PRESS London Healthy Plant-Based Drinks & Meals #Review

PRESS London Healthy Plant-Based Drinks & Meals Review: May 2020 #Gifted

We are living in strange times with the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak, so going out for shopping can be difficult and more challenging especially while trying to source plant-based nutrition.

PRESS London co-founded by Georgie and Ed dedicated themselves to providing 100% plant-based quality nutrition, so people can live happier, healthier and a more balanced lifestyle.

PRESS London also support the charity Mind for mental health and City Harvest London rescuing food for the hungry, so now more than ever it could not be a better time to support the brand and fill up your fridge using FILLMYFRIDGE10 to get 10% off.

This is my second order from PRESS London, and they are consistently reliable and provide a perfectly packaged parcel of loveliness.

They offer a range of plant based meals, soups, juices and smoothies all top quality, packed full of flavour, goodness and are convenient and easy to prepare.

Smoothies and Juices  

The excellent Easy Green raw pressed juice has a mix of apple, lemon, romaine, cucumber, kale, spinach, celery and is one of your five a day, so grab green goodness on the go.

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Pikt Organic & Plastic Free Fruit, Salad & Veggies Home Delivery #Review

Pikt Organic & Plastic Free Fruit, Salad & Veggies Home Delivery Review: May 2020 #Gifted

Venturing out to the shops can be a challenging time to say the least due to the current Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak with social distancing the new norm, so take the stress out of your shopping by ordering deliveries direct to your door with Pikt #StaySafe #StayAtHome

Pikt are a family-owned business, B Corp, soil association certified and are Plastic Free Trust Awarded.

Enjoy plastic free fresh and fabulous organic fruit, salad and veggies delivered direct to your door when you need them the most.

Seasonal Veg Box

The seasonal veg box is packed with Nice nutritional vibrant veggies.

Ideal for family foodie dinners and perfect for couples who are looking to mix things up a little in the kitchen.

Our box had a whole a range of gorgeous greens including bunched Kale and Cavolo Nero, Courgettes and Flat Beans.

Also, these beautiful bunched Carrots, Aubergine, Beetroot, Onion Shallots, Pink Garlic Bulbs.

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Helping, Hiking & Happiness with HIPPEAS #Review

Helping, Hiking & Happiness with HIPPEAS Review: May 2020 #Gifted

Due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak and social distancing in place it is a challenging time for everyone.  However, it is still important to feel happy and healthy so bring on the HIPPEAS Vibes.


So far HIPPEAS have shared their Peas, Love and Good Vibes by donating over 50,000 packs of their HIPPEAS to the NHS and FareShare, so this gets a big thumbs up from me.


Happiness in a bag HIPPEAS are packed with chickpea loving.  The Sweet & Smokin and Salt & Vinegar Vibes are my two fav flavours which HIPPEAS have smashed and at under 90 calories a bag you are winning.


Enjoy your daily exercise such as a short hike near your home.  You get to see some scenery and sights which are naturally beautiful.

Also, not only does it get the adrenaline going and endorphins doing their thing it keeps you fit too.

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Sacla’ Italia Vegan Pesto, Sauces & Dressings #Review

Sacla’ Italia Vegan Pesto, Sauces & Dressings Review: May 2020 #Gifted

2020 has certainly been a strange year due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak.  Now, with social distancing in place it can be a challenging time to do your family shop.

Sacla’ Italia’s beautifully packaged order delivered direct to my door, with Truly Madly Deeply Italian embossed box, logo labels and foodie postcard, had been packed with lots of heart and love.

Now more than ever it is nice to mix things up a little and get creative in the kitchen with Sacla’ Italia and their range of Pesto, Sauces & Dressings.

Sacla Italia Review 2aPesto pasta perfection can be had with the Sacla’ Italia Dairy, Gluten and Wheat Free Vegan Basil Pesto Tomato Pesto.

Jazz up and elevate any pasta dish in no time at all with no faff or fuss…to achieve maximum yumminess.

Now, staying in is the new going out why not dress things up with some Egg, Dairy and Gluten Free Sacla’ dressings, because with flavours such as Tofu Island, Caesar Salad, Aioli, Blue Ch**se and Salad Cream you can dress things up at least 5 times each week!


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Mr Lee’s Noodles #Review

Mr Lee’s Noodles Review: April 2020 #Gifted

Life during the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak is certainly a strange place and with social distancing in place food deliveries to home are often the best course of action.

The lovely Mr Lee and his team have the loveliest Vegan Gluten free noodles which can be delivered directly to your door, so no need to worry about ordering takeaway.

Even better for each box of noodles you buy in April, Mr Lee’s Noodles will donate 1 cup to UK Foodbanks and NHS frontline staff.

Mr Lees Vegan Gluten Free Noodles Review 1aaThere are two Vegan flavours, that are also Gluten -Free.  The yummy Zen Garden Vegetables is a balanced mix of miso rice noodles with green beans, asparagus, spinach and ginger.

