Forever Aloe Berry Nectar #Review

Forever Aloe Berry Nectar Review: May 2017

It was a pleasure to collaborate with lifelong friend and innovative female entrepreneur global business coach Rebecca Nazim.  Rebecca has taken Lancashire by storm offering clients a range of Fabulous Forever products at fantastic prices.

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Riverford Organic Farmers #Review

Riverford Organic Farmers Review: July 2016

Riverford van

Riverford “believe in good food, good farming and good business”.  “Waste not want not” is Riverfords core ethos.  Also, demonstrated by showing support for Hugh’s War on waste campaign. #Wastenot. 47,000 Riverford boxes a week get delivered to homes around the UK from their regional farms.  Unbelievable considering that Guy Watson started the Riverford box scheme in Devon delivering fresh vegetables locally to just 30 friends.

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