Tideford Organics Soups Review

Tideford Organics Soups Review: September 2017

Since 1996 in their Devon Kitchen, Tideford Organics have been creating an innovative range of scrummy soup recipes. Excitingly re-launching in 2016, as the UKs first organic vegan brand, crafting and creating soups that are gluten free, low fat, organic, vegan and with no added sugars. The Tideford Team sent me some super soups in celebration of Organic September.  I was excited to review, not just for the obvious taste testing reason, but due to the brands commitment and dedication to support the wellbeing of our environment.

The brands core ethos is that, “a little change can make a big difference” which underpins their ‘Take the Pledge to Eat More Veg’ campaign. Eating less meat improves health and helps our environments health too. The statistics are eyewatering, “The meat + dairy industries use a third of our planet’s fresh water supply” “Animal agriculture is responsible for 91% of amazon destruction”, “51% of global greenhouse emissions are due to livestock + their by-products”, “A plant-based diet cuts your carbon footprint by 50%”, “If everyone had one meat-free day a week it’d be like taking 240 million cars off the road”, “If you skip just one burger you’ll have saved enough energy to charge your iPhone for 4.5 years!”

In celebration or Organic September 2017 and their first anniversary as a vegan company, Tideford launched some fabulous new soups. The Tantalising Tomato, Basil with Red Peppers and Miso is packed with vitamin C and is FODMAP accredited which is ideal for those following a low-FODMAP diet over a period of time, as this can help ease the symptoms of IBS. The soup made a perfect risotto style light starter, topped with cheese and Super Alfalfa Sprouts, Clover Sprouts, Broccoli Sprouts and Radish Sprouts, and served up with a wedge of bread. The High Protein Red Pepper, Coriander and Lime Coconut Soup made a perfectly lip-smackingly tasty sauce base for my vegetable Thai green curry.

The Superfood Smoky Tomato Black Rice and Chilli Soup, served up simply in a traditional terracotta pottery dish, topped off a dollop of dairy free crème fraiche and some red chilies, made for a wonderfully warming comfort lunch. Their classic Red Lentil, and Apricot and Chilli Soup served up in a clear glass mug paired up with some of my homemade fruity seeded bread was pure loveliness.

Celebrate Organic September in style with an ethical brand, that are committed to promoting environmental awareness and change, who have created an enviable innovative tasty vegan soup range.

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Breakfast Around the World with BFree Products

Breakfast Around the World with BFree Products: September 2017

The brilliant BFree products are allergen free meaning that there is no gluten, dairy, wheat, nuts, egg or soy and they are suitable for vegans too. Low in fat and high in fibre means that they are nutritionally sound – amazing! The clever guys and gals over at BFree have developed a natural recipe and composition that replaces wheat and gluten, that still gives their ‘good for you’ breads the right structure, without affecting the taste.

Another batch of BFree brilliance landed at blogging HQ, that included their Oaty loaf, Plain bagels, Sweet Potato Wraps, Quinoa and Chia Seed Wraps, Soft White and Brown Sandwich Loafs. I decided to BFree in the morning and travel the world, sampling some simple, but brilliant BFree Breakfast delights.

Feet firm on British soil why not try a Brilliant British Breakfast. Vegetarian sausages, beans, mushrooms and tomato alongside some tasty toast made with BFree’s scrummy soft White and Brown Sandwich Loafs. At only 70 calories a slice, you can relax and enjoy your guilt free breakfast.

Catch a short flight to France to savour a Fabulous French Continental Breakfast. Wake up with coffee, fresh orange juice, yogurt, strawberry jam, butter and a healthy slice of BFrees ‘oatsome’ oaty loaf which makes a great alternative to a bowl of porridge, as it is made with certified gluten free oats.

Take your international departure to the big apple and arrive in New York and have a sweet Bagel bonanza USA style. High in Fibre and low in fat, these bagels are ready for some creativity, so splash your bagels with whatever sweet toppings you desire, go big or go home!

