Save the World with Breakout Town Hall Manchester: Virus & Sabotage Escape Rooms #Review

Save the World with Breakout Town Hall Manchester: Virus & Sabotage Escape Rooms – Review: May 2019

Exciting Escape Escapades await at Breakout Manchester with two escape rooms Virus and Sabotage.  It’s literally a matter of life or death, so make sure that your squad are prepared to brave their way to victory.

Jess and Jess our games masters for both games, two bubbly lovely ladies which made the Escape game experience even more extra!

News reports announced, that a dangerous virus is sweeping world, so it was time for my team to enter the quarantine zone, find a cure for the zombie infection and then make our escape so we could go on and save the world.  With only 60 minutes and the dead not staying buried, save mankind or become Zombified forever!

After saving the world from a Zombie apocalypse, we prepared to play Sabotage.  As new recruits, our target was the Soviet State of Konvetski, a rogue state that operates outside of International guidelines.

A daring and devilish game that required cunning, quick wit and super skills, as we went deep into enemy territory, make our way through their base camp and into the control centre to stop the missile strike.  We just missed the launch pad, so catastrophic consequences are now inevitable.

Zombies, Missile strikes all threats to mankind, but a further blow is that the Breakout Town Hall location is now closed.  A cliché but goodbyes are always hard and saying buy to Breakout at the Town hall location was the toughest of them all.

However, fear not the Northern Quarter High Street location is still in full steam so check out all their amazing adventures for yourself, but the question is can you Breakout?

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


55 thoughts on “Save the World with Breakout Town Hall Manchester: Virus & Sabotage Escape Rooms #Review

  1. That is always the bad thing about fads like escape rooms,when its hot,its really hot but once the excitement fades….so do the crowds.But thanks to great reviews like yours,perhaps this location can stay busy and you can once again attempt to save us from that missile strike!

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  2. I think this may be the same Escape Room I went to in Manchester a couple of years ago! I’ve done a few since then and I love them. There’s only been one occasion where I wasn’t able to break out (and I blame that on my mum and sisters!)

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  3. These both sound like such fun escape rooms! And I like when the theme seems like something you can almost see happening so it would make everything more intense I would think!

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  4. I honestly have not tried Escape rooms. I have slight agoraphobia so you know I would be a little scared to be unable to get out of the room. My boys would love this though. I will let them know.

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  5. I have never tried escape rooms before but a lot of people like this, for example my niece is crazy about it. sounds like fun

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  6. Too funny, in an ironic sort of way! They’re clever to give you-all two options for themes that are both literally ripped from the headlines!

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  7. I almost went to an escape room a couple of months ago, but I bailed at the last minute thinking it was going to be boring. After reading your review, I am really looking forward to going now 🙂

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