Gosh Vegan Sausages review

Gosh Vegan Sausages Review: October 2017

Boom Brilliant Bangers by Gosh arrived at blogging HQ ready for the taste test. Gosh is all about goodness, they are dairy free, gluten free, soya free, nut free and are suitable for vegans too. Impressively, they are naturally free from the UK’s 14 top listed allergens; cereals containing gluten, eggs, milk, soya, nuts, peanuts, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, lupin, Sulphur dioxide, crustaceans, fish & molluscs.

The beautiful Butternut Tomato and Basil sausages went perfectly with a lush green leafy beetroot salad topped with cherry tomatoes and black olives. Ideal for a light lunch or a delicious dinner.

The sensational Sweet Potato and Black Bean Sausages with a hint of lime worked well in my crispy Caesar gluten free pasta salad which works well as a main or a starter.

These Gorgeous Gosh Bangers are already hitting the shelves and will be flying off just as quick, so make sure you grab a sausage or two before it is too late.

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Yutaka Vegetarian Two Course Dinner Date Review

Yutaka Vegetarian Two Course Dinner Date Review: October 2017

Blogging HQ received a batch of lovely Yutaka goodies, that included the sushi kit for 2, silken tofu, wasabi peas, sesame seeds, Japanese style curry kit and some of the lovely Chings champion soybean noodles, to create an authentic Japanese vegetarian two course dinner date meal.

The Super Sushi kit for two includes a recipe booklet, boil in the bag rice, seasoning, nori sheets, ginger, wasabi paste, soya sauce and a rolling mat. Make your date interactive and roll out the fun times with your other half.

It’s time to get your noodle on and make Katsu curry with a twist. Katsu is usually served with rice, but I fancied some of Chings nice noodles. Lightly fry the tofu and then mix with the Katsu sauce. To finish sprinkle with some of the sesame seeds and there you have it a Japanese inspired mouth-watering main for two!

Let’s hear a big Yes for Yutaka – Japanese dining made easy!

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Thai Taste Review

Thai Taste Review: October 2017

Passionate about Thailand’s food, people and culture, the brands founders worked with Thai chefs in Thailand, so that they could offer you a range of premium products delivered direct to your door, where you can create your own authentic Thai tastiness.  Another plus is that their products have no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives and do not add MSG.

An awesome Thai Taste promise is that a percentage from every product sold is donated to the Duang Prateep foundation which supports Thailand’s vulnerable communities and poverty-stricken people. Founded and located in the slums of Bangkok, in 1978 by an ambitious slum dweller Prateep Hata, the Duang Prateep foundation meaning ‘Flame of Hope’, delivers education, happiness and hope to those in need.

A cool canvas Thai Taste tote bag arrived at blogging HQ, so it was time for Thai and Thai Taste has all you need to easily create an authentic two-course mouth-watering menu. The sensationally super sweet chilli dipping sauce, made with fresh red chillies, with crackers made for some yummy crunchy nibbles, while waiting to serve up the lush Lemon grass soup starter.

The Red Thai curry kit, made from scratch in Thailand, mixed with chicken/quorn, red peppers, onions and served up with the fabulous folded noodles was a taste explosion. Easy to make, served two generous portions and gave great results.

The gorgeous Green Thai curry kit, a classic Thai fav, was fresh, fabulous and the green chilli and lemon grass flavours infused the vegetables to create an amazing dinner time dish. Served up with the sticky rice, that originates from Northern Thailand, which was a winner.

True Thai cuisine balances and blends sour, salty, sweet, spicy and bitter. This Thai authenticity can be delivered direct to your door with passion and heart. Healthy easy to make foodie finds, its Thai Time, make home cooking tasty with Thai Taste.

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Lean Bean Review

Lean Bean Review: October 2017

The Female Fat Burner aka Lean Bean is vegetarian friendly and has a bespoke blend of natural fat fighting ingredients which include glucomannan, green tea extract, turmeric, cayenne pepper, green coffee, piperine, raspberry ketones, chromium picolinate, garcina cambogia, acai berry, vitamins B6 and B12Sadly, with an increasingly pressured society, crash dieting is common place and almost seen as the norm, but this yo-yo lifestyle creates a body disharmony depriving it of essential minerals and nutrients which often leads to weight fluctuations and self-esteem issues.  Alongside a healthy diet and lifestyle lean bean offers to contribute to you gaining a flat and firm tummy, toned legs and arms, boosted energy, increased confidence and self-esteem.

