Beauty and the Beast Easter Panto #Review

Burnley mechanics Visit: April 2016


The Easter panto Beauty and the Beast by Anton Bensons productions featured at the Burnley Mechanics it was an eggstravaganza and really was not a night to be missed. Beauty and the Beast may be a tale as old as time, but it was brought into the twenty first century with a comical bang or as Basil would say “Boom Boom”!


Recently, pantos have gone beyond the line when trying to please both children and adults within the audience. However, this production really did strike the right balance between family fun with an appropriate mix of subtle adult humour and slapstick comic capers. The Panto was the typical comic cliché based on a fairy tale that included all the common characters expected…oh no it didn’t….oh yes it did!

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Manchester House Restaurant and Lounge 12 Bar #Review

Manchester House Visit: April 2016


Aiden Byrne Opened Manchester House in partnership with the Living Ventures Group in 2013. Surprisingly, I had never entered the domains of Aiden’s restaurant.  Therefore, I decided to visit for lunch to see if I could make Manchester House my new home away from home.

Upon entering reception, I spied a lady discreetly armed with a clipboard, but to my surprise this was not the usual abrupt and forceful cringe clipboard carrier.  Greeted both politely and professionally and directed clearly and concisely into our elevator that transported us up to food heaven on floor two – Aiden’s House.  Coats, hats, umbrellas in fact everything except the kitchen sink was discretely taken for storage, without fuss or palaver, by the employees for safe keeping.  Our moment had now come where we were invited into the heart of Manchester House – The main restaurant. Continue reading

STOP Thank you Followers and Foodies



Thank you and congratulations to all my lovely loyal followers and readers once again, as without you guys this could not have been a success.  I was recently asked to do a guest post by the TFLW – Fabulous League of Women.  I decided to talk about my blogging journey “From bedroom to Blogger”.  This has just been published on their website.  Please do check it out and let me know what you think.  I hope that you may also find some useful hints and tips.

Finally, a personal thank you goes out to debs as both her support and blogging advice has been priceless.

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Thank you once again.

Melanie xx

Cloud 23 Manchester Bar #Review

Cloud 23 Visit: April 2016

Cloud 23 located within the Beetham tower at the Hilton Hotel Manchester Deansgate offers a unique drinking venue to indulge in classy city cocktails in the clouds.  A pre booking system operates during the allocated hours 6pm – 12am.  In addition, there is a queuing system for the walk up option.

On arrival, a red carpet adorned the floor leading to the Cloud 23 elevator entrance.  We were immediately greeted by a charming gentleman, who confirmed our reservations and swiftly directed us into the elevator.  The elevator transported us to the 23rd floor, once the doors open we certainly felt like we had got the golden ticket, but this was certainly no visit to a chocolate factory. Continue reading