MindLock Escape Rooms York Viking Valhalla & Cluedo #Review

MindLock Escape Rooms York Viking Valhalla & Cluedo Review: November 2018

Located in the heart of York city centre, opposite Clifford’s Tower, MindLock Escape Rooms, offers a unique and immersive experience.  Games are designed for 2 – 6 players and offer a variety of fabulous fun themes.  Your team must escape within 60 minutes.  Ryan our games master on the day was amazing!!

Feel and embrace your inner Viking as you take on the Viking Valhalla room.  Your strong army of Vikings have battled courageously to earn their right to be dining with the Gods in Valhalla, but upon awakening your hord are in limbo.  Please the gods, like we did, and crack the critical tasks to earn your place alongside them in Valhalla where Thor and Odin await your Viking army.

Trapped within the office of a large lavish mansion house, a killer running wild, whodunit? Well that is up to you and your team of detectives to work out in the killer game Cluedo. Ask yourselves Who, What and Where – identify the killer, find the murder weapon and location of the crime before your 60 minutes countdown ends and the murderer returns to the house to finish you off too.

However, a word of warning eliminate your suspects carefully, as there are a few cheeky red herrings thrown in along the way to sabotage your investigations and dash your hopes of finding the murderer.

Viking or Detective, can’t decide, well why not take on both challenges at Mindlock York.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



72 thoughts on “MindLock Escape Rooms York Viking Valhalla & Cluedo #Review

  1. Oooh I have done a couple of escape rooms now and they are so fun. These two sound really different too which is good. I need to book another one!

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  2. I love your Viking dressed up pictures! These rooms have never really interested me as they’ve always seemed creepy but neither of these options are and it makes me curious!

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  3. oh wow ! now that place sounds like a lot of fun !!! especially for any viking lover – i used to go yearly to viking fest in wolin ! it was quite a weekend xx

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