Give the Gift of Japan with Sous Chef Review

Give the Gift of Japan with Sous Chef Review: July 2020

No need for a passport or to take the long drive to the airport and queue to board the plane when you can enjoy a taste of Japan in the comfort of your own home.

Thanks to the lovely team over at Sous chef they have a whole range of authentic and quality Japanese food and gifts for you to enjoy or gift to family, friends and loved ones.

Enjoy your very own take on a Japanese tea ceremony.  Popular in Japan, as an evening tea, is the hojicha, or hoji cha tea due to having a mild flavour and low levels of caffeine.

To make hojicha green tea leaves are roasted at high temperatures and it is this process which changes the flavour of the tea giving that almost caramel like flavour.

Serve your Japanese tea in this lovely melamine red & black tea cup perfect for green tea varieties.

The melamine is lightweight and durable, making it ideal for both home and restaurant use and makes your Japanese tea feel more like an authentic experience.

The classic oblong bento box with five compartments, made from food safe polypropylene, is the perfect way to serve a Japanese meal.

The different compartments hold each element of the meal such as noodles, tofu, rice, vegetables, and a soya dipping sauce.

The bento box is designed to resemble traditional Japanese lacquered black wood with the glossy red interior and very versatile.

Perfect for a fruit fondue with chocolate dipping sauce if you fancy mixing things up a little.

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Gift a Fresh Fruity Ploughman Picnic with Prestige Hampers Review

Gift a Fresh Fruity Ploughman Picnic with Prestige Hampers Review: June 2020

Sunshine out it is that time of year to enjoy alfresco dining and enjoy a perfect picnic while soaking up the sun and fabulous fresh air. It’s National Picnic Week so why not indulge.

The Prestige hamper delivery service is the perfect place to source your ready done picnic, as they have a range of hampers, so they do all the hard work for you.

The Healthy Ploughman is the perfect way to enjoy time outdoors and send next day gifts to family and friends too.  Offering UK delivery and to ensure safety they have a contactless delivery system in place now is the time to send a smile and give someone special a lovely surprise.

The Healthy Ploughman includes some fabulous fresh fruits like red and green grapes, kiwi, apples, and satsumas.

There are some scrumptious yummy cheeses included such as the Red Wax Cheddar Chilli & Lime and a Double Gloucester Black Wax 100g which are perfect to go with the Kale & Nut spiced toast.

All can be washed down with the beautiful Belvoir Elderflower and cucumber non-alcoholic drinks.

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Hype. Face Masks and Clothing Review

Hype. Face Masks and Clothing Review: June 2020

Since the start of the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic people have had to adjust their daily life and with social distancing in place it can be a challenging and stressful time to get out and about in the shops.

With a range of mixed weather and the phased gradual end to lock down, get ready with Hype. clothing, and order your face masks and casual clothing with contactless delivery direct to your door.

Hype. Navy Script Bobble Beanie

The Hype. navy double layered knit bobble beanie with logo detail and cuffed design and pom pom on top is the perfect way to turn heads.

Keep you your head warm while looking cool!  Why not team the The Navy beanie with the Hype. Hoodie.

Hype. Navy White Script Womens Zip Hoodie

The lovely Hype. Navy women’s hoodie is perfect for going out on a Hype. Hike, run or simply if you are having a cosy day at home.

The hoodie is a casual fit, zipped with an adjustable tie and with the standout Hype. logo detail.

The hood perfect if the rain decides to make an appearance and you want to keep the locks dry.

Hype. adult Blue Adjustable Facemask

We all know that the inevitable has arrived and as of Monday 15th June 2020 wearing a face mask on public transport is mandatory for those without medical exception.

Why not stay safe in style with this comfy cobalt blue adjustable non-medical face mask perfect for zipping around on the tube, train, tram or bus.

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Splendiferous Sweets Vegan, Gluten Free Movie Night Package delivery service Review 

Splendiferous Sweets Vegan, Gluten Free Movie Night Package delivery service Review: June 2020

Since the startof the Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic people have had to make adjustments to their daily life and with social distancing in place it can be a challenging and stressful time.

Sweeten up your nights in and let the cinema come to you.  Make Movie nights out out in in and order a mega movie night package from Splendiferous Sweets.

Splendiferous Sweets offer Vegan, Vegetarian, Gluten free and a whole range of other packages, so you are sorted.

Cosy up with a loved one, gather the family or enjoy some time alone in the movie zone and enjoy some marvellous movie munchies.

Enjoy a black & white classic movie or a modern day action film, as you chow down on your scrummy splendid sweets and treats.

The products provided are top quality and including a beautiful box of 1kg quality sweeties.

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The Bear & Bee Vegetarian and Vegan Sweet Company Review

The Bear & Bee Vegetarian and Vegan Sweet Company Review : June 2020

The Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak has proven to be a challenging time for many, so from time to time a super scrummy sweet treat is just what is needed.

The Bear and Bee Sweet Company are all about creating Happy Moments together.

Their quality sweets are free from gelatine, artificial colouring, and alcohol, so are suitable for vegetarians and Vegans.  They also do a range of Gluten free options too.

The best part is that these super scrummy sweet treats can be delivered direct to your door, so you and your family can enjoy a sweet family movie night in on the sofa together.

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The Cookaway: Recipe Box Adventures Review

The Cookaway: Recipe Box Adventures Review: June 2020

The Cookaway team are a passionate bunch of fabulous foodies who have made it their mission to make cooking and eating at home easy with their diverse Cookaway recipe box Adventures.

