Sweets in the City Vegan Jars, Duals and The Sweet Society #Review

Sweets in the City Vegan Jars, Duals and The Sweet Society: February 2021 #Gifted

Founded by the lovely Sarah Lynn, 2017 winner of the BBC’s The Apprentice, Sweets in the City is jointly owned by Lord Sugar and are seeing continued growth and success.

The Sweets in the City team inspire and innovate to produce personalised sweets, which are fun, fabulous and fill us with sweetness, that are suitable for any occasion such as friends and family gifting, celebrations, and corporate events.

Make your life that little bit sweeter and enjoy some Vegan sweet loveliness with the Sweets in the City range of Vegan Jars, Dual bags and why not even be part of The Sweet Society?

The Vegan fabulous Fizzy Frenzy giant jar of joy, personalised with my Forkward Thinking Foodinista logo, was jam packed with delightful deliciousness such as fizzy marvellous melons, scrummy sugar dummy’s, cheeky cherry cola bottles, a giant vibrant rainbow twist and so much more.

Be part of the team with this tasty Team Vegan jar that is sure to play with your taste buds and would make a gorgeous gift for friends, family, colleagues or why not just treat yourself to some super sweet vibes.

Do you want to be part of the club…well the brilliant bunch over at Sweets in the City have created The Sweet Society so that you and your squad can enjoy a mouth-watering monthly box of yumminess, so give a big hands up in the air for ‘Team Sugar’.

The Sweet Society is a superb subscription service which delivers direct to your door a varied range of quality tasty treats, that are seasonally selected, handpicked and packed with love by the superb Sweets in the City team.

Exciting to know that being part of the exclusive The Sweet Society means that every month you can get your sweet sugar fix which may even include exclusive/limited edition sweet ranges that are not always available on their website.

Gift gorgeously with the vibrant Vegan Duals Sweet Bags, an amazing addition to the Sweets in the City gifting range.

These bags of brilliance come in two sizes 50g grab bags, go presented in a cute carry case, perfect if you are on the go or 125g share bags so you can share some sugar sweetness, but if you don’t feel like sharing that’s ok too.


Vegan Duals have been created with a pectin jelly centre, the four fab flavours give me some serious summer holiday vibes with sensational Strawberry & Lemonade, amazing Apple & Watermelon, perfect Pineapple & Coconut, and marvellous Mango & Passion Fruit.

Get your bake on and why not give your baking some Vegan vibrancy and make your muffins that little bit extra by topping them with some delicious Duals and wait for all the sweet compliments to come rolling in.

Looking to add some sweetness to your day, the team over at Sweets in the City have got your covered, so let them sprinkle some sugar on your life.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



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116 thoughts on “Sweets in the City Vegan Jars, Duals and The Sweet Society #Review

  1. Sweets In The City sounds like an amazing company! The fact that you can personalize labels is a great business opportunity. Any business could send that as a gift to their customers with their brand name on it, and just make it a fun way for people to remember their name. Like how many do with pens and other stationary items, but this is just way more fun.

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  2. This seems like an amazing company and all of their treats looks delicious and are packaged beautifully! I definitely check out this company as I have a major sweet tooth : )

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