Craft Gin Club Review

Craft Gin Club Review: April 2017

Jon Hulme and John Burke, the boys behind the awesome Bubble Club located in offices up in Soho London, have another club you will most definitely want to join.  Spain, which is Europe’s gin capital by volume, was where John and Jon Met.  In Madrid, a meeting of minds and a few GnTs later the idea of the Craft Gin Club was born.  Featuring the world’s finest craft gins along with scrummy treats and their great ‘ginned’ magazine this is one club not to be missed!

Their aim is to make all their members Ginnoisseurs!  Ready to get ginned, I was up for the challenge.  Amazing April featured a very special gin called ‘KONGSGAARD’ made by a lovely Danish couple Soren and Bettina Kongsgaard.  Made with apples from local orchards situated in the Southern archipelago of Denmark, distilled in France with winter wheat sourced from Picardy and diluted with Limestone water from Cognac over a two month period, this gin marries only the best produce and methods to get a superior gin where there is no compromise on taste.  For me, this gin was a perfect companion with the Folkington’s Indian tonic water creating an easy refreshing crisp taste sensation.

Alongside the fab gin and tonic included the lip-smackingly amazing Anna’s original ginger thins, which were hard to put down.  Yummy plain, but since it was Easter season, I decided to dress them up with some chocolate and some of the crushed Cheggs chocolate eggs.  They went down a storm and were all washed down with the sensational Hoogly baked apple chai tea.  A flavoursome high quality tea that was perfectly balanced and made a great sipper while reading the fab ‘ginned’ magazine which was crammed with expert knowledge about all the box contents and included a fab little concoction on how to make a ‘Danish Double Apple Iced Tea’ – scrummy!

High quality products, a fab publication and swift delivery direct to your door.  Get giddy and ginned up with the Craft Gin Club and you will definitely not be disappointed.

Thanks to the Craft Gin Club, my lovely followers and all the brill bloggers for reading 😊

Melanie xx


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