Breakout Liverpool Spellbound and Outbreak Escape Games #Review

Breakout Liverpool Spellbound and Outbreak Escape Games Review: August 2019

Liverpool city centre, the location for a truly magical and zombified escape game challenge.  Both game-masters Meg and Shannon, one of the creators of spellbound, were an absolute dream team and a delight to meet, making our experience even more immersive and interesting.


Swish your wand and prepare to be spellbound, an amazing quality magical and mystical game play experience.

Summon your team of Witches and warlocks, as a dangerous magical artefact has gone missing.  Grab your cloaks and wands, as you need to find the artefact before it ends up in the wrong hands.

It’s the Old Magical Academy annual school reunion, the ideal time for you all to sneak into the school, but Shush…as you are not meant to be there, so don’t get discovered!

Enter the abandoned classroom, work out the riddles, locks, potions and clues to ensure you escape with the artefact orb in hand, as this time a detention could be deadly!


Throughout the United Kingdom, a deadly virus has spread turning humans into zombies.

On the run, you and your team are panicked, cold and running dangerously low on supplies.  In the distance, you see an abandoned shop, ideal for fresh food and water, but when you try to get out the doors are bolted, and you are trapped.

A group of infected Zombies begin to bang on the door, so you and you’re your team build an additional barricade to hold them off.  The problem is this will only last 60 minutes, so you must find an alternative route out before the Zombies seal your fate!

We cast our way to victory in Spellbound and escaped the Zombies in Outbreak, but only one question remains…can you?


Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx


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