Each bespoke box has been designed by a Cookaway chef who has extensive experience and expertise in running a restaurant, kitchen or cooking school, so you are in safe hands.

Our chefs included the marvellous May Simpkin, The Cookaway Healthy chef and the chic Claire Hutchings, the Cookaway Spanish Chef both having extensive and in-depth knowledge within the foodie field.

The Cookaway care for our environment on average 95% of their packaging is made from natural and renewable resources.  Also, packaging is 100% recyclable with only 5% of their packaging made from plastic.

From Spanish, Indian, Italian, Japanese and healthy choices covering a range of dietary needs such as Vegan, Vegetarian you are spoilt for choice.

No subscription, no commitment just pick a box and let your adventure begin.

Healthy Recipe Box Adventure

Bring on the plant-based Vegan beautiful Baked Chickpea Falafels with Roasted Cauliflower Buckwheat Salad and Tangy Tahini Dip.

Each bespoke box is perfectly presented with ingredients and the recipe card inserts.

There is even the option to add on a side dish and in this selection, it was the Quinoa, Rocket and Feta Tabbouleh.

Fresh fabulous ingredients are provided and quality servings with full miniature bottles of quality oil are provided.

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GNAW Handcrafted Chocolate Review

GNAW Handcrafted Chocolate Review: May 2020

In early 2010 Matt and Teri left their ‘adulting’ jobs at decided to open a super sweet shop in Norfolk.

The duo decided that they wanted to mix things up a bit and after some serious chocolate alchemy the GNAW brand was born.

From a few small Norfolk stockists the GNAW brand is now stocked on three continents…impressive stuff!

The team of Squirrels over at GNAW HQ have been busy making sure that you can enjoy a ethically sourced chocolate wrapped in fully compostable packaging.

Handcrafted in ‘Gnawfolk’ their super yummy quality chocolate can be delivered direct to your door.

Lovely large bars are created in flavours such as Raspberry crisp, Gojo Berry & Cashew, Toasted Coconut and Dark chocolate.

The perfect chocolatey sweet treat to indulge in at home or gift, via post, to family, friends and loved ones.

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Caleño Drinks: Caleño Non-Alcoholic Tropical Free Spirit Review

Caleño Drinks: Caleño Non-Alcoholic Tropical Free Spirit Review: May 2020

With the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak it can be hard to feel like a free spirit and let your hair down.  That said, luckily that is where Caleño drinks helps make those happy vibes.

Ellie, owner and founder of Caleño drinks donned her glad rags and heels off for a night on the town dancing to the funky Latino beats, but Ellie soon noticed the range of non-alcoholic offerings are uninspiring and lacked excitement and adventure.

Frustrated by this, Ellie began her year long journey experimenting with Botanicals in her kitchen at home.  This inspired a trip to Colombia her family’s homeland.

Sunshine, vibrancy and the energy from her Colombian trip provided Ellie with the inspiration to create Caleño – a fabulous, bright and zesty tasty tropical infusion of juniper, citrus and spice botanicals steam distilled in stainless steel drums.

Caleño a Colombian inspired drink deep rooted in Ellie’s vibrant and energetic family homeland making sure that Non-Alcoholic drinking can still be fun, fabulous and free spirited…Ooo and yes without the dreaded worry of a hangover!

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Chocolate & Love Vegan Box, Bars and Recycled Tote Bag Review

Chocolate & Love Vegan Box, Bars and Recycled Tote Bag Review: May 2020

Birgitte Hovmand and Richard O’Connor, loved up couple and founders Chocolate & Love have exactly what you need chocolate, chocolate, and lots of love with more chocolate.

Their premium organic Fairtrade chocolate bars are the perfect indulgent treat to gift to family, friends, loved ones or a gift from you to you to enjoy some self-care and you time.

Vegan flavours in their beautifully boxed Vegan selection include Pomegranate, Orange, Rich Dark and Panama there is something to suit every palette.  You can also add on additional bars such as the marvellous Mint crisp.

Why not present them in a beautifully recycled tote bag, that has been made from recycled cotton and recycled plastic bottles, so that you are helping our planet in the process too.

The tote measuring 41cm (H) x 44cam (W) is perfect for yoga and carrying your fresh fruit and veggies from the shops.

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Pikt Organic & Plastic Free Fruit, Salad & Veggies Home Delivery Review

Pikt Organic & Plastic Free Fruit, Salad & Veggies Home Delivery Review: May 2020

Venturing out to the shops can be a challenging time to say the least due to the current Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak with social distancing the new norm, so take the stress out of your shopping by ordering deliveries direct to your door with Pikt #StaySafe #StayAtHome

Pikt are a family-owned business, B Corp, soil association certified and are Plastic Free Trust Awarded.

Enjoy plastic free fresh and fabulous organic fruit, salad and veggies delivered direct to your door when you need them the most.

Seasonal Veg Box

The seasonal veg box is packed with Nice nutritional vibrant veggies.

Ideal for family foodie dinners and perfect for couples who are looking to mix things up a little in the kitchen.

Our box had a whole a range of gorgeous greens including bunched Kale and Cavolo Nero, Courgettes and Flat Beans.

Also, these beautiful bunched Carrots, Aubergine, Beetroot, Onion Shallots, Pink Garlic Bulbs.

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