Enjoy the Dining with Distinction Christmas Lunch on the East Lancashire Railway #Review

Enjoy the Dining with Distinction Christmas Lunch on the East Lancashire Railway #Gifted

The East Lancashire Railway is a volunteer organisation, run through passion, determination and sheer grit keeping part of Britain’s railway heritage alive and steaming!

At the Bolton Street Station stop at Bury you can immerse yourself in the traditional age of steam and learn all about our historical industrial heritage.

Now, one noticeable point, from the moment you arrive everyone is welcomed with plenty of smiles and open arms, it literally makes your heart melt.

Whistle blown, so all aboard, one of the beautifully restored Pullman carriages, for the experience of a lifetime, a fabulous festive Feast on one of the East Lancashire Railways Steam hauled trains.

The East Lancashire Railway Dining with Distinction service team know how to pull out the stops with all the bells and whistles. Expect only the very best with crisp white lining, luxurious furnishings.

The Christmas Lunch is just under a 3 hour steam hauled journey through the picturesque Irwell Valley. Included is a sparking glass of fizz on arrival and a super scrummy 3 course meal with mince pies along with tea or coffee.

Furthermore, if you would like to organise any additional extras, to add onto your package, to make your journey even more spectacular, such as flowers, a bottle of wine, champagne etc the team are more than happy to help.

The glass of welcome fizz makes for the best start and the winter warm vegetable soup, with bread roll and butter was wolfed down…delicious!

Cosy and snug in your First Class Pullman carriage, enjoy a hearty roast lunch with options such as Turkey and the lush Brie and cranberry parcel with all the trimmings and lashings of gravy.

Christmas vibes all round, with lovely snowflake decorations embossed onto the window and even the Christmas crackers are included.

Making the experience even more sweet, we indulged in a Christmas pudding with custard, mince pies all washed down with coffee and tea, simply divine.

Then just as I thought things couldn’t get any better, the team arranged an extra enthusiast’s experience, I actually got to ride the actual steam train…my excitement I can tell you was hard to contain for sure.

In the heart of the operation, the engine room, it was privilege to meet the guys who volunteer their time and work hard to provide this unique and authentic experience.

Genuine, authentic, passionate team energy and camaraderie, that felt warmer than the fire, brought tears to my eye – tears of joy of course!

The East Lancashire Railway is a home away from home, we left with full tummies, even fuller hearts and memories to last a lifetime.

Now you will have to be very quick for 2022 availabilities, but don’t be disheartened as for 2023 The East Lancashire Railway have a full schedule of themed dining train events such as Red Rose dinners, Lancastrian lunches, afternoon teas, murder mysteries and of course fabulous Christmas lunches and dinners.

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


140 thoughts on “Enjoy the Dining with Distinction Christmas Lunch on the East Lancashire Railway #Review

  1. WOW you look like you had an incredible time. This is going to be perfect to gift as a Christmas present for my family. The Afternoon tea would be good too. Ems xx

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  2. I LOVE your reviews Mel, always giving me good inspiration and ideas of what to see and do. Looking forward to trying Dining with Distinction at the East Lancashire Railway next year. Thanks again chick Fran xxx

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  3. I like it when the staff are friendly and passionate. You can tell from your photos that they are a nice bunch. East Lancashire Railways is on my to do list for 2023. Gem xoxo

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  4. I don’t know about you, but when you have just had one of those days…then something like this lands in your reading material. Gives me something to look forward too, because the food and steam train experience look mint. Cheers H

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  5. I must say you look stunning and I’m loving the head wear, you made such an effort. The food and drinks are making my mouth water. 2023 this is being booked. Thanks babes love xxx Demidolly xxx

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  6. After a tough few years for myself and my family this is exactly what we need. A good easy day out with friendly staff and good food. Have a lovely Christmas and a happy New year to you too Matt x

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  7. Wow! This looked so fun and something to experience. Simply put, a fun day out! My son would also enjoy something like this since he loves trains but I know this is more for adults. Now you got me thinking and need to research!!!


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  8. It’s special to see the East Lancashire Railway volunteers keeping our rail heritage alive. We will 100% show our support and pay these guys a visit. Merry Christmas to you also from Dave.

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  9. My boyfriend visits me in Manchester regular and we are always looking for new things to do. Will be making a booking in 2023 what a perfect date night for us. Thank you x Anna x

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  10. What a wonderful experience! Growing up with both parents working for the national rail company, I was privileged to go on many steam trains. However, I never had such a scrumptious lunch on board. I’d love to though!

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