The Woolly Sheep Inn Skipton #Review

The Woolly Sheep Inn Skipton Review: September 2020 #Gifted

Located in an enviable postcode right in the heart of Skipton town centre, the wonderful Woolly sheep provides lodgings, food, drinks all with a home away from home feel.

Andy and the wonderful Woolly team provided a warm welcome and really made us feel part the family.

Our super Superior room with sofa bed was a clean, contemporary space and perfect for a Skipton staycation.

The room also has a separate vanity desk which could double into a work space, if you need to get the laptop out during your stay.

The tea tray is next level with Yorkshire tea, coffee, hot chocolates, some beautiful biscuits, still and sparkling Harrogate water and an absolute winner with some very generous ‘Have a drink on us’ vouchers.

The en-suite bathroom was perfect with overhead shower, sunken deep tub, illuminated mirror, heated towel rail and complimentary toiletries to use throughout your stay.

The beautiful beer garden is the perfect place for a few Timothy Taylor drafts beers.

Also, an ideal space for your bubble to enjoy chat and good times, as social distancing was well maintained.

Dinner onsite is well worth a whirl, all the serving team are fabulous in particular Sophie who made sure we enjoyed some good Yorkshire hospitality.

The decor is a mix of wooden beams, a stunning sheep mural and lighting features made with wine glasses are a fun talking point.

Home cooked comfort food began with some warming bowls of yummy soup with bread roll and butter.

For mains we opted for the super steak pie with Timothy’s homemade gorgeous gravy with some fresh veggies and hand cut chips.

Sides such as seasonal veggies and beer battered onion rings are well worth adding on.

Delicious desserts included the classic sticky toffee pudding with all the trimmings and a super syrup sponge with candid pecans absolutely amazing…clearly the chef and the kitchen team clearly know their stuff.

Chill out in your cosy, snug room and admire the sheep art, enjoy some tea tray refreshments as you snuggle your plus one or even your sheep plush…obviously not included lol.

Additionally, the bedside space has both plug and usb sockets to ensure all your tech devices stay fully charged.

Start your day the right way and enjoy breakfast onsite at the Woolly sheep and you will not be disappointed.

There are plenty of quirky, cute and comfortable seating areas for you to enjoy your beautiful breakfast offerings which begins with cereals, porridge, tea, coffee and juices.

The hot breakfast was lovely, both the vegetarian and non-veggie option with the award winning sausage, are ample, good quality and got scoffed in record time.

Prior to your departure, get cosy by the fire and enjoy a drink, as you reminisce about your marvellous Yorkshire stay.

They say don’t count your chickens, well I say don’t go to sleep and count your sheep, make sure you get your stay booked at the wonderful Woolly first.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



124 thoughts on “The Woolly Sheep Inn Skipton #Review

  1. The room looks really homey and cozy. 🙂 Loved their tea tray. This is something that I would appreciate since I am not a big coffee fan and usually, that’s the only thing that they provide.

    The food looks good though. This place is definitely an excellent choice. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience.


  2. I love the name! That alone makes me want to visit. Besides that, the big thing I get out of your review and pictures is the feeling of being welcomed. How relaxing this place would be because of how warm and welcoming it is. Definitely a place I would want to stay in.

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