I gave Lean Bean a go along with a healthy diet and regular visits to the health club and noticed a difference especially on my tummy area.  The Lean Bean vest top is fab and ideal for training.  The plan is worth a whirl, as Lean Bean believe in their brand fully and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, “Take it four times a day for the full ninety days and if it doesn’t work as described, simply send it back for a refund”

What have you got to lose, give it a go and Lean Bean your way to a better body!

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My Healthy Kitchen Vegetarian Meals Review

My Healthy Kitchen Vegetarian Meals Review: October 2017

Being Happy and Healthy is a priority in my life and My Healthy Kitchen Meals contribute to me achieving this life balance, by offering a range of nutritious creative meals that are ready in minutes. Saving me both time and giving me a beneficial notorious health boost.

Blogging HQ transformed into My Healthy Kitchen with the delivery of some super scrummy fresh high-quality meals. Under 500 calories, no artificial preservatives, colourings or flavourings and contains at least 1 of your 5 a day, these meals are health focused.

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The Gift of Oil Review

The Gift of Oil Review: September 2017

Started in 2001 by Phil Bianchi, The Gift of Oil, was launched because Phil realised that balsamics and oils in the UK did not match up to the same standards as the offerings in the med.  Phil’s passion for the Mediterranean lifestyle emerged after working for an olive oil company based in Athens.  Phil visits Portugal, Modena and Sicily several times a year for tastings to discover new innovative infusions, working with the Di Lorenzo, Verrini and Tagliavini families who produce some authentic oils and balsamics. Hence, why The Gift of Oil brand can deliver quality artisan products at affordable prices.

Located in North Manchester, The Gift of Oil premises are a hive of activity, as all products are sampled, bottled, labelled and go through rigorous quality checks, by their dedicated team, to ensure only the best for their discerning food loving customers.

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Wild Drinks Review

Wild Drinks Review: September 2017

Jonathan Wallington, the fabulous founder of the wonderful Wild drinks brand, has experienced a complex entrepreneurial journey, that has seen both highs and lows, but after a lot of energy, effort and enthusiasm, WILD drinks are here and yes they are wild, as the original idea behind WILD was a ‘Sloe-gasm’! ‘Sloe-gasm’ a mix of champagne and sloe gin came about after Jonathan had a bumper Sloe crop in 2012 on his Dorset farm. Sloes at the ready and several crafty concoctions later Jonathan settled for a Perry base sourced from the North of England, Gin from the Thames distillers, finished off with natural ingredients which are gluten free, suitable for vegans, low in calories, naturally light and made in the UK.

Jonathan has focused on every detail even down to the bottle branding, that has a natural, sophisticated and elegant design, which is synonymous with the quality of the natural spritz drink contained inside. Jonathan has delivered delicious drinks which the discerning drinker can enjoy in the comfort of their own home.

The new Superstar Sloe is scrummy, serve straight up, stick in a straw and it is good to go. A vibrant velvety colour and a warm flavour make this drink perfect to serve on any occasion.

Winner of a 2017 Great Taste Award, The Elderflower Spritz made a lovely lush Elderflower, apple and gin cocktail. Garnish with lemon and apple for refreshing floral and delicate sipper which would be a great addition to any dinner party.

Another 2017 Great Taste Award in the bag, but this time for the Plum Spritz which made a lip-smackingly tasty Plum and Tonic, serve up with ice and a slice of lime for a comfort hug in a mug.

The Ginger Wine spritz award winners in the 2017 British Bottlers Institute, provides you with a pleasant ginger infusion. Splash into a large wine glass, pack in some ice and add a lemon to garnish.

Want to find your Wild side? Wing your way over to the Wild drinks website and get all you need for a ‘Sloe-gasm’.

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