Dinner Delivered Direct to your Home with Just Eat #Review

Dinner Delivered Direct to your Home with Just Eat Review: June 2020 #Gifted

Since the start of the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic people have had to adjust their daily routines and with social distancing in place it can be a challenging and stressful time.

Make your nights in that little bit extra and scroll your way to a tasty takeaway with Just Eat.

Founded in Denmark in 2001, Just Eat evolved and now offer a global food delivery service, providing their customers with an easy and secure way to order and pay for food with their restaurant partners.

Together we win, as the ambitious Just Eat team’s innovative platform, offering over 100 different cuisines, provides customers choice and variety from some lovely local restaurants and branded chains.

Chicken wings delivered to your crib, just like Snoop Dogg no problem, dip in and get involved, as Just Eat deliver direct to your door with a contactless delivery system you are spoilt for choice.

As you can see, we enjoyed a lovely casual restaurant style meal in the comfort of our home with a whole range of fabulous food including chicken wings, ribs, salt & pepper fries, sweet potato wedges, cauliflower wings, tortilla chips with some delicious dipping sauces.

Whether it is a takeaway for one, a romantic meal for two or a family feast, let Just Eat make your night in that little bit Extra.

Stay Alert and Stay Safe

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



96 thoughts on “Dinner Delivered Direct to your Home with Just Eat #Review

  1. Just Eat sounds like an awesome service. There are so many times when we don’t want to cook, and this service looks like it provides both convenience and really healthy food.

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  2. We’ve had food delivered a few times. I prefer to cook at home most of the time, but now and then I want a break. I’ll have to see if they are in our delivery area and what our options are.

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  3. We use Just Eat quite a lot for takeaways – we find it easier to have a list of delicious cuisines in front of us to pick from rather than trying to find one that has what we want in the area. It is such a handy resource.

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  4. I use Just Eat very often and I have to say that so far I have never complained about the service even if I prefer to call the restaurant directly.

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  5. Just Eat sounds like a good service. I prefer to eat home cook food, but sometimes I tried to used a food delivery service most especially during our busy days.

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    1. They are fab and I would still recommend giving them ago, as even though you have minimal options they may we good quality hun. Also, you can pre-order for a collection too, so that is always worth considering 🙂 xx


  6. I love Just Eat when I just can’t be bothered to cook for myself and I’m lucky to have a lot of choices of places around me x

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  7. I’m passing the time whilst I wait on my Just Eat would you believe it. Honestly, we use them at least once a week. Their customer service is great if anything goes wrong. I couldn’t fault the service a all

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  8. Just eat is now one of the only ones we use, as it has the app and service, some of the ones we enjoy utilises Just eat very well, great post.

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  9. It’s great to have a takeaway as a treat, especially when you are not in the mood for cooking. I really like the sound of those cauliflower wings!

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  10. I’m hungry after reading this! This food looks delicious, and Just Eat sounds like a wonderful company to use and not have to go out. In my little corner of the globe, restaurants are starting to open back up and allow dine-in, but I hate it. I just go pick up my food and either bring it home, or find a park and drop the tailgate on my truck and use it as a table to eat standing up. Just Eat sounds like it would certainly save me the trip out to order and pick up food, which I like.

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  11. This sounds like such a great service in light of the current restrictions! We have been enjoying take out and delivery in our small town once a week. It gives us that little boost of joy while dealing with everything going on.

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