Avocado Brunches & Lunches with Holy Moly Dips #Review

Avocado Brunches & Lunches with Holy Moly Dips Review: July 2020 #Gifted

Holy Moly…dips that are 100% Natural, no nasties, no added sugar, dairy free, gluten free, vegan and kosher…yes you heard me right.

The team over at Holy Moly sent me an amazing Avocado themed gift, including an Avocado pin badge, portable cup, canvas bag, cooler bag and of course the avocado dips, which was welcomed with excitement and joy.

Holy Moly wanted to develop dips that tasted just as good as homemade with quality ingredients, so they went off to Mexico and partnered up with a family owned Avocado orchard where they lovingly leave creamy hass avocados to ripen in the sunshine.

Through this farm fresh approach, Holy moly have produced some delightful dips.  Along with using high tech packaging methods means that there is no need to use any preservatives, so just fresh and fabulous nutritious goodness.

Their delicious dip range includes flavour combos such as breakfast avocado, smashed avocado, original guacamole, and guacamole with jalapeno & red pepper.

The beautiful breakfast avocado with tomato, lime, salt & pepper is delicious just dollop on toast and serve with on the vine cherry tomatoes and scrambled tofu for a brilliant breakfast or brunch.

Get your guac on and use the gorgeous guacamole on top of a vegan burger serve up with harissa pesto pasta and a simple cherry beet salad for a stylish brunch or lovely lunch.

Dip into your natural side with Holy Moly Dips.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



114 thoughts on “Avocado Brunches & Lunches with Holy Moly Dips #Review

  1. The packaging alone would make me want to try it. The colors are so vivid even little kids would be willing to give it a go without hesitation! Candy Rachelle


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