Christmas Countdown 2020 with Wilko #Review

Christmas Countdown 2020 with Wilko Review: November 2020 #Gifted

Frosty cold, darker nights and is that a light sound of jingle bells I can hear, so this can only mean one thing the exciting countdown to Christmas 2020 has begun.

Santa’s elves delivered us a gorgeous golden box packed with sample Christmas goodies, that have been sent to review, from the wonderful wilko’s with a few essential Christmassy must haves.

Christmas Countdown

Advent calendars are a time-honoured tradition to mark the beginning of Advent for the December Christmas countdown.

This wonderful Wilko’s design has 24 doors with a candle behind each one, a perfect way to light up those cold winter evenings.

Deck The Halls

Deck the house out with a range of super seasonal décor such as this slim candle stick and stags head design.

Go large with this huge sequin bauble and mark 2020 with this lovely Merry Christmas bauble – a personal fav of mine.

Glitter & Gold

Now is the time to bring on the seasonal sparkles with some very cute twinkle lights perfect to decorate the Christmas tree.

Make sure you look glam with this excellent eyeshadow trio.  Keep the energy going and make sure you have batteries, as there is nothing more disappointing than not being able to power up that toy, gadget or gismo on the big day.

The Big Day

Get gift organised and plan exactly what you need including this brilliant Blox Santa sleigh toy, super Santa hat and chocolate money ideal for a stocking filler.

2020 has not been the easiest of years, so make sure you get prepared and enjoy the Christmas countdown 2020 with Wilko’s.

Thank you for reading and I wish you a very Merry Christmas 😊

Melanie xx




128 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown 2020 with Wilko #Review

  1. These are some beautiful Christmas decorations. You’re right 2020 hasn’t been the easiest year for everyone and we need to celebrate festivals to get some positivity and happiness.

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  2. I love going into Wilko’s for Christmas bits. Lovely pieces and very affordable. Although I can shop online I do like browsing, hoping once lockdown is over, they will be open as usual.

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  3. I had never heard of Wilko before! Now that I’ve read your post and the comments praising them, it sounds like I need to go check them out! Christmas feels like it is kind of sneaking up on me this year. But I’m usually super busy right now too, and that may be why. I hope you have an amazing holiday too!

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  4. I’ve never been to Wilko before, but I’ve seen a few bloggers mention it. Reading this, it looks like it would be a great place to visit!, I need to get out and start doing some serious Christmas shopping. It’s sneaking up fast!

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  5. I used to live close to a Wilko’s and they have some really good products. My hot water bottle cost £5 and it’s been my constant companion throughout the dark, damp UK winters. I really like the chain of lights.

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