Fabulous Food & Drink delivered Direct to your Door #Review

Fabulous Food Deliveries delivered Direct to your Door #Gifted

Home food delivery services have increased in popularity due to the coronavirus pandemic.  However, with restrictions slowly easing it is important not to forget all those brilliant brands that made our lives so much easier with their commitment and dedication to deliver us some amazing doorstep deliveries.

With ever increasingly busy lifestyles, a home delivery can take off some of that pressure and strain of having to head out to do the supermarket shop.

In no particular order here are my personal recommendations…

Direct From the Farm

Direct from Farm to plate, these three brands bring quality produce direct from the farm for you and your family to enjoy in the comfort of your own home.


Pikt founded by Matt are an independent family-owned business who values people and the planet before profit.  They focus on treating everyone fairly which I absolutely love.

The Pikt team specialist skill set and continuing commitment to bring organic to the people means that Pikt have impressively attained Plastic-Free Trust Mark Certified, Soil Association Certified and B-Corp Certified. 

An amazing achievement that demonstrates their ethics and values meaning that they are actively committed to social change, taking care of both our planet and people.

All their fabulous fresh fruits and vegetables are delivered in environmentally friendly, presented in plastic free fully recyclable wrap, and are 100% Organic too.

Eversfield Organic

Ellacott farm located in the Devon village of Bratton Clovelly on the edge of Dartmoor is the home of the amazing Eversfield Organic founded by Mark.

Now Eversfield Organic has seen continued growth and produces a whole range of fabulous foodie goodies including their fresh fruit and vegetable boxes, that are delivered direct to your door, perfect for delicious and delightful meals at home.

Organic is better for our planet and people, Eversfield use sustainable organic farming measures and are continually working to reduce their environmental impacts by reducing waste, you can even return your packaging for free!

Using organic farming systems eliminate all synthetic and petroleum-based pesticides and fertilisers which reduces soil and water contamination helping to achieve a natural balance so that nature and wildlife can exist and thrive alongside commercial organic farming.

Fairfield’s Farm

Fairfields Farms families have been farming in East Anglia for three generations on scenic and stunning farmland across the Colne Valley just north of Colchester in Essex.

From field to farm, the lovely Laura & Robert work hard to produce their delicious homegrown potatoes and their yummy hand cooked crisps offering nationwide delivery anywhere on the British mainland.

Now, Fairfields farm have an exciting range of super subscription packages so you can get a regular delivery of your favourite potatoes and crisps.

Crisps are hand cooked on the farm to make sure that they meet the highest standards which is why they are BRC Grade AA accredited.

The Fairfields Farm potatoes are perfect for Baking, Roasting, Chipping, Boiling and Mashing, so you can get creative in the kitchen creating great value family meals.

Easy Meal Kits

After a busy week sometimes you just want to sit back, relax and chill, so make your weekend cooking easy with these three marvellous meal kits including brilliant burgers, perfect pasta and pizza.

Honest Burgers at home

Bag yourself some of the burger brilliance, but in the comfort of your home with the Honest Burgers at Home service, yes you heard me right!  The legends over at Honest have managed to create a burger bonanza that is delivered directly to your door, perfect for a cosy night in.

They have a range of kits to suit all tastes such as meat, vegan and gluten free buns if needed, so bring on those burgers! And if that’s not impressive enough you also get an Honest canvas tote bag thrown in for good measure too.

Their burgers are stuff of dreams and they cover a range of dietary requirements such as vegetarian and vegan, so once you have gone Honest you won’t want to back to burger normality. 

Pasta Evangelists

Pasta Evangelists a London based business headed up by co-founder Alessandro CEO and Chris head of Operations & finance with their team of lovely Pasta enthusiasts offer Pasta subscriptions and gifts with delivery direct to your door.

The brand chave three food heavy weight who are official Evangelists and also co-founders in their business including, the Times restaurant critic and columnist Giles Coren, founder of Leith’s School of Food & Wine and Great British Bake-off celeb Prue Leith and food critic & MasterChef judge William Sitwell.


The brilliant Birtellis Pizza geniuses have got together to produce a Pizza at Home service, with a range of dietary options such as gluten free and vegan, so you can now enjoy crafted artisan pizza made from the finest natural British ingredients in the comfort of your home.

As a family owned independent, they are a passionate bunch who prepare and bake good, honest and natural using quality producers and suppliers who fit with their greener and ethical ethos.

Impressively 96% of their packaging is plastic free and they are making continued efforts to get the other 4% onboard too.  Everything delivered can be eaten, reused, recycled and composted.

Pantry & Treats

Get those cupboards stocked and enjoy some super scrummy treats at home with an afternoon tea, pies, hampers and Vegan pantry must haves.

Piglets pantry

Piglet’s Pantry, founded by Jo, is an amazing Award-Winning food producer, who make hand filled pies, handmade sausage rolls, cakes, and biscuits, based in Worthing West Sussex.

Piglet’s delivery brilliantly boxed Afternoon Teas direct to your door in their signature pretty pink Piglet’s packaging, they cater for a variety of dietary needs such as vegetarian and Vegan afternoon teas which will delight and definitely not disappoint.

Piglets also offer pies and rolls galore, impressively, Piglet’s beat over 100 pie makers in the UK and several exciting pie-offs to win the contract to supply Brighton & Hove Albion FC, moving into the American Express Community Stadium to hand-make 2,500 pies per game!

The Vegan Pies, rolls and Vegan Tear and share roll with the lush dipping sauce are all absolutely amazing and make for some scrummy comfort food.


Clearspring have been in the industry for over 25 years, they are a fabulous family-owned business, with a particular expertise in sourcing authentic Japanese foods.

Offering delivery direct to your door, Clearspring products help sustainable agriculture by supporting organic farmers and artisan food producers.  By caring for the eco-system and enriching the soil, Clearspring work towards protecting the world for future generations to come.

Clearspring products are all Vegan, dairy and refined sugar free and a selection of products are also gluten free too, so you are in good hands.  The extensive range of fabulous foodie items on offer is impressive stuff and introduces customers to a range of Vegan foodie loveliness.

Prestige Hampers

Prestige Hampers have been in the business a while, so know their stuff and when it comes to all things gifting. They offer delivery direct to your door so make gifting easy.

Hampers are a perfect way to gift to family, friends, employees and of course our loved ones, so they can enjoy a bit of indulgence at home.

Offering a variety of hampers to suit a range of dietary needs such as Gluten free, Vegan, non-alcoholic and so much more,

Now whether you are after some farm fresh produce, a fun and easy meal kit, a sweet treat or to simply stock up the pantry, I am sure that you will agree these nine brilliant brands, that all over delivery direct to your door, have you covered.

Hands, Face and Space #StaySafe

Thank you for reading 

Melanie xx


148 thoughts on “Fabulous Food & Drink delivered Direct to your Door #Review

  1. There have been a few places around here doing the same, but not many. My husband and I usually end up going to get our own anyway because we’re never home in time for deliveries. One of us is always out.

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  2. I just placed my first order for Pikt today! Thank you so much for the great recommendation! I always try to find new ways to give my family clean food throughout the week.

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  3. I always like food delivery services. They do a great job. We cannot estimate the value of such services during last year’s pandemic lockdown period.

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  4. Some great recommendations here. We have recently been trying out a few food delivery options but will definitely check out those you have mentioned.

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  5. Wow! these are all great food/drink delivery services. I would love the fresh veggies and fruit straight from the farm. I’ll have to look into a couple of these for the family ; )

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  6. As someone who can’t drive due to medical reasons, I LOVE that you can get such a different range of foods delivered right to your door now! There’s so many great businesses to choose from where you’re from. Those fruits and vegetables looks super perfect and fresh! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I really need to stop reading your posts when I’m hungry! I’ve read about most of these amazing companies from your previous posts, and they all deserve to be highlighted. The two I had not heard of that I want to try are the Honest burgers and Pasta Evangelists. I love both a great burger and pasta, so definitely need to try those out!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. When I used to ride the tube, I would see adverts for some of these services, but I haven’t seen them in a while as I bike now. Nice to see how good these well-known brands actually are, your pics of the food are lovely.

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