CHOC Chick Review

CHOC Chick Review: June 2017

CHOC Chick Founder Galia Orme’s, early childhood memories of making and eating chocolate in South America, have taken her on a passionate journey creating the CHOC Chick brand, that focuses on promoting a pure chocolate in its raw state, for everyone to enjoy. CHOC Chick’s yummy easy-to-use homemade chocolate kits contain raw cacao considered a “super food”, are gluten free, dairy free and have a low glycemic index. Also, CHOC Chick is soil association organic certified and their ingredients are free from dairy, soya and gluten.

Galia’s chocolatey CHOC Chick kits have scooped up various awards, being highly commended in the 2016 healthy living awards, highly commended in the superfoods Free from food awards 2016, platinum award winner in the 2016 Janey loves awards, to name just a few. The company has seen continued growth with retailers such as Holland & Barrett, Whole Foods Market, John Lewis Food Halls, Harvey Nichols, Ocado, Planet Organic and Infinity Foods, all getting on board this choctastic journey.

Galia visited Ecuador in 2011 and 2016 to directly meet with her cacao suppliers to source the finest sustainable, single origin cacao, as the origin of their ingredients is of key importance to the brand, as they ensure that they are ethically and responsibly sourced in line with their Social and Environmental Policy. To ensure traceability, they work with Cofina in Ecuador, a Rainforest Alliance certified company, that organises the collection and production of the single origin cacao we source.

Working with cooperatives of family farms CHOC Chick uses the national bean of Ecuador; single origin Nacional Arriba Fino de Aroma bean, that is renowned for its floral and fruity notes and has existed in Ecuador since Inca, Aztec and Mayan times. Provided with both the chocolate making kit and mandarin hot chocolate, it was exciting to taste the flavours of Ecuador’s national bean. The hot chocolate was deliciously divine, topped off with cream and a simple mandarin, this made for a perfect chocolatey sipper. The chocolate kit was easy to use and allowed you to get creative. I decided to create some sensational simple chocolates finished of with a variety of different toppings.

Thank you to all the CHOC Chick team, my fab followers and all the lovely bloggers out there 😊

Melanie xx


Suite 8, 73 Holland Road, Hove, East Sussex, BN3 1LB

01273 468613

Supertreats Carob Chocolate Bar review

Supertreats Carob Chocolate Bar review: June 2017

Brand founder Virpi, developed the Supertreats bars, as a few years after the birth of her son, Virpi was reaching out for a quick sugar fix in order to counter the tiredness of becoming a new parent. However, Virpi increasingly found that snacking on these quick fix sugar loaded treats, made her suffer from headaches, feel lethargic, unable to concentrate, and at times feel slightly depressed. Hence, Vipri’s journey began and the Supertreats carob chocolate bar was born.

Cut the caffeine, ditch the sugar rush and let your true energy shine is the Supertreats moto. A standard 50g bar of chocolate contains up to 6 teaspoons of refined sugar, but also contains nasties such as theobromine and caffeine, which both cause energy crashes. Supertreats carob bars really are super-duper, as they contain no refined sugar and are both theobromine and caffeine free. Also, they are made from 100% natural and organic ingredients, which gets a big thumbs up from me.

They are made from lovely rich cocoa butter and carob, where the sweetness is derived from low-GI coconut blossom nectar which gives them a sweet caramel taste. These fab bars come in 3 varieties which included silky milky, merry berry and cheery chia. The sensational Silky Milky was lush with a creamy silky texture and taste. The mouth-wateringly Merry Berry was packed with brilliant blueberries and went down a storm. Finally, the creative Cheery Chia bar is made with superfood chia seeds and pure organic orange oil which gave this bar a rich orangey pizazz.  These brilliant bars made perfect desk treats and certainly made my day more deliciously dreamy.

Make your day super, hit the shops or get online and order your Supertreats bars from these retailers now: Ocado, Amazon, Whole Foods Market and Planet Organic.

