Duerr’s Marmalades and Conserves Review

Duerr’s Marmalades and Conserves Review: August 2017

Based in marvelous Manchester, there is some real history and knowledge behind the Duerrs brand. All beginning with Fred and Mary Duerr’s homegrown business, since 1881 for 135 years, Duerr’s the oldest family-owned jam maker in England, have been producing preserves using timeless family recipes. The family talents are not just in making perfect preserves, they brought the innovative Orbit™ easy-open lid to market, Europe’s first squeezy jam bottles and impressively invented the periscopes used in World War One.

Sent a stash of delicious, divine and delightful Duerr’s Marmalades and conserves. Still salivating, all the conserves and marmalades were lush. Conserves included the Sunny lemon, Golden orange and totally tangerine. Mouth-watering Marmalades included the classic Seville, Sunny Seville, Golden ginger and half sugar Seville.

The thick cut classic Seville Marmalade, was the perfect paring, generously spread across my home baked muffins. The Chunky Golden Ginger Marmalade, was perfect to use in my ginger, peach panna cotta dessert. The Jar complemented the dish, both in terms of taste and presentation, by housing the most lip-smackingly refreshing ginger, orange and peach cocktail. Finally, the golden ginger and half sugar Seville marmalade along with my homemade linseed bread rolls, made the most fab foodie gift

A fabulous family brand steeped in tradition, now Fred and Mary’s, great great great grandsons, Richard and Mark, continue to expand crafting and creating a range of quality products using both innovative and traditional family recipes. Grab a jar, twist that lid off and see what you can create.

Thank you to the Duerr’s family, my lovely followers and all the fab bloggers out there 😊

Melanie xx



Tatton Park 2017 Foodies Festival Review

Tatton Park 2017 Foodies Festival Review: August 2017

16th July 2017 only meant one thing, it was time to grab those VIP press passes and make our way down to Tatton Park for the UK’s largest celebration of food and drink – The Foodies Festival extravaganza for a sensational Sunday funday. Now within its tenth year, the festival offers food & drink, live music and wellbeing in the form of live demonstrations from yoga Cheshire.

The exclusive VIP tickets, provided us with some extra fabulous foodie fun and frolic’s which included access to the private VIP tent, where the host warmly welcome us, provided us with show guide booklets and reserved our food and drink masterclasses.

Another perk of VIP included a complimentary goodie bag and a glass of beautiful bubbles on arrival which was ideal to sip, as we watched each music act play in the privacy of the VIP tent. The same acts also appeared on the main live music stage, a great addition to the event which provided atmospheric beats as the crowds chowed down on some yummy foodies delights all washed down with an array of delicious drinkies.

Bustling with excitement, it was time to start exploring, perfect timing too, as luckily for us the sun had decided to make an experience early on in the day. The event offered something for everyone, brands such as Vita coco, Pimm’s with it fabulous teapot stand, Belvoir Fruit farms with their hot air balloon photo opportunity and the brilliant bus bar to name a few.

Cool Culinary opportunities included being able to access the Cakes and Desserts Theatre, the kids cookery theatre and the chefs theatre where live demonstrations took place which really makes you feel part of the action.  The VIP wristband really came in handy offering us prime positions within the theatres.  Clearly with wetted appetites, we decided to move onto the drinks theatre, for something to wash all the knowledge down with.

The 12:30 drinks theatre, was the Prosecco DOC with the lovely Neil Phillips, the Wine tipster. This was an eye opening informational, yet interesting experience. Clearly, Neil fully engaged with the audience while educating and brushing up our knowledge of the perfect Proseccos. While doing so, we got to wet our palates tasting four fabulous Prosecco’s all at the comfort of our very own prime positioned VIP table.

Out next tent tasting, began at 13:30 with the lovely Charles Metcalfe, giving his insights and knowledge into the many styles of Champagne. There were five fabulous fizzy drinkies to sample which was extremely useful to identify your fav type of champs without buying the full bottle – perfect!

After all the brilliant bubbles, we needed to refuel, so sought out some much needed foodie delights. Amazing Ashas offered us an array of Indian cuisine, which included the lovely Chicken biryani, Chicken Takatak and the sensational Samosa Chaat, all served up by a super fab friendly team.

