Happy Valentine’s day with Nut Free Chocolate People

Happy Valentine’s day with Nut Free Chocolate People

It is Fabulous February and love is in the air with the lovely nut free chocolate people and their marvellous mouth-watering delicious goodies.

No nuts? Well, there is no need to miss out on chocolatey treats this Valentines day, if you have an allergy, as the Nut Free chocolate people brand are spreading the love with their nice nut free chocolate range**

Show your loved ones some heart and gift them your heart with this brilliant box of individually foil wrapped heart chocolates presented in this fabulously pretty red velvet effect box**  

OR why not try these perfectly presented tasty tablet chocolates embossed with cute heart detailing.  Ideal to gift or why not use to jazz up your chocolate desserts.

Happy Valentines day and Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



**Please Note: The boxes are manufactured in a nut free environment but the supplier is unable to provide written nut free assurances.  They have provided verbal assurances*



Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018 by Forkward Thinking Foodinista

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide 2018 by Forkward thinking Foodinista

Love is in the air this February, so spread the love this valentine’s day with some gorgeous gifts for the girl or guy in your life.

Moneykissed.com, Chocolate and Love, Find Me A Gift, Gingersnap, Carluccios and The Artisan Olive Oil Company are great brands to pick up your loved one a much-deserved gift of love.

Say it with flowers, what better way to show someone you love them than with a bouquet of flowers, but with a twist.  Roses are red, violets are blue sugar is sweet and so are you.  Make your sweet heart feel loved this Valentine’s Day with these sensational sweet chocolatey red roses from Carluccios.

Gift your heart to the one you love this Valentine’s day with this lovely silver-plated heart shaped locket and chain, presented in a gift box, from the fabulous Find me a Gift.  The locket opens to reveal two spaces where you could already place pictures of you and your loved one.  Also, why not personalise with engraving, already included in the price, of your loved one’s name, a message of love such as “I love you” or perhaps a special date that you both hold dear to your hearts such as when you first met.  Say thanks a bunch to your loved one with this pop up flower card – a cost effective way to give flowers to the one you love.

Moneykissed.com founded by Anita, offer a bespoke and unique service, a thoughtful and fun way to gift real money.  Presented in a gorgeous luxury giftbox, their exquisite designs where money has been folded with the origami style method, with satin ribbon bow detail along with a personalised message makes for a lovely little gift, but the question is will you Treasure it or Spend it?

Light up your lover’s life and heart with this neon lit heart lumo lamp from the team over at Gingersnap.  Turn down the lights and set the mood for a Valentine’s evening dinner at home and give your loved one a piece of your heart with this red iconic symbol of love.

They say that they way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, well the amazing Artisan Olive Oil Company have just the answer with their exceptional fab foodie finds.  Using their Jared olives, artichokes, sun dried tomato spread, lovely lemon Finca la Torre oil and Vegetarian Caviar, I rustled up this super simple salad starter – easy, but yummy.  The Julien Allano Crème de Parmesan made a beautiful light, but indulgent pasta sauce, again simple to make, but melt in the mouth yumminess.  Quality ingredients mean less time in the kitchen, so you can spend more time with your loved one this Valentines day.

Want to end Valentine’s Day on a sweet note, well Birgitte Hovmand and Richard O’Connor, loved up couple and founders Chocolate & Love have exactly what you need.  Two tins of chocolatey heaven for two love birds, so one for each partner or why not try their new and exciting chocolate pomegranate bars.

Happy Valentine’s Day and Thank you for reading 😊


Melanie xx









Veganuary 2018 with Mia Tui Vegan Accessories

Veganuary 2018 with Mia Tui Vegan Accessories: January 2018

Veganism is a hot trend for 2018 and increasingly becoming a lifestyle choice for many.  So much so that the official “Veganuary” charity has been set up to inspire people to try vegan not just in January, but throughout the rest of the year too.  Why just change your diet, you could look at also introducing ethical Vegan friendly accessories into your life.