Thank you to all the Supertreats team, my fab followers and all the lovely bloggers out there 😊

Melanie xx


Natures Finest Foods Fruit Review

Natures Finest Foods Fruit Review: June 2017

The core ethos of Nature’s Finest Fruit brand is that everyone should easily be able to source exotic fruit. Well, thanks to Nature’s Finest Fruit you can. Miles Kington the company founder demonstrates his passion for keeping things simple, with a little extra added fruity humor, by stating, ‘Knowledge is knowing a tomato is a fruit; wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad’.

Passionate about fruits, the organisation source only the best fruit, add no extra sugar, picking and packing fruits, only in juice, at their optimum peak ripeness so you get all the lovely goodness.

These perfect Pots are ideal to transport from the store to home or from home to office and make a fruity fix while at work or for home baking. I got to sample the tasty tropical fruits, mango, peach and pineapple. The peaches worked well in my Summer peachy punch. The pineapples, are a fab cupboard staple, as I used them on my mini home baked pineapple cheese and tomato pizza bites.

Pots of pure fruity joy, which are well worth, picking up on your next shop.

Thank you to Natures Finest Fruits, my amazing followers and all the brill bloggers out in the Blogosphere 😊

Melanie xx


Nature’s Finest Food Products Ltd, Regal Court, 42-44 High Street, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 1EL.

01753 245516

Garbanzo Dry Roasted Chickpea Snacks Review

Garbanzo Dry Roasted Chickpea Snacks Review: June 2017

Garbanzo are about no faff no fuss snacking and keeping things simple. With no added preservatives or additives and also being low in calories, salt, sugar, fat and also scoring a low rating on the Glycaemic index, these snacks are a healthy addition to your daily diet.

Created with chick peas, which have been consumed throughout North Africa, Asia, the Middle East and the Mediterranean for many years, these little balls of brilliance are rich in fibre, minerals and vitamins. Also, Chickpeas release energy slowly meaning that they help to keep you fuller for longer.

They come in a range of lip-smacking flavours, I tried the sensational sweet sesame seed & honey, coffee coated and milk chocolate. These were ideal to use in my lush chocolate bite bakes. Scrummy savoury snacks included wasabi, Thai sweet chilli, Cajun kick and smoked hickory. Grab a handful, throw on a salad and it really packs a flavoursome punch to the dish.

Give Garbanzo a go and you will always find yourself wanting more. Thank you to all the Garbanzo team, my fab followers and all the awesome bloggers 🙂

Melanie xx


The Fizz Company ‘Skinny Fizz’ Review

The Fizz Company ‘Skinny Fizz’ Review: June 2017

Company founders, Tony Stones and Teresa Barnard, a brother and sister team, had a passion for the fizzy stuff and frequently visited family producers located in Champagne. In 1999, they convinced some of the Champagne families to import their champagnes to the United Kingdom. Clearly, a gap in the market had been recognised, as the company continued to see rapid growth and by 2008 the business was booming, so much so Tony left his city IT job and turned what was originally a hobby, into a full-time career.

Since, the organisation has expanded with more employees coming on-board. In 2016 the business re-branded, as The Fizz Company, as they now offer not just high-quality champagne, but also exquisite cava, prosecco, English sparkling wine and there are exciting plans to import from other countries worldwide.

I kindly received three sensational super skinny bottles of fizz to enjoy. The prosecco contains only a teaspoon of sugar per litre (6g) and the champagne and cava have no added sugar at all, which I would certainly raise glass too – cheers! Also, their fabulous Fizz is a focused market and sourced from small, independent family producers, who care about the products that they create and additionally do not spend a hefty sum on marketing meaning you get a fantastic bottle of fizz for a fair price.

Let’s get fizzy with the, La Farra Low Sugar Prosecco produced by the Nardi family in La Farra – a vineyard in the heart of the Superior Prosecco DOC area which is suitable for both vegetarians and vegans and was recently ‘Commended’ in the International Wine Challenge. Aged in special stainless temperature controlled vats for 10 months means optimum fruity flavours of apricot, apple and peach which made this an ideal choice for my homemade elderflower, apple and peachy prosecco punch.