Feel the heat and make your way to Mexico and bring on the breakfast burritos. Using the BFree Bestsellers, quinoa and chia seed wraps and the sweet potato wraps, that won the Product of the Year category at the 2017 Free From Food Awards, create your own burrito packed with avocado, tomato and black beans or why not try a yummy quinoa, pepper and cheese filling.

Be bold, be brilliant, BeFree.

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BFree Foods Ltd, 10 Clyde Road, Dublin 4

Email: info@bfreefoods.com

Phone: 00353 1 7790500

Nut Free Chocolate People Review

Nut Free Chocolate People Review: September 2017

Founded in 2012, the Nut Free Chocolate people, is a family run organisation with one aim to produce safe chocolate for people with tree nut and peanut allergies.  Both Belgian chocolate or Ecuadorian chocolate which is soya free is used to create their chocolatey treats. Also, they use natural flavourings and ingredients wherever they can. Handmade in small batches ensures a high-quality product and finish. Environmentally aware, where possible, the brand source biodegradable and recyclable products.


Time to open this tin of tasty treats and to be honest it could have done with a lock on to stop me frequently dipping in. With a mix of white, milk, dark, tri chocolates and blackcurrant, orange, cherry, raspberry and mint fondants; also soft toffee and caramel fudge you are spoilt for choice. It may seem like a simple joy, but the 24 chocolates wrapped in vibrant coloured foil wrappers, brought a smile to my face. A shiny chocolate rainbow is my idea of heaven and a nice welcome for when guests come to visit.

Dark, milk or white chocolate…don’t stress just have all three in one with this innovative bar of brilliance. Serve alongside hot chocolate for a doubly delicious treat that creates a real talking point.

Who do you love? Why not give them a piece of your heart and serve these chocolates up alongside some of the fizzy stuff to show care in the form of chocolate. These cute chocolate handmade hearts** are available in milk, dark or white chocolate. **Please Note: The boxes are manufactured in a nut free environment but the supplier is unable to provide written nut free assurances.  The brand state that they have allegedly provided verbal assurances**

Go on get chocolatey and treat someone or perhaps treat yourself either way I am sure you will enjoy these yummy chocs.

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Miracle Matcha Chocolate Tea Infusions and Altitude Tea Review

Miracle Matcha Chocolate Tea Infusions and Altitude Tea Review: September 2017

Miracle Matcha is sourced from the rift Valley in Kenya, as the white tea leaves are grown high within the fertile valley. Miracle Matcha is healthy, convenient, has 100% pure natural ingredients that are suitable for vegans and has been approved by the vegetarian society. It is also Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certified, which means that both the environment and the farmers are protected.

Sent a stash of Miracle Matcha’s chocolate Tea Infusions bars and their Altitude Special Kenyan White tea it was time to stop work and have a well-deserved tea break. The lovely 100g handmade chocolate slabs are made from the finest Belgium chocolate using cocoa and are available in 5 flavours; Milk Chocolate Rose tea, wild berry and zesty orange, white chocolate bergamot and dark chocolate Iced mint. Miracle Matcha have managed to mix both indulgence and healthy eating by producing bars that are packed full of antioxidants from their Miracle Matcha tea powder which includes Chia Seeds, goji berry powder and golden milled flax seeds.

The Rose Tea milk chocolate infusion bar created the most perfectly scrummy chocolate dipped raspberries, serve alongside a glass of fizz and treat a loved one to a well-deserved health conscious tasty treat.

Get wonderfully wild and create yourself a deliciously divine dessert with the wild berry tea milk chocolate infusion bar. Layer Granola, melted chocolate mousse mix and top off with crushed pieces of the chocolate bar and crushed fresh raspberries, serve up on a platter with fresh raspberries for a dinner party dessert that makes an entrance.

Refresh the palate with some very special chemical free Kenyan white tea which is grown at over 6,000 feet and is packed into a pyramid bag for maximum flavour and easy transportation from home to office. With low levels of caffeine and the same quantities of polyphenol’s and catechin’s as their white tea Matcha, reach up high and grab yourself a pack of this amazing Altitude tea.  Why not pair this up with some homemade cookies. Melt some of the zesty orange milk chocolate infusion bar and dunk your cookies in.