Founded by, business women and busy mum, Charlotte in 2010, while living in Vietnam, the award-winning Mia Tui bags are still produced in Vietnam in her friend Van’s factory where team work is a core value and together they aim to provide quality products at affordable process and deliver exceptional customer service.  Their bag range are vegan friendly, as they do not use any animal based products which gets big thumbs up from me.

The Jane stylish shoulder bag is the perfect size not too big and not too small.  Ideal to fit the essentials such as makeup bag, purse, diary, phone.  Inside is an insulated bottle holder, a clip for your keys and slots for both your pen and phone.   Also included is an extra nifty small clutch bag and a detachable long strap.

No need to be stressed and get in a flap with Mia Tui’s fantastic fold up bag range.  The lovely Alex fold up bag, with a floral and butterfly pattern, is made from a lightweight waterproof polyester fabric which is robust and can easily be transported when not in use thanks to the clever design that allows the bag to fold up into the front zip pocket.  There is also a lovely matching butterfly flower purse which has slots for cards, and a zip locked pocket for your change.

Thank you for reading and Happy Veganuary 2018 😊

Melanie xx



Escape the January Blues and Travel with Bizhop luxury Luggage

Escape the January Blues and Travel with Bizhop luxury Luggage Review: January 2018

British born brand Bizhop founded and invented by Iain Begg offers innovative luxury luggage for business or leisure.

Through personal experience, Iain and his team inspired by their own travel luggage experience’s have used this knowledge to redefine travel luggage with this ground-breaking travel gem and with it’s nifty hanger handle, let’s get the elephant out of the room, this is no ordinary suitcase!

Escape those January Blues and get on the road with Bizhop.  On the road, travelling from City to countryside, taking a flight from London to Tokyo…well don’t forget one important thing – Bizhop.

Made with the virtually indestructible Poly-carbonate shell, the case itself has a slick finish with the discreet Bizhop branded badge.  The TSA approved combination lock requires no additional pad lock or keys and cleverly works using the two zips as a locking system in conjunction with the pin combination.

Why do all the hard work when the case can do it for you!  This is travel made light and the case took the “lug” out of Luggage.  The wheels are top-quality hard-wearing Japanese Hinomoto double spinner wheels which gives an easy glide 4-wheel system enabling you to pull or simply glide the case along on four wheels – take your pick!

When travelling, I usually have a case, bag, laptop and a jacket, but with the brilliant Bizhop the one case was the complete package.  The internal storage design allows the case to be opened upright without the contents falling out.  There is a padded laptop pocket and the hanger handle which holds your jacket hassle free which frees up your hands to take that important business call or keep a tight hold on those travel documents.

Save time, stress and energy, get a handle on your travel luggage with Bizhop.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



Hoogly Tea and Lykke Happiness Book Review

Hoogly Tea and Lykke Happiness Book Review: January 2018

Tina Gloggengieser, from Aarhus in Denmark, now living in Brighton, is a keen tea enthusiast and creator of the sensational Hoogly tea range.  Hoogly is the pronunciation of ‘hyggelig’.  ‘Hygge’ is all about the Danish way of life and having a feeling of well-being and warmth the whole year round.

All their teas are ethically sourced, fair traded, made and packed in the UK using a range of luxury, healthy and natural ingredients.  This sensational small wooden luxury box with 20 individual tea wraps and this amazing Hoogly branded canvas bag filled with 40 tea wraps in flavours such as; Rhubarb and Vanilla, Sparkling White, Chill Out Mint, English Breakfast, Classic Green, Cosy Chamomile, Earl Grey and Apple Strudel, is a way to gift New Year well-being to a loved one or a well-deserved treat and boost from you to you.

Now, you many have already heard about “Hygge” but what about “Lykke”.  Lykke pronounced Luu-kah is the noun for happiness.  With free higher education, trains that run on time and equal parental leave for men & women, it is not hard to see why Denmark has been voted one of the happiest nations.

