Miracle Matcha Review

Miracle Matcha Review: April

Miracle Matcha is sourced from the rift Valley in Kenya, as the white tea leaves are grown high within the fertile valley.  Miracle Matcha is healthy, convenient, has 100% pure natural ingredients that are suitable for vegans and has been approved by the vegetarian society.  It is also Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified, which means that both the environment and the farmers are protected.

No need to jump on a plane to Kenya, even though it would be nice to just pop over there, as the hard work has already been done for you, so there is no excuse – why not make every day a Miracle Matcha Morning!?  Included within my bundle was two of the instant gluten free yummy porridge pots, one honey and the other was summer berries, which paired perfectly with the two tasty tea tonics, Cranberry and Lime & Ginger.  Both the porridges and the tea tonics were smashingly tasty.  Ideal for a healthy breakfast, just grab and go!

The 40g tin of our exclusive white tea Matcha with 3 times the antioxidants of the best green tea Matcha available, was a superb cleansing drink and teamed up with natural yogurt, sprinkled with one of the 25g single serving sachets of Health Mix-in, topped off with grapes, made a perfect start to the day.  Does your body need a boost, well this stuff is packed with anti-oxidants and is deffo the way forward – Make it a Miracle Matcha Morning and you will not be disappointed.

Thank you to the Miracle Matcha Team, my amazing followers and all the brill bloggers too 😊

Melanie xx


Healthy Nibbles Review

Healthy Nibbles Review: April 2017

Founded by Sara Roberts in 2014, Healthy nibbles aimed to provide a healthy yet easy snacking option to city offices throughout the UK.   At the office, sat at your desk for another productive but hectic day?  Then as we all know too well those hunger pangs kick in, but the telephone keeps ringing, the paper work is going out of control, so a chance to pop to the shops is looking more and more unlikely.  Even if you grab that time away finding healthy snacks can be a task in itself.

Well this is where Healthy Nibbles can help make your day a little sweeter, as they are now the leading award-winning healthy vending and subscription snack service operating throughout the UK.   My mini Health boxes included 5 snacks, the yummy creative nature goji goodness flapjack bar, the tasty protein ball’s, Snact fruit jerky, steak snacks and the mighty mint choc bite.  All equally as healthy and delicious and supports the Healthy Nibbles brand ethos, which is to help create wellness and increase employee engagement in the workplace, through healthy snacking.

Now, your healthy snacking is just one click away.  Use the code: melanie_10 and it will give you lucky peeps a fab discount too!

Thanks to the Healthy Nibbles Team, my fab followers and all the awesome bloggers 😊

Melanie xx


Vita Coco Coconut Milk Alternative Review

Vita Coco Coconut Milk Alternative Review: April 2017

The Vita Coco brand was founded ten years ago by childhood friends Mike Kirban and Ira Liran. A chance encounter with two young Brazilian women, during a dining outing in a New York City Bar, revealed how coconut water was a real trend. Several plane tickets to Brazil and a few months later and the Vita Coco brand was born.   Now a successful global brand with celebrity followings such as Madonna, Matthew McConaughey, and Rihanna! Vita Coco respect mother nature, resourcefully using every part of the coconut and are an ethical brand that have committed to giving back to the communities that help to produce these Coconutty concoctions.

Vita Coco have a range of yummy products and have just had an exciting new product launch.  Sent a cute chiller bag, a bottle of their new product, a glass vita coco branded glass bottle and a cool canvas bag printed with their catchy but bold tag line, ‘tastes like no udder’ the Vita coco brand are ready to take the world by storm with their dairy free coconut milk alternative to dairy milk.  70 % coconut and with all the ingredients coming from natural resources, it is all good!  The product tasted great on its own or with cereal and put simply – yes, I recommend!  So, get Your Vita Coco on and give this dairy free alternative a whirl.

Thank you to the Vita Coco team, my followers and fellow bloggers for reading 🙂

Melanie xx



Nix and Kix Review

Nix and Kix Review: April 2017

Julia and Kerstin, owners and Founders of the hot Nix and Kix drinks brand started out in 2004, where a chance encounter during a flight sparked up a friendship with an entrepreneurial spark that would see them create these fruity fresh drinks with a spicy chilli cayenne kick.  Why Chillies, well while the girls did some travelling together they noticed that Chilli’s seemed to have a positive effect on people.  Research led them to find out that, “capsaicin in chillies has metabolism boosting and energy releasing properties. It also increases endorphin levels and provides a natural, happy feeling”

Setting up a lab at the back of a shop in Shoreditch led them to create three drinks, with No refined sugars, natural and low in calories, and all equally as lip-smackingly tasty.  The perfect peach & Vanilla has a lush caramelised vanilla flavour with a hint of chilli spice to give a subtle heat.  The mouth-watering Mango & Ginger has an earthy kick with a little heat to give it some edge.  Finally, the cheeky cucumber & mint is refreshingly cool with a subtle contrast of heat.  All worked well served over Ice and gave a little heat and a lot of happiness.

Thank you to the Nix and Kix Team, my fab followers and all the lovely blogger beauts out there 😊

Melanie xx


Craft Gin Club Review

Craft Gin Club Review: April 2017

Jon Hulme and John Burke, the boys behind the awesome Bubble Club located in offices up in Soho London, have another club you will most definitely want to join.  Spain, which is Europe’s gin capital by volume, was where John and Jon Met.  In Madrid, a meeting of minds and a few GnTs later the idea of the Craft Gin Club was born.  Featuring the world’s finest craft gins along with scrummy treats and their great ‘ginned’ magazine this is one club not to be missed!

Their aim is to make all their members Ginnoisseurs!  Ready to get ginned, I was up for the challenge.  Amazing April featured a very special gin called ‘KONGSGAARD’ made by a lovely Danish couple Soren and Bettina Kongsgaard.  Made with apples from local orchards situated in the Southern archipelago of Denmark, distilled in France with winter wheat sourced from Picardy and diluted with Limestone water from Cognac over a two month period, this gin marries only the best produce and methods to get a superior gin where there is no compromise on taste.  For me, this gin was a perfect companion with the Folkington’s Indian tonic water creating an easy refreshing crisp taste sensation.

Alongside the fab gin and tonic included the lip-smackingly amazing Anna’s original ginger thins, which were hard to put down.  Yummy plain, but since it was Easter season, I decided to dress them up with some chocolate and some of the crushed Cheggs chocolate eggs.  They went down a storm and were all washed down with the sensational Hoogly baked apple chai tea.  A flavoursome high quality tea that was perfectly balanced and made a great sipper while reading the fab ‘ginned’ magazine which was crammed with expert knowledge about all the box contents and included a fab little concoction on how to make a ‘Danish Double Apple Iced Tea’ – scrummy!

High quality products, a fab publication and swift delivery direct to your door.  Get giddy and ginned up with the Craft Gin Club and you will definitely not be disappointed.

Thanks to the Craft Gin Club, my lovely followers and all the brill bloggers for reading 😊

Melanie xx



Nutribox Snacks Review

Nutribox Snacks Review: April 2017

Excited, that a fab Nutribox crammed to the rafters with twenty delicious snacks arrived at my door, I could not wait to dig in and get tasting.  Suitable for vegetarians, gluten- free, no MSG, no GM ingredients, trans-fats, these snacks are convenience, but without any of the nasties.  Offering a no hassle approach, where you can sign up on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or bi-monthly ‘pay as you go’ plan, that can be cancelled anytime – easy, flexible and offers a variety to your daily snacking routine.

With such an abundance of yummy healthy goodies, I decided to split them up into four categories.  My gym nibbles included the yummy Creative Nature Superfoods flapjacks, delicious Get Fruity bars, fab Fit bites and the lovely protein Balls.  Comfort Nibbles, that paired well with herbal teas included the Sweet Nothings flapjacks, tasty Raw Nibbles Chocolate Brownies, The beginnings cookies and Pip&nut Peanut butter. With the beginnings kale crisps, CHIKA’s Plantain crisps and Oloves, I created a super scrummy savoury nibbles plate.  Finally, the Ape coconut curls, Clearly Scrumptious dried fruits and the Ludlow nut co. fruit &nut mixes made the most perfect healthy toppers for my delicious chocolate bites.

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Chocolate and Love Review

Chocolate and Love Review: April 2017

Chocolate and Love founded in 2010 by Birgitte Hovmand and Richard O’Connor, who both left high flying corporate jobs to create and develop the high-quality chocolate brand, has seen many successes.  Produced in Switzerland, they source some of the world’s finest organic ingredients and as a result to date have won 18 Great Taste Awards!

From Farm to shelf, Chocolate and Love deliver organic products with confidence, as all products are issued with a certificate of conformity meaning this chocolate is full traceable.  Firm in their stance, Fairtrade is a brand must with ingredients sourced from small family farms where there is ‘Fairtrade’ and re-investment into community projects such as water supplies and road construction.  Fuel costs kept to the absolute minimum, FLO-PAK packing materials and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper for their wrappers means their ethical ethos is fully actioned.  Also, the brand collaborate with Weforest.org, who have planted 27,000 trees to date, an innovative reforestation group who are currently planting trees in Ethiopia

The box and wrappers are a work of art, as inside have factual content and information regarding the brand ethos and the farmers that are involved in the chocolate production – a lovely added touch.  Emphasis is on excellent ethically made quality chocolate and the cocoa content ranges from 55% to 80%. With seven dark chocolate bars in the range, you are spoilt for choice.  There is the Panama 80%, Rich dark 71%, Mint chocolate with Peppermint crunch 67%, Orange 65%, Caramel & Sea Salt 55%, Creamy dark with Cacao nibs 55% and the Arabica Coffee at 55%.

Feeling creative, I used the chocolate to create some sweet chocolate thin bites, topped with a range of yummy toppings such as goji berries, seeds, nuts, golden berries and coconut curls.  Additionally, I got my Easter bake on and created some cute chocolate nests ideal for the kiddies and adults alike.  Finally, the coffee chocolate, I teamed up with a homemade spiced ginger coffee shot and for the rest of the chocolate this is definitely an affair of the heart and simply was broken up and served in a cute heart shaped dish to indulge and enjoy as is – yummy.

Chocolate and Love two elements that make a prefect team and for Birgitte & Richard a brand that they love and love to share.

Thank you to Chocolate and Love, my lovely followers and all the beaut bloggers out there 😊

Melanie xx