Virtue Energy Water #Review

Virtue Energy Water Review: March 2017

Their Mission: ‘To provide Positive Energy to as many people as possible’. The brand demonstrates this ethos by supporting drop4drop, a charity that is committed to providing sustainable clean water solutions to countries that need it most, donating 500L of water for every one of their drinks sold.

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Friday Fame…remember my name! ;) Exciting Stuff!

Friday Fame Again! Excited to see my pancake day tweet, that featured my home baked fruity pancakes, flipping liked by none other than the GB Short Track Speed Skater Charlotte Gilmartin! An Olympic approval just hope she thinks my pancakes were worth a gold medal.



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Nutri-Bitz #Review

Nutri-Bitz Review: February 2017

Another collaboration with the Nutri-Bombz brand – Boom! A box of the knock out Nutri-Bitz landed through my lucky letterbox. Nutri-Bitz are raw low fat snacks, packed with protein and are nut free – hands up in the air for a lip-smacking sweet fix without the nasties. My non-naughty Nutri-Bitz box contained a tray of brilliant Butterscotch balls, lush Choccy Orange, mouth-watering Vanilla Fudge and the tasty Toffee Apple. These balls may be small, but they are mighty and pack a powerful palatal punch.

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Friday Fame…remember my name! ;) Exciting Stuff!

Friday Fame: February 2017


After a gloomy Januray, February has got off to a booming start! Excited to see my Nutri-Bombz ‘ Big Balls of Brilliance’ review featured on their exciting new Nutri-Noize Social Page! Happy days! As if this was not enough, I was honoured to be with the likes of Shona McCallin who was part of the women’s hockey team at Rio 2016, who collected their first ever Olympic gold medal.  Natalie Williams and Katie Hurry part of the England Karate Team, fellow blogger Toni Terry and personal trainer and all round fitness guy Bradley Simmonds.

Happy Friday and thank you to all my fellow brilliant bloggers and lovely followers for all your support 🙂

Melanie xx

Creative Nature Raw Super food Flapjacks #Review

Creative Nature Raw Super food Flapjacks Review: January 2017

istcreativeAwarded Gold Star Winners by The Great Taste awards an impressive three years running in 2014, 2015 and 2016. Clearly, with this many awards already authenticating the bars deliciousness, by getting my hands on them, I had struck gold and an extreme level of yumminess awaited. 100% natural and raw ingredients, no added sugar, syrup, preservatives or sweeteners, 1 of your 5 a day, certified vegan and vegetarian, gluten free, soya free, wheat free, dairy free and 3 out of the 4 bars nut free, clearly the CEO/Owner Julianne Ponan and the creative nature team have really raised the bar.

The Goji goodness bar with its exotic mix of the Chinese wonder fruit – Goji Berries, Cranberries, apricots and Gluten Free Oats packs a flavoursome punch. Crammed with Vitamin C-rich ingredients to boost your antioxidant intake without the guilt this bar is right up there on the health-o-meter! Ideal for keeping me fuelled up, so preventing the need to ‘desk’ snack, during a busy working day.

Peanut Protein bar is the alternative to whey protein snacks and can give that all important power boost needed to hit the gym, work it out and tone up that bod! An added bonus is there is no stodge is sight, as the bar rates high on taste factor too.


The “Love it or Hate it” bar, otherwise known as the Ginger Teatox, a delectate mix of detoxifying ingredients such as organic Barley Grass, Yerba Mate Tea, Ginger and Coconut gives this bar a uniquely satisfying taste of paradise. Making this Gorgeous Ginger Goodness bar achieve a level of Greatness on the yummy scale and after several weeks of travel, indulgence and Christmas excess this bar ticked all the boxes and I was definitely in the ‘Yes’ camp.

Right at pole position was the Raw Cacao bar. Packed with sensational ingredients such as goji berries, Maca powder and Raw Cacao aka Food of the gods and minerals such as magnesium, iron and potassium this mighty mouth-watering bar has a lot to offer and was my fav.

Don’t get in a flap, but be warned you best get your hands on these fab flavoursome flapjacks fast, as these bars are so yummy they will be like gold dust to find!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



Nutri-Bombz #Review

Nutri-Bombz Review: November 2016

nutrifinalshotBig balls of Brilliance – aka the Nutri-Bombz brand was founded by the current Director. His own personal journey of exploration, identified a gap in the market, highlighting the difficulty of finding true healthy snacks that delivered in terms of quality, texture, flavour and nutritional content.   Nutri-Bombz was born, constantly evolving and inventing innovative ways of blending superfoods to provide powerful product flavours and combinations to make your snacking super lip-smacking!

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Pulsin #Review

Pulsin Review: November 2016


The three founders of Pulsin met way back in 1998 whilst studying at Bristol University and sold their very first bar in 2007!  Since, they have come a long way and their list of Ambassadors is impressive!  Reading like a who’s who in the fitness and sporting world featuring the likes of Dan Geisler – Team GB Duathlete & Triathlete, Ben Morgan – England Rugby Union Player, Isabelle Brouwers – English National Ballet Dancer, Claire Cashmore – Team GB Paralympic Swimmer and Alison Bender – TV & Radio Presenter and Reporter (Not pictured), plus many more!

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