The lovely Little Book of Lykke, wrote by Meik Wiking CEO of the Happiness Research Institute in Copenhagen and author of the brilliant best seller The Little Book of Hygge, believes that the key principles to happiness can be sought all around the world.  This beautifully illustrated book both entertains and provides an informative read on how we can find Lykke within our lives.

Grab a cuppa, enjoy the lovely Lykke book and sip your way to happiness.

Have a Happy 2018 and Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



Mood Booster Journal Happiness Review

Mood Booster Journal Happiness Review: January 2018

Camilla Woolgar, followed her dream and inspirations to help people feel better about themselves.  The idea around the journal is, that it can be used as a tool, when anxiety, low mood, stress and low confidence strikes, to motivate and bring back a little happiness into your life.

Speaking from experience, Camilla has previously suffered from both anxiety and depression during which time she found that writing notes which recall positive memories helped her throughout.  However, in a time or turmoil, without aids or prompts, digging deep into the memory for positive memories can be an uphill struggle.  This is where the Mood Booster Journal was born and along with her graphic design skills and influence from her native Denmark Camilla created a minimalist yet creative Journal with a simplistic but functional purpose.

Relax, Reflect and refocus your energies with this motivational and inspiring mood booster journal.  Use to keep organised and document, then as a reflection tool to seek clarity about your life, goals, aspirations or simply to remember and celebrate key achievements.

There is a Happiness Diary with The Mood Booster Journal where you can record happy memories and easily recall later, if you experience a “down day”.  Using a combination of inner strength and focus allows you to use The Mood Booster Diary, as a tool of empowerment and self-love, to get your life back on track, keep your life on track, and importantly aid you to flourish and be happy from within.

Let’s live, capture and flourish.

Have a Happy 2018 and Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



Hodmedods Big Vegan Box Review Veganuary 2018  

Hodmedods Big Vegan Box Review Veganuary 2018: January 2018

The award winning Hodmedods brand base in East Anglia, founded by Nick, Josiah and William in 2012, was due to partaking in the successful Great British Beans trial project.  For the purposes of the trial, a tonne of British-grown split fava beans was bought, home packed and distributed throughout the community with a postcard included for feedback.

Working with British farmers to source less well-known ingredients such as the fava beans, which date back to the Iron Age, the brand have stayed true to their historical roots which even inspired and influenced their brand name.  Hodmedod is an East Anglian dialect word which according to an old Suffolk boy hodmedod means simply something curled up like beans, peas and hedgehogs do.  Hence, the choice of logo and core products all rolled up into one synonymous name – Hodmedods.

January marks the month of Veganuary which challenges people to go vegan for one month and aims to inspire and educate people, as to why going vegan helps animals, the environment, can improve health and how to cook up a range of nutritious and tasty recipes.  The Big Vegan Hamper is ideal for Veganuary, as it includes a range of beans, peas and quinoa, sent from the lovely Hodmedod’s team.

Included in brilliant big box was one of each of the following tasty cans; Vaal Dhal, Baked British Beans and Cooked Fava Beans in Water.  Also, four fabulous 300g snack packs including Roasted Fava Beans lightly sea salted, sea salt and cider vinegar and Roasted peas lightly sea salted and horseradish.  All easy to use when life gets a bit hectic.

Brilliant bake items, all in 500g packs, included the “Black Badger” Carlin Peas, the wonderful White Quinoa, grown by Peter Fairs in Essex with their unique Yellow Pea Flour which is also included.  Beans included are the scrummy Split Fava and Whole Fava.  Finally, the “Kabuki” Marrowfat peas.

With the mouth-watering mega box, I created some super simple quick lunchies or snack choices.  The Fava Beans were used to create the most amazing hummus which made a perfectly delightful crudité dip.  Some things are meant to be kept simple and the British bakes beans when from can to plate to create the classic comfort cuisine of good old beans on toast.  The sensational quinoa along with seasoning and some red peppers served up in gem lettuce dishes, makes a tasty presentation plate which is super-duper easy to make.

Have a Happy Veganuary 2018 and Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx