Shop Ethically and Enjoy Organic, Plastic Free Fruit & Veggies with Pikt #Review

Shop Ethically and Enjoy Organic, Plastic Free Fruit & Veggies with Pikt Review: August 2020 #Gifted

Pikt are an amazing friendly family run business who offer 100% organic fruit and veggies.  Impressive and a great way to eat healthy and look after you and your family.

They are B-Corp meaning that Pikt are actively committed to social change taking care of our planet and people.

Equally as impressive is that Pikt are fully plastic free and all their packaging is completely compostable.

Even the delivery of the boxes have an environmental focus.  Your fabulous fruit and veggies will be delivered by carbon neutral DPD.

Pikt offer fully flexibility and a non-pressured approached, you are not committed to a subscription so you can order exactly when you want anywhere in the UK with a delivery turn around time of around 48 hours.

Want to take control, opt for a Homey Box also pictured, a perfect way to choose exactly what you want perfect for someone who lives alone or have specific needs.

Sweet potatoes, avocado, gem lettuce, plum tomatoes, peppers, lemons, green beans, courgettes and spring onions eat your heart out.

The offer a range of prepared boxes such as the salad box, veggies box and the fruit box.

The fruit box pictured provides a generous amount of fruit for all the family with a variety of fabulous fresh fruity options.

Pikt is the perfect paring for customers who want to shop ethically and I am sure that once you receive your produce everything will be peachy.

Stay Safe and Stay Alert #ShopSafely

Thank you for reading

Melanie xx


92 thoughts on “Shop Ethically and Enjoy Organic, Plastic Free Fruit & Veggies with Pikt #Review

  1. What a great idea! It is small changes like this, that if we all did could make a huge difference. I do try to buy my vegetables from the local greengrocers and use my own bags rather than taking the plastic ones they use.

    Great review x

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  2. This looks amazing! And I love the plastic free part. My biggest problem is that my kids would eat it all as soon as the package arrives, lol. But they would get their daily fill!

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  3. I love this! I was sure there are socially responsible brands that deliver fresh and organic produce, but sometimes they’re hard to find. In any case, thanks for the inspiration.

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  4. I’d also never heard about pikt but I love the plastic free approach. I used to always get my fruit and veg at the local market and bring my re-usable bag, but this seems like an equally good option.

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  5. Wow! This looks like a great company, I love that they are organic, plastic free and a b-corp, will definitely be looking at using them 🙂

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