Can You Escape? Operation Lone Eagle Mission York #Review

Can You Escape? Operation Lone Eagle Mission York Review: May 2018

Have you got the key, can you escape?  Well make your way to Can You Escape York an impressive, innovative and immersive, escape room to find out.  Polish up on your spy skills, become super sleuths and take on the challenge of Operation Lone Eagle.

World renowned scientist Doctor Aquila Mind was left humiliated and embarrassed in the scientific community, as he went to collect a scientific prize for memory retention techniques, and then forgot his acceptance speech.

Now, his aim is to build a memory manipulation machine, that will wipe the memories, of the speech attendees, York and in fact the whole of Yorkshire.  His assistant has seen sense and is recruiting spies to locate the key to stop this devilish Doctor – the Torque bracelet.

Agent Shmagent aka Charlotte made her introductions and asked us if we would help defeat Doctor Aquila Mind.  Challenge accepted, we chose our agent names, for me “Agent Unlock” and team name “Team Can Do”, and dived in to defeat the Doctor, and restore good back to York and the whole of Yorkshire.

The game is a fabulous first class exciting high energy thrill right from the start, that will challenge your imagination, ingenuity, and intellect.  Armed with your clipboard and walky talkies, yes you read right I did say walky talkies! Locate the Torque bracelet, defeat evil, victory is yours and you will gain a place on the coveted Operation Lone Eagle leader board.

Save York, Yorkshire and Yourself, Can You Escape?  There is only one way to find out.


Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


72 thoughts on “Can You Escape? Operation Lone Eagle Mission York #Review

  1. That looks like quite a challenge. 🙂 Am not really good at games like these, but would like to try. If only I could get someone to come along…

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  2. My husband and I are so excited to try out the newly opened Escape Room close to where we live. Will show him your post! thanks!

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  3. Oh it’s cool to have an escape room with a solid plot behind it. I’d love to do an escape room but I’ve always wondered what happens if you need a wee half way through!

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  4. This sounds quite interesting but I’m afraid I won’t be able to participate in such kind of activity as my heart wouldn’t accept it.

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