Pure Chimp Matcha #Review

Pure Chimp Matcha Review: February 2017

Founder Dean, along with Sarah, Alex, Higor and Joe make up the Pure Chimp team. Pure Chimp provide quality 100% natural Japanese ceremonial-grade matcha to the masses. Keeping things simple and making people happy is their Matcha Mantra. An Ethical operation the Pure Chimp organisation give 5% of their profits to charity and use recyclable materials to pack all their products.

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Vivid Drinks #Review

Vivid Drinks Review: January 2017

Vivid an adjective meaning, ‘producing powerful feelings or strong, clear images in the mind’ is the core ethos behind this brand. According to the makers behind Vivid Matcha Green Tea sugar has been ‘proven to negatively impact brain performance’. Hence, why James Shillcock aka the founder and brains behind Vivid drinks has been clearly focused making sure that his product is 100% unsweetened…

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