Bubbles are ready to flow with the, Pinot Noir Brut Nature Cava produced by brothers Josep Pinol and Josep Bonnell, at U mes u fan tres winery, in the Penedès area of Spain near Barcelona. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans and also in 2017 was awarded the silver medal at the International Wine Challenge. Scoring excellent, 91-100, from Spain’s most famous wine guide – La Guia Penin, this cava really is exceptional. The dark fruit red flavours with hints of rhubarb and custard made a lovely fizzy cava cocktail, topped off with blueberries, this makes for a lovely refreshing summer sipper.

Pop that cork and celebrate with bubbles, with the Charles Ellner Brut Integral, produced by family run, Champagne Ellner based in Epernay. With this particular fizz winning a silver medal at the International Wine Challenge. Aged for approximately 3 years this skinny fizz is light, fresh with citrusy zingy flavours and makes a great aperitif before a dinner party.

Break outside your bubble, as The Fizz Company have something to suit all tastes, go online make the click and bottles of fizziness will be winging their way to your door – cheers

Thank you to all The Fizz Company team, all my amazing followers and all the fab bloggers out there 😊

Melanie xx


bakerdays letterbox cake review

bakerdays letterbox cake review: June 2017

Situated on the outskirts of Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire is the brilliant bakerdays. Founded by Andrea Guzyova and greeting card entrepreneur Alan Hawkes, part of their crafty cake empire is to send out letterbox gift cakes, by next day delivery, across the United Kingdom.

Surprisingly, the cake does actually fit through the letterbox and makes a perfect personalised gift, as like mine, your business logo or brand can be professionally printed to high quality speck onto the actual cake, by bakerdays talented designers.

The cakes are ideal for the corporate market, as a flexible way to celebrate a team members birthday, an employee celebrating a key life event or as a reward scheme to recognise an employee, who has excelled in their role, and deserves some much-needed thanks. Also, why not send one to a new or existing client to celebrate a new business arrangement or client loyalty. Either way the cake spreads the word about your organisation, as well as providing a sweet treat to the recipient.

Easily, feeding four this cake is a lovely soft sponge topped off with fabulous flavoursome icing. Extras such as, candles, balloons, a horn and a card are all included too, so no extra faff or fuss. The trendy tin makes for a useful desk tidy and a fab memento.

Fancy a slice, well take a bite and wait for your creative cake to hit your letterbox.

Thank you to the bakerdays team, my amazing followers and all the brill bloggers out in the Blogosphere 🙂

Melanie xx


bakerdays Ltd, The E-Centre, Darwin Drive, New Ollerton, Nottinghamshire, NG22 9GW

01623 867160

Freedom Japanese Market Review

Freedom Japanese Market Review: June 2017

A family saw a gap in the market, when their friends who had moved away from Japan could not find the same high quality of Japanese snacks in their own country. During a family holiday in the U.S, they noticed that the international stores stocked snacks, but they were either dangerously close to their sell by dates or not even of Japanese origin. With this in mind, the family went away and set up family run Freedom Japanese Market, with a determined mission to deliver quality Japanese to the world.

The original subscription box landed on my door from Japan and was packed to the rafters with a balanced mix of sweet, savoury, and fun snacks, directly from Japanese manufacturers. The box had a cute handmade origami figure, with this month’s theme in honor of Girl’s day which is celebrated on 3rd of March in Japan. Also, each snack was explained in English on a full clear content list that also included images. The mix of products was fab from a DIY candy kit to savoury snacks and the more experimentally challenging okonomiyaki – fish jerky and Takoyaki Umaibo – puffed corn flavoured like octopus.

The subscription box service is a fab way to learn about Japanese culture and taste some interesting authentic Japanese snacks at the same time. All the snacks were fab, but my top 5 fav snacks included the baby star panmen – ramen chips flavoured with maple & Cinnamon, Roasted Corn Ariel – light and crispy chips tasting like they have come straight off the BBQ, Maken Gummy – A cola flavoured gummy that you can use to play rock, paper & scissors, NeruNeruNeruNe – add water to this and it creates a grape candy which you can decorate with crystalized sugar and finally the Big Bar Choco – which was a scrummy aerated chocolatey treat.

Snacks Japanese style, then the Freedom Japanese Market subscription service is ideal for your needs.

Thank you to the whole family at Freedom Japanese Market, all my amazing followers and all the fab bloggers out there 😊

Melanie xx