Fudge Kitchen York: Fudge Making Experience – Review

Fudge Kitchen York: Fudge Making Experience – Review: November 2018

Fudge Kitchen, nestled away in the quaint Shambles area of York, produces fabulous flavoursome fudge daily.  The brand began producing artisan fudge in the UK, as Jim Garrahy’s fudge kitchen, back in 1983 and then shortened their name to Fudge Kitchen in 2010.  Jim was the creator of Fudge Kitchens, fudge recipe, that dates back to the 1830’s and incredibly is still hand made on marble slabs.

Allegedly, fudge originates from when a lecturer, over at a female college in Vasser, USA, was taking a class in Toffee making, but as the temperature was not high enough, the end product was called fudge.  Hence, why the term ‘fudge’ is used to denote an error.

We prepared ourselves for a fudge making extravaganza and donned the wonderful wicker traditional straw hats aka a natty boater, with the amazing Apron embossed with the Fudge Kitchen logo and could not wait to enjoy the hour-long Fudge Making Experience.

Darren and Dawn a delightful duo and our team leaders for the amazing Fudge Making Experience, both absolute super stars! Things got hot and steamy, as the fudge mixture was pre-prepared, and temperatures soared, as they poured the mixture onto the marble slab.

Now the process was all about timing, making sure that the fudge had set and was ready to be worked.  Looking rather mischievous, checking the fudge had set and not removing the steel bars too early, as the fudge would have gone into melt down, turned into a lava like flow and have ended up all over the place.  However, we avoided fudge lava, as our expert theatrical fudge masters Dawn and Darren kept things on track and avoided us making a fudge of things!

While working the fudge, defiantly a time to flex the arm muscles for sure, we learned about the interesting history, science and techniques of fudge making.

This was time to put the fun into overdrive, go wild and make our very own fudge fountains which was an absolute giggle.

Learning to ‘slab & loaf’ and create our very own beautiful fudge baguette ready to set, slice and most importantly taste.

The Fudge Making Experience is for between 1-3 people, around an hour in duration and as well as participating in a demonstration with your fudge expert, you also receive six slices of fudge while on site, a further 6 slice box to take away with you and a Make Fudge At Home Skills Kit, so you can put your skills and newly found expertise to good use when you arrive back home.

An entertaining, exciting experience, with interesting and immersive theatrical fudge making moments, ideal for a treat from you to you, or would make the most perfect gift for a family member, friend or loved one.

Don’t make a fudge of things, make sure you don’t forget to book your fabulous Fudge Making Experience.

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Botanist York: Mocktail Making Class & Private Dining at the Tool Shed – Review

Botanist York: Mocktail Making Class & Private Dining at the Tool Shed – Review: November 2018

With Party Season ready and heading into full swing, its time to sip and eat your way through the festive season with the Botanist York located on the corner of the lovely Little Stonegate York.

Make your party or celebration gathering extra special, mix things up and begin proceedings by shaking things up a little, with a private group cocktail or mocktail making class at the Botanist York.

Ed aka our cocktail connoisseur and mixologist, was a blooming pleasure to meet.  A lovely lad, with bags of energy and enthusiasm along with passion, drive and an in-depth expert knowledge of the cocktail industry.

On our arrival everything was ready, waiting and Ed was raring to go.  He took us through a step by step process of how to pour and explained the measuring and counting system, which was so much fun, as we got to give this a whirl and my volume was pretty much spot on, so I was feeling pretty smug.

Making mocktails to perfection is mass like these peeps do day in and day out is a highly technical skill that requires precision, accuracy and flare.  However, for my whistle stop visit, the mocktail making class was a real dream, super fun and provided plenty of giggles and laugh out loud moments.

Ed took time out to demonstrate and help us to perfect our skills, listened to us, patient and an all-round cool chap.  We tried our hand at making two mocktails; the first a new addition to the menu, Juniper Garden, used making the herbal blend of Seedlip Garden a non-alcoholic spirit, along with elderflower cordial, apple juice, lemon juice, vanilla and sage syrup and juniper berries.

The second a Botanist classic the Berry Good Times, a mixture of fresh blackberries, blueberries, mint and a touch of raspberry syrup all shaken up with cranberry and apple juice and garnished off with a sprig of minty loveliness.

…And as for our final mocktail results, not too shabby at all, thanks to all Ed’s fab advice and demonstrations.

Escape the hustle and bustle by indulging in some private dining in the Botanists aptly named Tool Shed.  With enough seating for up to 10 people, this is the ideal gathering for friends, family or a corporate evening out.  Emma along with Amy did an amazing job at looking after us throughout the evening.

Why not sit back, chill out and start with a cheeky drink or two, as the Botanist York offer a range of beers, spirits, cocktails and my personal fav mocktails.  All the greens mocktail made with fresh mint, ginger, kiwi, a splash of apple and lemon along with plant-powered elixir looked fab and tasted amazing!

Start with some awesome olives with paprika and garlic, houmous with grilled flatbread and crudités and the perfectly presented creamy garlic mushrooms with a mini Hovis loaf.

