Escape Reality Manchester Enigmista #Review

Escape Reality Manchester Enigmista Review: March 2019

Prepare to get your spook on at the Printworks in Manchester, with an all new immersive, interactive experience with Escape Reality Manchester.

An Escape room brand that aims to provide a top-notch experience, with fun, frolics and frights, with their spooky and scary Enigmista escape gore game.

Keep your guard up, as rumours and reports are circulating that there is a serial killer on the loose.  Members of the public are disappearing without trace and have yet to be discovered.

The only known survivor, who has lived to tell the tale, had a terrifying ordeal and has lived under an assumed identity ever since, as lives in fear of reprisal.

After a busy day and evening out, you wake up confused, dazed and in complete darkness with no memory of what happened and how you had got there.  Fear sets in, as you remember reading about the crazy serial killer.

As you search around in panic, restricted by hand cuffs, you find a torch, but where usually the light would bring comfort, here the light provides more darkness, as you see the stained bloody walls and prepare yourself for the horrors and captor challenges that await.

Complete the challenges and get out quickly before you become the captors next gruesome kill.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



70 thoughts on “Escape Reality Manchester Enigmista #Review

  1. Oh I don’t know about this one! I know a lot of people who would enjoy it, but I don’t like scary/spooky things like this. It’s definitely a different theme than I’ve seen for other ones.

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      1. I found the asylum in Thorpe park terrifying – literally ran through with my eyes closed! I can imagine this just being the worst thing for my anxiety already lol

        Liked by 1 person

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