Take control of your workout and feel empowered.


You are probably spending more time at home, so the last thing you want is tight fitting clothing.

Whether you are having a movie night or simply chilling in bed, the Love Leggings classic comfort leggings made in high quality cotton make your lockdown life cosier and more comfortable.

Make your fitness a priority; Energise, Empower and Comfort with Love Leggings

#StaySafe and #StayAlert.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


104 thoughts on “Love Life with Love Leggings #Review

  1. Love Leggings are such a great brand. Both Olivia and I have some and they are so comfy and well fitting! Need to pick up some more.

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  2. These leggings look super comfortable and also like they would last. My girls have so many that either get destroyed after washing or just aren’t of good quality. We will certainly give love leggings a try!

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  3. Super cute! Since we all seem to be wearing leggings for everything right now I love hearing your detailed review. I like that I could be at home in my office and if I wanted to take off for a hike I wouldn’t have to change!

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  4. The girls in my house love their leggings, especially my eldest daughter, these look good and will recommend them to her, great post.

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  5. I am a huge leggings addict, especially during this whole lockdown situation. If I’m not going anywhere that requires me to dress up, I plan on being comfortable at home! Right? These look great. I hadn’t heard of or tried the brand before, but I’ll definitely have to check them out.

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  6. Anyone and I mean any woman would love these leggings. In fact leggings are such a great innovation really and I bet all ladies love it for the comfort factor.My wife is a great fan as she being a teacher she can wear it to school

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  7. Those are really lovely leggings. I used to shy away from using leggings before, but now that I am more fit, I find them really flattering to wear. I will check out these Love Leggings.

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  8. Damn girl, you are rocking those leggings, go you. Love Leggings look cosy and a nice fit. Go ing to have a look at their website. Thanks Lisa xx

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  9. I’ve only recently started wearing leggings, but – oh my – how comfy are they!? I can’t believe I’d never tried them before. These ones look lovely on you. I’ll definitely have to check out the brand 🙂

    Louise x

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  10. Since the Coronavirus, leggings are my best friend! I haven’t put on real pants in forever. Lol. It’s not like I’m going anywhere unless I’m out for a walk. Comfortable leggings when exercising are an absolute must-have. I hadn’t heard of Love Leggings before this, but I’ll be checking them out!

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