Tequila…yes you heard right and the last stop of the day was to see the boys at Cazcabel Tequila shack who gave us a grand finale. Sampling their four tequilas with the favs being the coffee and manuka honey flavoured types. The cocktails created with the tequila were sensational. Finally, there was the traffic light tequila tasting, we did not see red, but the shots pack a powerful punch.

The foodies festival was exciting stuff offering unique experiences and opportunities and whether you decide to go for standard entry tickets or treat yourself to VIP, I am sure that you will have a wonderful time.

Thank you to the Tatton Park Foodies Festival Team, my lovely followers and all the fab bloggers out there

Melanie xx



BFree Foods Review

BFree Foods Review: July 2017

The brilliant BFree products are allergen free meaning that there is no gluten, dairy, wheat, nuts, egg or soy and are suitable for vegans too. Low in fat and high in fibre means that they are nutritionally sound – amazing! The clever guys and gals over at BFree have developed a natural recipe and composition that replaces wheat and gluten, that still gives their ‘good for you’ breads the right structure, without affecting the taste.

Boom I received a batch of beautiful BFree breads delivered direct to blogging HQ ready to put through the taste test. Products tasted included the Oaty loaf, Multiseed bagels, Brown seeded rolls, Sweet Potato Wraps, Quinoa and Chia Seed Wraps, Stone Baked Pita Bread and the Fajita Kit.Winner in the Product of the Year category at the 2017 Free From Food Awards, The BFree Sweet Potato Wraps were a sweet deal. At only 96 calories per wrap, when lightly fried, these made ideal crunchy chips to dip in my homemade Mexican bean stew pot – comfort food at its best. BFree Bestsellers, The BFree Quinoa and Chia Seed Wraps made lush lip-smackingly scrummy pizza bases for my tomato, cheese and rocket party pizzas.  Light, crispy and deliciously divine.

Going for gold with the BFree Stone Baked Pitta Breads which won gold at the UK Free From Food Awards 2017. Authentically made in a stone fired oven gives them a toasted taste which made them perfect to add to my healthy and fresh summer snacker crudité platter.

Date night, mate night, family night or simply a you night, well the fabulous fiery Fajita Kit will be a fab feed! This smashing kit comes complete with 6 multigrain wraps, 1 seasoning mix and a Salsa Double Sachet. Just add 400grams of chicken, 2peppers and 1 onion and you are good to go.  I added my own homemade sour cream sauce to finish the dish off.

Brilliant BFree’s excellent, extraordinary, innovative range have made guilt free bread eating possible. Their tantalisingly, terrific tasting breads are well worth a whirl…get online and give them a go yourself.

Thank you to the BFree Foods Team, my lovely followers and all the fab bloggers out there 🙂

Melanie xx



BFree Foods Ltd, 10 Clyde Road, Dublin 4

Email: info@bfreefoods.com

Phone: 00353 1 7790500

Oatly Products Review

Oatly Products Review: July 2017

Oatly operates from Sweden with Headquarters situated in Malmö and their Production & Development Center situated in Landskrona. Founded in the 1990s the brand is based on Swedish research from Lund University. Oatly, have patented enzyme technology, which turns fibre rich oats into nutritionaly rich liquid products. Oatly’s core ethos is about both human well-being and protecting the planet’s resources.

Oatly have seen continued growth and their products are now available to buy in more than 20 countries throughout Europe and Asia. Oatly mean business and they are not cow’s milk, but a quality substitute made from oats. I got sent an ‘Oatsome’ array of Oatly goodies to try and taste test, that included; Oat drinks in chocolate, barista edition, oat and organic oat. Also, creamy oat, creamy oat fraiche and vanilla custard.

The fabulously fresh fraiche was lush and creamy. The fraiche whisked up with some fresh spring onion and a handful of herbs created the most lip-smacking tasty crudité platter dip. Delicious desserts can be made divine with lashings of Oatly’s vanilla custard…yummy!

The chocolate oat drink, when served up in a milk bottle style glass, made an ideal drink to serve up alongside an afternoon tea. The brilliant barista edition oat drink really is worth a whirl and paired well with both tea and coffee, enhancing the flavour naturally, taking the taste factor up to the next level.

