The Royal Yacht Britannia Edinburgh Tour and Tearoom #Review

The Royal Yacht Britannia Edinburgh Tour and Tearoom #Gifted

All aboard The Royal Yacht Britannia, a Royal residence for over 40 years, who sailed over 1,000,000 nautical miles on 968 state visits with the Royal Family, excitingly is now a five-star visitor attraction, voted Best UK Attraction by Which? Magazine, located in Edinburgh.

On 23 June 1994, John Major’s Government announced, that due to the costs involved, there would be no refit for HMY Britannia and hence it was announced that the last Royal Yacht was to be decommissioned.

This fabulous floating palace is stepped in historical Royal providence and charm providing visitors a unique opportunity to experience life aboard from the perspective of the Royal Family and also the 220 hardworking and dedicated crew of Royal Yachtsmen.

The whole of The Royal Yacht Britannia team could not have provided amore warm welcome which just instantly made us feel like royalty and gave us good vibes all round.

This super self-guided tour, via easy portable talking telephones, provided in a range of languages, provide a wealth of interesting information and the five decks of the tour can be explored and enjoyed at your own pace.

Start your tour at the bridge and see the iconic vessel in all its glory, state apartments, crew quarters, engine room and of course the Royal residence and their transportation vehicles.

The Sun Lounge, not photographed as you must see this in person to soak up the ambiance, was Her Majesty The Queen’s favourite room on board, where she would enjoy breakfast and afternoon tea.

Now, talking of Afternoon tea, The Royal Yacht Britannia have a terrific Tearoom* which provides breath-taking views while you indulge in a range of freshly prepared savoury and sweet treats such as a traditional cream tea and of course there is plenty of champagne, so you can raise a glass to Her Majesty The Queen.

In fact, the Tearoom is the very same spot where the Royal Family would have played deck games and entertained, so you know that you are in good company.

The Royal Yacht Britannia is a unique Edinburgh experience where you will have the chance to feel what life was like aboard this beautiful vessel, so make sure you gather your crew and captain them for a seafaring adventure like no other.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx

*Please note in order to visit the tearoom you must have a valid tour ticket for the day of your tea room visit.


146 thoughts on “The Royal Yacht Britannia Edinburgh Tour and Tearoom #Review

  1. I love the sound of this. It is somewhere completely different and a real treat to enjoy a cream tea with Champagne. It would be interesting to do the tour too, I’ve not been on anything like that before.

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  2. With my huge love towards both Edinburgh (I am a little envy your trip) and yachts, I did think twice to visit it several times. Each visit I had to the wonderful capital of Scots was marked with a Britannia visit. I really wish I could use it (or a very similar yacht), that’s a dream

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  3. It is a charming yacht! Also, I love the blue colors in your pictures. I hope I`ll see the sea this summer. Thank you for the inspirational blog.

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  4. This looks like it was a fun tour to take! I’ve done a tour on a few ships before and it is so neat to see how everything is laid out to live on a ship for a set amount of time.

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  5. I haven’t been to Edinburgh in years! This post makes me want to go back so badly, and go on this tour while I’m there. It looks like a ton of fun and definitely a new experience.

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  6. I used to live in Edinburgh near Leith for three years but somehow never managed to visit the Royal Yacht of Britannia. It looks like a pretty cool place to check out. Hopefully next time when I’m in Edinburgh 🥰 thanks for sharing and have a good day 😊 Aiva xx


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