Know Where Your Food Comes From with Eversfield Organic #Review

Know Where Your Food Comes From with Eversfield Organic: March 2021 #Gifted

We should care about not only what we eat, but also the providence of our food.  Having a healthy transparent food relationship and understanding the farming process shows care, respect and an appreciation for how our food goes from farm to plate.

Ellacott farm located in the Devon village of Bratton Clovelly on the edge of Dartmoor is the home of the amazing Eversfield Organic founded by Mark.

The farmland had suffered the effects from years of intensive farming, so Mark with the help of his family dedicated and devoted all their energies and efforts into nurturing the farm back to an abundance of natural healthiness just as nature intended.

Two years later after laying fencing, replanting miles and miles of hedgerow and impressively planting over 30,000 trees the farm was given organic certification and is 100% traceable.

Now Eversfield Organic has seen continued growth and produces a whole range of fabulous foodie goodies including their fresh fruit and vegetable boxes, that are delivered direct to your door, perfect for delicious and delightful meals at home.

Organic is better for our planet and people, Eversfield use sustainable organic farming measures and are continually working to reduce their environmental impacts by reducing waste, you can even return your packaging for free!

Using organic farming systems eliminate all synthetic and petroleum-based pesticides and fertilisers which reduces soil and water contamination helping to achieve a natural balance so that nature and wildlife can exist and thrive alongside commercial organic farming.

Soil is a non-renewable energy resource and healthy soils store high levels of carbon, so if all UK farming was converted to organic, more than 1.3 million tonnes of carbon could be stored in the soil each year, I think this says it all really.

Eating organic produce benefits our bodies too, as current research shows that eating organic produce provides a superior nutritional quality and reduces intake of pesticides, so clearly is the only choice for you and your family.

Eversfield Organic are an absolute lovely bunch, their produce is top notch and beautifully packaged, the service has been exemplary and consistent throughout all three of our deliveries to date, and they really are there to help make your ordering and delivery process from farm direct to your home go as smoothly as possible.

Help the environment and give your family the best nutrition, by supporting organic farmers, and make sure you know where your food comes from with Eversfield Organic.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


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136 thoughts on “Know Where Your Food Comes From with Eversfield Organic #Review

  1. Wow!! This farm looks so impressive, I can’t believe it is located in the UK, it looks more like Italy, to be honest. Knowing where your food comes from is really important for a healthy and happy like. Did they really plant 30,000 trees?

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  2. I’ve never really thought about where my food comes from, I do often visit a local farm shop though and the difference from supermarket bought bits is so obvious. I am looking forward to it being opened again when things improve as I love supporting local while getting great produce.

    I love the sound of this family company x

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  3. I think this farming family are brilliant. The fruit and veggies are beautiful and we like to know where our food comes from, so Eversfield Organic are perfect for us. Ju xx

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  4. Eversfield Organics veg and fruit looks really lovely. I am sick of such poor quality supermarket food, I need to try these out. Thank you Gem xoxo

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  5. It’s great when people clearly LOVE what they do for a living, and don’t just do it to pay the bills. This family are going above and beyond to show the world just how much they care, and how much they want everyone else to care too, about their produce. So many people prefer organic foods these days, so hopefully things are looking up for them!

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  6. Wow Eversfield Organic are pretty amazing. I love how the began and will be giving these a try, because their fruit and veggies box looks lovely. Don x

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  7. I prefer organic fruit and veg. Before lockdown we used to visit a farm shop regularly but as it’s a few miles away we haven’t been for quite a while. Maybe I should google farm shops closer to my house!

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  8. I love what Eversfield are doing here. It’s so important to know where our food comes from, so this gets a big thumbs up from me. Will definatley be checking these out.

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  9. I really like the idea of knowing where my food comes from. I like being able to get that info before buying, this is a great idea.

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  10. Wow your photos are amaze!! Love the Everfield Organic produce and they seem a really nice brand. I may well try these out. Thanks. Lisa B xx

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  11. I live in Derbyshire, surrounded by countryside and farms. My dad also helps out on a farm, so I know how hard they are to run.

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  12. I love knowing where my food comes from! I sometimes wish I lived on a farm and had a huge garden to take care of my own food (esp produce). I’ll check into Eversfield! thanks!

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  13. Amazing initiative and am so glad they have been successful with their venture. Eating organic is definitely the way to go but unfortunately for some people, it is simply unaffordable all the time. Wish there was a cheaper option. We try to eat organic as often as possible.

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  14. Sustainable Organic farming is an absolute must. I love what Eversfield have achieved and would try them out just because of their ethics alone.

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  15. Organic fruits and veggies are the best! I try to find organic foods as far as possible. Sustainability is another important thing. Having both, together in a product is wonderful.

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  16. I just love this and yes… I am so into what I am putting into my body now. Not only Organic veggies…. but recently I got meats that are organic and sustainably sourced and they are so much better than the other stuff in the stores. 🙂

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