Oatsome products, that you ‘oat’ to try out! Thank you to the Oatly Team, my lovely followers and all the fab bloggers out there 🙂

Melanie xx



Pizza Express Manchester King Street Review

Pizza Express Manchester King Street Review: July 2017

Perfect Pizza with Pizazz can be had at the new Pizza Express situated in an enviable location, just off Albert’s Square, at the top of King street in Manchester city centre. Housed within a gorgeous grand 19th century building, the restaurants décor is swish and stunning. High ceilings give the place a spacious airy feel and some of the original architectural features have been retained which works well. Contemporary decor additions have been themed around playing cards, including wall prints and within the detail of the booth dividers. A mix of the old and the new décor works extremely well.

Warmly welcomed by our server Maria and the manager Rachel, we chowed down on some lush Marinated green olives with garlic cloves and pink peppercorns, washing these down with two lovely cocktails; The refreshingly tasty Hugo St. Germain which features Prosecco over ice, with St Germain elderflower liqueur, lemon and mint and the Pizza Express Pimm’s perfect for summer and packed to the rafters with fabulous fresh fruit.

Sensational starters included the New Risotto Primavera creamy risotto with asparagus, white wine, garlic and Gran Milano cheese, finished with parsley was perfection. The lip-smackingly tasty creamy Buffalo Mozzarella & Tomato Salad served with fresh basil, pesto and lashings of extra virgin olive oil was lovely. All enjoyed with two crisp creative cocktails; The super Sloe Prosecco mixed with a splash of Greenall’s Sloe gin and finished with a fresh raspberry and the blooming brilliant Bellini.

Mouthwatering mains included the Leggera Padana pizza, that was a mix of Goat’s cheese, caramelised onion, spinach, red onion, tomato and garlic oil, which tasted great and was all under 600 calories – win, win! The lovely Lasagna Classica made with a beef Bolognese sauce, tomato, mushroom and béchamel sauce, finished with Gran Milano cheese. Made even better with some moreish side additions which included creamy coleslaw ‘Pizza Express’ style and the scrummy Italian polenta chips with rosemary and sprinkles of Gran Milano cheese, served with a yummy honey & mustard dressing dip.

Finale time came in the form of a pick me up coffee and some divine desserts. The Summer special Tiramisu was refreshing and great for those who do not like coffee, lush layers of ladyfingers soaked in Vin Santo wine, sweet strawberry purée and mascarpone cream, finished with strawberry and mint. The rich Chocolate Fondant ‘PizzaExpress’ cake served alongside vanilla gelato, fresh mint and icing sugar was an instant hit.

Loved the new location, that offers a fabulous fresh innovative menu with perfect service. Head on down there yourself for a slice of Pizza Express Perfection. Thank you to all the Pizza Express Team, my amazing followers and all the brill bloggers out in the Blogosphere 🙂

Melanie xx


Manchester King Street, Pizza Express, 84-86 King Street, Manchester, M2 4WQ

0161 832 5435

Goodio Chocolate Review

Goodie Chocolate Review: July 2017

Inspired by Finland’s core values of well-being, transparency and sustainability, Jukka Peltola founded Goodio in 2015 with one core question, “What if there was a food brand you could trust?”. Avoiding any of the sugar laden nasties, Goodio instead uses both nutritious and organic ingredients, such as raw cacao, to create a range of innovative and unique flavour combinations. Goodio have created quality vegan chocolate bars, with ethical principles and have now expanded into three continents and 5 countries including; Finland, Sweden, UK, USA and Hong Kong.

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Sapporo Teppanyaki Liverpool Review

Sapporo Teppanyaki Liverpool Review: July 2017

The exciting entrance sets a precedent for the unique dining experience, that you are about to enjoy, displaying a piece of grand and impressive Tansu; traditional Japanese antique furniture, in the form of a fully functional corridor fire pump direct from the district of Kyoto circa 1890 – Wow!  Looking for a socially interactive dining scene, where you can immerse yourself in the world of Japanese culture and exciting entertainment, well lovely Liverpool’s Sapporo Teppanyaki is the hotspot for you. Seated with other anonymous diners, the chef prepared our Teppanyaki station, as we all engaged and eagerly waited for the Japanese action.

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