Mouth-watering mains included a hearty serving of fabulous Fish & Chips and the super sweet potato and quinoa salad with broccoli, spiced aubergine and tahini.

The delightful dessert was sensational and an absolute winner! The botanist allotment included millionaires shortbread, meringues, churros, jellies and amaretti crumb with a smoking almond surprise.

Mix things up and then chill things out, with some delicious dining and drinking, in the Tool shed at Botanist York.

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Melanie xx




The Lady Betty Afternoon Tea at Bettys York – Review

The Lady Betty Afternoon Tea at Bettys York – Review: November 2018

Fabulous Festivities nearing in full swing, this is the perfect time, for you to indulge in an opulent, exquisite and lavish Lady Betty Afternoon Tea at the iconic Bettys tearoom in York city centre.

A York institution, a visit to Betty’s famous tea rooms on St Helen’s square is a must.  First served in the 1920’s Betty’s have refined and evolved their exquisite Afternoon tea experience.

Lavish in the Lady Betty Afternoon tea, men are welcome too – this is not just a treat for the ladies, served in the tranquil setting of the Belmont room, with interiors inspired by the Queen Mary Ocean liner, and a perfect pianist playing an assortment of musical melodies, you would be mistaken for stepping back in time to a bygone era of elegance and opulence.

Proceedings at Bettys begin with the most amazing pea, cucumber & tomato cocktail appetiser.  Along with some the sensational savouries, including the Smoked salmon Romanov with beetroot and lemon crème fraîche, on a wholemeal croute and the miniature pork & apple pie.  Also, the vegetarian offerings including miniature spring onion & herb frittata and the super sun-dried tomato & basil roulade with rocket leaves served on a wholemeal croute.

Why not get fizzy with it and add on some champs or opt for the non-alcoholic Elderflower bubbly which was just as royally refreshing.

The main Afternoon Tea, a selection of delightful, delicious and dainty offerings, served on sensational stylish silver tea stands, included a range of fresh and fabulous finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream & jam and lovely pretty pastries all perfectly presented.

Dietary requirements are well catered for at Bettys, with there being a variety of alternatives for Vegetarians, Vegans and gluten free.  Any doubts or questions just ask the Bettys team and they will be happy to help.

Streamlined service, employees that excelled and the tastiest of offerings, book Bettys for an unforgettable experience.

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The Grand Opera House York: Classical or Contemporary? – Review

The Grand Opera House York: Classical or Contemporary? Review: November 2018

With its opulent and ornate Edwardian décor the Grand Opera House York, located in the centre of York, is a real gem.  Ideal for a festive outing for a Christmas treat.  Whether you fancy the classical or contemporary, The Grand Opera House York has a performance to suit everyone’s genre preference.

The Vienna Festival Ballet performed the famous classical ballet – The Nutcracker.  Set to Tchaikovsky’s sumptuous score, the Nutcracker story about the adventures of Clara and her enchanted nutcracker doll.

Clara combats the Mouse King and joins forces with the delightful Sugar Plum Fairy and her cavalier to a gorgeous, glistening Land of snow to the sweetie Kingdom.  A marvellous and memorising musical magical adventure, a Christmas spectacular and a sensational ballet.

Fast forward into modern musical beats of the 90’s, direct from London’s West End, with the performance of Fastlove – A Tribute to George Michael.  Put on your dancing shoes and prepare for an unforgettable experience, as you enjoy George Michael classics such as Father Figure, Freedom, Jesus to a child, don’t let the sun go down on me, Faith and best loved songs from George Michael’s time with Wham.

An exciting addition to the 2018 show, is that saxophonist Ed Barker, who played the sax solo on Cowboys and Angels when he toured George Michael’s ‘Symphonica Tour’ in 2012, which will feature on selected UK dates.

From classical ballet to contemporary performances, The Grand Opera House York is the perfect place to enjoy an evening out with friends and family.

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MindLock Escape Rooms York Viking Valhalla & Cluedo – Review

MindLock Escape Rooms York Viking Valhalla & Cluedo Review: November 2018

Located in the heart of York city centre, opposite Clifford’s Tower, MindLock Escape Rooms, offers a unique and immersive experience.  Games are designed for 2 – 6 players and offer a variety of fabulous fun themes.  Your team must escape within 60 minutes.  Ryan our games master on the day was amazing!!

Feel and embrace your inner Viking as you take on the Viking Valhalla room.  Your strong army of Vikings have battled courageously to earn their right to be dining with the Gods in Valhalla, but upon awakening your hord are in limbo.  Please the gods, like we did, and crack the critical tasks to earn your place alongside them in Valhalla where Thor and Odin await your Viking army.

Trapped within the office of a large lavish mansion house, a killer running wild, whodunit? Well that is up to you and your team of detectives to work out in the killer game Cluedo. Ask yourselves Who, What and Where – identify the killer, find the murder weapon and location of the crime before your 60 minutes countdown ends and the murderer returns to the house to finish you off too.

However, a word of warning eliminate your suspects carefully, as there are a few cheeky red herrings thrown in along the way to sabotage your investigations and dash your hopes of finding the murderer.

Viking or Detective, can’t decide, well why not take on both challenges at Mindlock York.

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