Get Your Crunch on with Eat Real Snacks, Hippeas & Fairfields Farm Crisps #Review

Get Your Crunch on with Eat Real Snacks, Hippeas & Fairfields Farm Crisps Review: June 2020 #Gifted

Due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak with social distancing the new norm now is the time more than ever to enjoy time with your household and get your cool crunch on.

Whether it be a picnic or while watching a movie it’s good to grab a bag of crisps and church it out as you chill out.

Eat Real Snacks

Keep things real with Eat Real Snacks who have based their Gluten Free Vegan snacks on three concepts, real flavour, real taste, and real flavour.

Offering a healthier alternative that is free from all the bad stuff, so that means no artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives.

There are a whole range tasty types such as Lentil, Hummus, Quinoa and Veggie with a mix of fabulous flavour combos such as zesty, spicy, creamy, salty, herby, and plain, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Fairfields Farm Crisps

Fairfields Farms families have been farming in East Anglia for three generations on scenic and stunning farmland across the Colne Valley just north of Colchester in Essex.

You can now get your crunch on and up your crisp game, as the farm have twelve different potato varieties.

Their classic crisps are Gluten Free, Vegan (note:Cheese&onion flavour are vegetarian) hand cooked on the farm to make sure that they meet the highest standards which is why they are BRC Grade AA accredited.

Family movie night or games nigh in…make sure you have Fairfields crisps on hand for maximum team performance.

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Helping, Hiking & Happiness with HIPPEAS #Review

Helping, Hiking & Happiness with HIPPEAS Review: May 2020 #Gifted

Due to the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak and social distancing in place it is a challenging time for everyone.  However, it is still important to feel happy and healthy so bring on the HIPPEAS Vibes.


So far HIPPEAS have shared their Peas, Love and Good Vibes by donating over 50,000 packs of their HIPPEAS to the NHS and FareShare, so this gets a big thumbs up from me.


Happiness in a bag HIPPEAS are packed with chickpea loving.  The Sweet & Smokin and Salt & Vinegar Vibes are my two fav flavours which HIPPEAS have smashed and at under 90 calories a bag you are winning.


Enjoy your daily exercise such as a short hike near your home.  You get to see some scenery and sights which are naturally beautiful.

Also, not only does it get the adrenaline going and endorphins doing their thing it keeps you fit too.

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Friday’s Fab Five Foodie Finds #Review

My different kind of Five a Day…

Sometimes we can all get stuck in a rut and instead of varying our food we simply stick with what we know.  So, when this exciting foodie bundle, including brands; Hippeas, World of Zing, Pip&Nut, Doisy & Dam and Tenzing natural energy drinks, arrived at blogging HQ, I decided to use the goodies to switch up my working day munchies, have some healthy indulgence and here you have my Friday Fab Five Foodie Finds.

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Hippeas #Review

Hippeas Review: March 2017

Calling all you modern hippies, now is your chance to unite – power to the peas people – Peace. Mind, body and soul these little peas are seriously good for you, organic, high in fibre, a source of protein, gluten free, vegan and no additives or preservatives. Environmentally friendly, these peas do their share, as they naturally release nitrogen back into the earth as they grow, Man that is cool stuff! The Hippeas brand also show community spirit and spread the love with the ‘Peas, love and giving back’ scheme that supports the charity – Farm Africa, who work with farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa to help them become self-sufficient, allowing them to grow their way out of poverty.

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