It’s Cool to Care: Have a Cracking Christmas with Leiho Socks #Review

It’s Cool to Care: Have a Cracking Christmas with Leiho Socks Review: November 2020 #Gifted

Christmas can be both a hectic and exciting time of year, making plans to celebrate with family and friends as well as buying all those Christmas goodies.

However, we sometimes need to take a moment to stop and think about those people who are alone, vulnerable and don’t have the basic essentials, this is where you can make a difference with Leiho socks who have sent me these super samples to review

Leiho simply means ‘How are You’ in Cantonese and this sums up their ethos that it is ‘Cool to Care’ and all you need to do is ask someone how they are doing. 

Lehio believe no matter who you are or what your background that you should have access to life essentials such as water, sanitary care, food, socks and much more.

Leiho have committed their time to working with local projects and partners with similar values to improve quality of life for people in need.  Including donating cartons of water to outreach services and food banks, meals to local vulnerable communities and pairs of socks to homeless shelters and organisations.

In fact, Leiho match ever item sold with another donated, so your impact through a simple act of kindness and compassion, by buying these socks, means that you are making someone’s life that little bit better.    

Lehio’s lovely sock range will probably already have you ready and raring to order.  The beautifully boxed trio of eco-friendly Bamboo socks including the Happy Chappy, You Blue me Away and Orange You Kind are made with Bamboo fibre that is environmentally friendly, temperature adapting, hypoallergenic and odour resistant.

Christmas Crackers are a traditional family favourite for the Christmas dinner table, but why not switch things up for 2020 and try out Lehio’s plastic free Christmas crackers made out of brown recyclable kraft paper.  

Celebrate in style, as instead of finding plastic toys inside your crackers these impressively have a pair of socks inside each one, so all your guests will feel the care and love, so happy hugs to your feet!

Oh by the way, if you weren’t already feeling smug enough for every cracker sold, another pair of warm socks will be donated to a homeless person making your whole table feel like a bunch of Do-Gooders on Christmas day!

And as if things could not get any better, you also get a free sloth Christmas card with every order, so happy days.

Each and every purchase helps provide thousands of essentials for people in need, so put a sock in it, show your support, because you would be crackers not to help!

Thank you for reading and I wish you a very Merry Christmas 😊

Melanie xx


128 thoughts on “It’s Cool to Care: Have a Cracking Christmas with Leiho Socks #Review

  1. If it’s one thing I love, it is socks! I have usually stocked up on new sets and lots of comfy socks by this point, but shops have been closed… just an excuse to get out next week! Love how these come in crackers though, how awesome for Christmas! Sim x

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  2. I bet these socks are really soft, I love bamboo products and I love that the company also donates socks to those in need, it is always awesome when companies put forth that effort.

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  3. I love this so much! I’m always eager to support companies and things that give back in some way. I’ll have to get some of these as gifts this year.

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  4. Love the idea behind the brand and what they have to offer. I especially like that they match every item sold. Those socks look like such good quality.

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  5. I remember thinking socks were such a bad presents as a kid, but I’d definitely take them now as an adult because then I don’t have to spend my own money on them 😂 Plus, these are double the fun as you get to have the fun of opening the cracker to see what colour and/or design too! I particularly love the bright red ones.

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  6. You can never go wrong with a pair of socks as a Christmas present. I really like the navy pair and I love that they come in a cracker

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  7. I love companies that commit to making a difference like this. It warms my heart. We used to do Christmas crackers at our family get-togethers, but I can honestly say that I would much rather have a nice pair of socks than some random little plastic toys that will be broken or lost in a matter of days. Especially if I knew that someone else was also getting a pair of socks out of it.

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