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Moma Making Oats more Awesome Dairy Free & Vegan #Review

Moma Making Oats more Awesome Dairy Free & Vegan Review: April 2020 #Gifted

With Covid-19 making worldwide waves, isolation periods and social distancing in force sourcing now is the time to have Healthy food delivered direct to your door.

Tom Mercer, founder of Moma, was frustrated at breakfast being an unhealthy option, so he decided to get his thinking cap on and in turn created Moma.

The team over at Moma are Oat obsessed and want to make sure that their British jumbo wholegrain oats make your day more #MomaMarvellous.

Offering a range of dairy free and Vegan oatyliscious porridge, granola and milk they have your breakfast brilliance covered.

Start your day well and enjoy unsweetened oat milk for a fresh cuppa along with some yummy Bircher raspberry and coconut muesli.

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The Artisan Food Company Fruit, Salad & Vegetable Box #Review

The Artisan Food Company Fruit, Salad & Vegetable Box Review: April 2020 #Gifted

With the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak it can be hard to source all your usual fruit, salad and veggies, but luckily that is where The Artisan Food Company come in.

Currently offering nationwide deliveries, the lovely bunch over at The Artisan Food Co through their shared passion of bringing good quality food and ingredients are working hard to get farm fresh produce direct to your door.

There is a range of pre-done Salad, Fruit and Veggie boxes or you can make your own bespoke box and choose from a range of fabulous fresh fruit, salad and veggies.

Produce is from their New Covent Garden fruit market base, so just as nature intended – farm field fresh.

Colourful, vibrant, fresh, juicy and stunning produce and I could not stop smiling.  Also, the smell in our home of freshness from the yummy offerings was fabulous and an extra bonus.

Plentiful, plump and packed with flavour, the fabulous fruity delights included apples of various varieties, oranges, grapefruit, bananas, blueberries, melon, black and red grapes.

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The Skinny Food Co Vegan Collection #Review

The Skinny Food Co Vegan Collection Review: April 2020 #Gifted

Easter was a strange time this year due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak, but we still managed to enjoy a chocolate Easter Egg or two, but now require some healthier options.

The Skinny Food Co Vegan Collection Review 1a

With many people still in isolation periods and social distancing in force sourcing good quality Vegan and Gluten-free condiments, jams and spreads can be a hard task.

However, The Skinny Food Co make this much easier, as they offer a range of Gluten-free and Vegan friendly products, that can be delivered directly to your door.

Spray Cooking Oils 

Their #NotGuilty 1 Calorie natural fat free sprays are an ideal healthier alternative to normal cooking oils.  They are Vegan, Gluten Free and suitable for roasting, frying and baking.

Their spray oils come in a range of flavours such as Sunflower, Extra Virgin and Butter.

Skinny Sauces

Jazz up your dinner with The Virtually Zero Calorie®* Skinny Sauce range including Gluten-free, Vegan original mayonnaise, Tomato ketchup and my fav Smokey Barbecue.

Skinny Syrups, Spreads and Peanut Butter

No palm oil, no salt, no sugar literally just 100% Crunchy peanut butter speaks for itself, Gluten-free, Vegan and in a 400g recyclable jar.

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Healthy Snacking on Lockdown with The Nutribox; Gluten Free & Vegan Snacks #Review

Healthy Snacking on Lockdown with The Nutribox; Gluten Free & Vegan Snacks Review: April 2020 #Gifted

With the Covid-19 Coronavirus making worldwide waves, isolation periods and social distancing in force sourcing Vegan and Gluten-free snacks can be a bit tricky.

However, that is where The Nutribox can help, as they offer a Vegan and Gluten-free snack delivery service directly to your door.

Ideal for family snacking at home, so there is no need to make an unnecessary visit to the shops #SnackSafely

The lovely large box is the biggest box which contains a staggeringly super snack filled 40 Gluten-Free and Vegan Snacks.

Healthy Snacking on lockdown with The Nutribox Vegan and Gluten Free Snackbox Review 2Perfect to enjoy, share or generously gift a box to make someone’s day a little brighter.

The savoury snacks scoffed included brands such as Leighton Brown, Eat Real, Planet Organic, Neats, Podberry, Love Corn and the Ludlow snack company.

Pouches of perfection included apricots and these yummy flavoured olives by Oloves.

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The Botanist York Fabulous Festive Foodie #Review

The Botanist York Fabulous Festive Foodie Review: January 2020

Quaint and cosy, located within Stonegate, the Botanist York is the perfect place for family and friends to meet.

Escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy some fabulous food and drinks, as you unwind.

The décor is rustic and relaxed creating a beautiful and gorgeous setting for lunch or dinner.

Christmas in full swing, we loved the festive vibes and the charming Christmas tree.

Even though the place was super busy the staff including Christian, Richard and our super server Kyley all remained as friendly and efficient as always, a true test of professionalism and skill especially during the crazy Christmas season.

Equally impressive was the staff knowledge of allergens, without faff or fuss, providing both useful advice and alternatives which made our visit super smooth.

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