Gift a Juicy Fruit Basket with Prestige Hampers #Review

Gift a Juicy Fruit Basket with Prestige Hampers Review: July 2020 #Gifted

If you go down into the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…well thanks to Prestige Hampers you can send a smile by gifting your family, friends and loved ones this fabulously fresh fruity basket of joy.

Offering UK delivery and to ensure safety they have a contactless delivery system in place and even have a next day gifts service, so making your hamper delivery quick, easy and just a click away.

The fruity feast included 400g of grapes, 2 satsumas, 2 gala apples, 2 granny smith apples, 2 plums and 2 kiwis, so plenty to go around.  Ideal to enjoy at home, on a hike or perfect for a fruit themed picnic.

All presented in this wonderful wooden handled trug which is not only beautiful, but reusable.  Ideal to store small garden tools and hand-picked herbs from the garden.

Can’t see the wood from the trees, don’t be stumped by the vast amount of hamper options simply head over to Prestige Hampers and let them do all the hard work for you.

Prestige personalise the hamper too by including a card where you can leave a personalised message, so you are all sorted.

Gift gorgeously with this joyful juicy basket of brilliance from Prestige Hampers.

Stay Alert and Stay Safe #SafePicnicking

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



94 thoughts on “Gift a Juicy Fruit Basket with Prestige Hampers #Review

  1. What an amazing idea. I was thinking what to gift Sweets because I ticked him off again. Ha ha. I love the color contrast of the basket and think an added note is a great idea too. Really adds that touch of “I appreciate you” 🙂

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  2. That fruit all looks so fresh and delicious! I think a fruit basket is a wonderful gift idea, I know a few people who’d love to receive one.

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  3. Now this is my kind of fresh fruit basket, as the fruit looks yummy. The basket is beautiful and reusable, so I may have to treat myself to this Prestige Hamper Emx

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  4. I love this idea of a Prestige Hamper fruit basket, one because the fruit looks delicious and the basket is perfect to take with you and just the right amount of tasty treats. I could see myself ordering this for a few people I know.

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  5. It is good to know that they follow strict safety protocols to ensure safety. I wish I could gift my cousin with a fruit basket. He probably be thrilled to receive one.

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  6. Honestly, there is nothing I would want to receive as a gift more than fresh fruit like this – a total win in my book! I love that the fruit all looks so fresh. I have tried different food delivery options before and received less than ideal produce, so it’s good to see that there’s a company that can deliver on the quality as well!

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  7. My kids go through fruit like there is no tomorrow but I do tend to buy them the same things, so this would encourage them to try other tfruits

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  8. I really want to go have a picnic now! I’m a huge fan of how businesses delivering high quality products is becoming so helpful these days and allowing people to stay at home. The ingredients are becoming higher quality as well. It isn’t all just fast food or restaurant food being delivered. It is fresh, quality ingredients that can be enjoyed at home or used to make a meal.

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