Sapporo Teppanyaki Manchester Review

Sapporo Teppanyaki Manchester Review: April 2017

With over 15 year’s experience serving Japanese cuisine in the UK, Sapporo teppanyaki Manchester which opened in 2005 and is situated just around the corner from the Museum of Science and Industry is a city centre hot spot that is worth a visit.  Excited to enter this Japanese paradise, the doors opened, where a warm welcome awaited.  The relaxed waiting area, lit with subdued lighting, decorated with traditional Japanese designed Asian panel Shoji screens and a wooden spinning wheel from the Kyoto region circa 1890, gave me the feeling that I had been transported into the very heart of Japan.  With a clear view of the circular bar, we watched our cocktails being mixed up, while watching the bustling bar action that would be synonymous with any Japanese city bar venue.

Delivered to the table was the striking green Japanese Slipper mixed with Midori, Cointreau and lemon juice was lush and refreshing.  The Kohii Martini shaken with Sake, Kahlua and strong expresso gives you a Japanese themed caffeine boost.  Now our time to enter the main dining area, our cocktails were kindly taken to our place at the Teppanyaki table, by our super server Saied.

This is an exciting high energy interactive experience, where your food is cooked right there in front of you, with enthusiasm, expertise and great skill.  Our master chef Tanin was a legend, had great knife skills and the ultimate confidence to perform in a pressured environment, yet delivered on both skill and entertainment levels.  Tanin mixed things up and showed off his egg juggling skills and as you can see things got flaming hot, as he turned the heat up a notch or two.  Ooo and you get to join in too, keep your eyes open, get ready to catch a potato slice or two, as they will be coming your way!  Third time lucky, I caught one of the legendary Sapporo potatoes and felt that great sense of pride and victory moment!

The food options are plentiful and there is something on the menu for everyone’s taste.  The set menus are great, where all the hard work of choosing food options had been done for you, if like me you were simply wanting to soak up the exciting energetic atmosphere.  The set ‘Shogun’ menu featured BBQ ribs to start, and a main of Chicken fillet with grilled peppers, onion, chilli and soya sauce.  The ‘Shojin Ryori’ which was a vegetarian offering provided a starter of vegetable spring roll, Vegetable tempura and vegetable maki sushi.  For main, stuffed roasted peppers.  Both mains are served alongside egg fried rice, grilled vegetables and the legendary Sapporo potatoes. Desserts included the delicious Oreo Cheesecake and the refreshing fruit salad.  All the food was fresh, tasty and completely yummy.

Great service from our server Saied, skilful entertainment delivered from our Master chef Tanin and a fab evening thanks to the whole Manchester team.  A unique, exciting, an interactive fun dining experience for family, friends and colleagues alike that offers Japanese food with a western twist.  Pop along and get involved and immerse yourself into a Japanese cultural experience.

Thank you to all my followers and bloggers for reading 😊

Melanie xx

+44 (0)161 979 0757

Sakana Manchester Pan Asian Afternoon Tea Review

Sakana Manchester Pan Asian Afternoon Tea Review: April 2017

Magnificent, modern and situated right in the heart of Manchester city centre is Sakana; a sophisticated mecca of all things Asian.  Split over two floors, with two bars and two kitchens this place has the facilitates to go all out and impress.  Décor was a mix of cool, chic and contemporary fixtures and fittings along with the vibrant Japanese themed, work of art, murals splashed on the walls.  This set the tone, which was a bustling cosmopolitan place, where one can socialise with friends, family and work colleagues alike.  Booth style window seating, which I loved, allowed us to take advantage of the sun without the strain on the eyes, thanks to good quality sun shields.

Welcomed by the lovely Jon, things only got better with the introduction of our awesome, amazing server Aziz.  What can I say, highly motivated, customer focused, knowledgeable and his energy was infectious!  Fancy something a bit different, well Sakana’s Pan Asian twist on Afternoon Tea is just what you need.  The fish and vegetable handmade sushi was superb! Clean, fresh with the perfect balance of flavours and textures – best I have had in a long time.  The dipping sauce was simply delicious.  The chicken karaage bao and aubergine bao were both exceptional, soft, sticky and lip-smackingly tasty.  Their mouth-watering selection of signature deserts were scrummy.  Soft, moist and disappeared of the plate quickly.

  As if this was not enough, we got to wash all this down with some of Sakana’s super signature cocktails which offered us a true taste of Asian flavours.  The stand out favourites included the Sakana Sling a mix of Grey Goose Vodka, Elderflower cordial, Lemon and Lime Juice, Jasmine syrup, Apple Juice and Grenadine.  Refreshing, smooth and extremely well balanced.  The stunning Lotus Blossom shaken up with Grey Goose Vodka, St Germain Elderflower, Lychee Kwai Feh Liqueur and Apple Juice was incredible and one of the best cocktails I have tasted.  Refreshing, light, packed with flavour, but no sharp or harshness on the palate.  A smooth, clean, crisp fresh summer tasting cocktail. All our creative cocktails were mixed up by Kyle who did a smashing job and even created his own gin fix cocktail for us, again another hit.

Super Sushi, Bao, desserts and Signature cocktails mixed up with amazing service what is not to like.  Will I be going back, of course! Even if it is just to see Aziz our server, who was an absolute legend!

Thank you to all the Sakana Team, my fab followers and all the brilliant bloggers out in the Blogosphere 😊

Melanie xx


23, Peter Street, Manchester, M2 5QR.

0161 884 1292

Côte Manchester Breakfast Review

Côte Manchester Breakfast Review: April 2017

Bonjour Brilliant Manchester, French phrase book in hand I was ready to experience authentic French cuisine minus the airfare, airport faff and 400-mile journey. The place oozes French rustic charm and character.  The inviting entrance has a French feel with aged signage, topiary trees and vintage seating that gives the outdoors café culture feel.  Anyone could easily mistake themselves for being right in the heart of Paris.

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From Bedroom to Blogger 1 year on…

Wow, it is already the 4th of April 2017! On the same date, one year ago and very new into my blogging journey, I was asked to do a guest post by the TLFW – The League of Fabulous Women.  I decided to talk about my blogging journey “From Bedroom to Blogger”. The original article has received over 1600+ views and this continues to grow daily.

One year on and what a journey it has been, that has included many highlights. I have collaborated with over 80 brands. Recent projects include collaborating with Canadian airline Air Transat, Accor Hotels Novotel Time Square hotel out in New York USA, Marriot Countyhall London’s Afternoon Tea, Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester Sienna Spa, Thaikhun restaurant Manchester, Côte Brasserie, IceBar London, Creative Nature and many other exciting restaurant and foodie product reviews.

Thank you for all the support received from my followers, fab bloggers, friends, family and all the brands that I have collaborated with – Muchly appreciated 😊

Let’s all blog our socks off and continue to enjoy the blogging journey 😊

Melanie xx

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Bill’s Restaurant Manchester Review

Bill’s Restaurant Manchester Review: March 2017

Bill Collison both driven and inspired by his Dads love for fresh home grown produce, started out in a small space that his dad showed him, which was no bigger than a shed, just off the high street in Lewes in East Sussex. Since he has never looked back, but it has not all been plain sailing. Rapid success and growth meant the need to acquire new premises, but tragedy struck in 2000 with the heavy floods wiping out Bill’s shop. Starting from scratch, Bill remained positive and this time added a café. Now, Bills business is booming and the core focus is not all about ringing tills, but is driven by a love for fresh produce and a customer focused service.

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