Find your ‘Match’a and get indulging healthily.

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Kabuto Vegetarian Noodles Review

Kabuto Vegetarian Noodles Review: September 2017

Kabuto noodles founder Crispin Busk travelled around Australia and Asia and started working within the food industry in his late twenties. Crispin’s venture into the entrepreneurial world has been a mixed journey. 15,000 noodles pots, no customers and with a pregnant wife, Crispin had to take matters into his own hands, by scouting London’s independent retailers to stock his products. From launching his products into Harvey Nicks and throughout several countries worldwide, Crispin continues to see growth and is excited about what the future holds.

It is super to see the brand support two great charities. The Empire fighting Chance, who provide boxing programmes for excluded or vulnerable young people in Bristol. Also, Cool Earth an environmental charity that help mitigate Kabuto’s carbon emissions. Kabuto donated just over £500 per month in 2015 – 2016 which allowed them to mitigate over 25,000 tons of carbon and protect 100 acres of forest.

Kabuto noodles are high quality, with no preservatives, additives, that appeals to the western palate. The brand recently launched their Gluten free Vegetable Tom Yum rice noodles. Inspiration taken from Thai recipes really gives these noodles an authentic Asian taste. Make a meal of it by serving the noodles in a bowl, with a side of super spring rolls.

The Malaysian inspired Vegetable Laksa, gluten free rice noodles, really packs a fresh punch. They are good to go and only require boiling water, so stick them in the back pack and take them on your wonderful warrior worldwide travelling adventures.

The mouth-watering Japanese style Miso Ramen wheat noodle dish was an adequate portion and tasted yummy. Whether you are climbing actual mountains or mountains of work these noodles are ideal to take with you on a trek or to fill those hunger pangs when sat at the office desk.

Become a wonderful warrior with these worldwide inspired noodles!

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Le Petit Ballon Wine Review

Le Petit Ballon Wine Review: September 2017

The Man behind every bottle of Petit Ballon brilliance is Master sommelier Jean-Michel Deluc. Originally from Gers in France, Jean-Michel began his journey of wine discovery here is England studying for five years to become a sommelier. With this duel perspective, Jean-Michel’s expertise and knowledge continued to grow and develop. International acclaim was inevitable for Jean-Michel, by 1990 achieving Master sommelier status, in 1994 becoming the Head Sommelier at the Ritz in Paris and from 2003 – 2006 presiding over the Paris-Île-de-France Sommeliers’ Association. Recognition was achieved, in the US Starwine competition, that brings together the top 60 tasters in the world, where Jean-Michel was recognised as one of the best tasters in the world.

The brand in collaboration with more than 400 skilled winemakers are at the heart of every bottle of Petit Ballon wine, one big family, who share an appreciation, love and passion for innovative and traditional wines. Their mission is, “to continuously discover new winemakers so that every month is a discovery with the opening of a new box” Now, I know who I trust choosing my wines, do you?

The subscription service is not just about receiving two bottles of wine direct to your door each month, it is about a journey of wine discovery in the comfort of your own home. The Grape Expectations box includes 2 bottles of wine, that have personally been given Jean-Michel’s seal of approval, a taster card for each bottle of wine providing facts, tasting notes and food parings. Also, ‘The Gazette’ magazine which encompasses the main theme of the box, this month being ‘Crafty Cocktails’ which was packed to the rafters with food recipes, cocktail concoctions and one of my fav features was the cocktail tips and tricks, I shall be taking note.

Château Val Joanis, Les Merises 2015, a quality velvety looking wine, with amazing aromas of chocolate, cherry, smoke, pepper, black fruits and licorice, tasted smooth and balanced, which paired up perfectly with a cheeseboard. 8 Place du marché, 8 Place du Marché 2015, a metallic golden coloured wine with a fresh citrusy fruity aroma, with tasted of a hint of English tea and white mint to tantalise the taste buds. Fresh, fun and ideal for making and shaking up a refreshing cocktail or two.

Wonderful wines, chosen with a wealth of experience and knowledge, delivered direct to your door, become part of the Petit Ballon family and savor every moment.

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