The Crystal Maze Live Experience Manchester #Review

The Crystal Maze Live Experience Manchester review: September 2018

Whether you go in solo or already have your squad worked out, The Crystal Maze Live Experience Manchester, located smack bang in Manchester city centre, right next to the Museum of Science and Industry, is where eight individuals become one team to conquer the crystal dome.

Based on the 90s Iconic series, with the original legendary Maze Master Richard O’Brien and his ever loving marvellous mumsie, The Crystal Maze Live Experience Manchester, offers participants a unique opportunity to grab their very own slice of this nostalgic era.

Warmly welcomed with energy and enthusiasm, by the Crystal Maze team, we were geared up and all ready to go, go, go!  We have been lucky enough to attend on several invites, with the first visit being thrown in with a group of strangers and our most recent experience a private session for two.

After the health and safety stuff has had the big thumbs up, you will be all pumped up and ready for a crazy crystal collection mission, you and your star team, get to pop on the brilliant bomber jackets, to take those ‘must have’ insta pics.

Then, prepare to hit the team booths to talk team captains, names, tactics and strategy.  Don’t under estimate booth team time, if you want your crystal count to soar, listen to all your team members.  The four game types include Mental, Mystery, physical and Skill, so play to your team strengths, so you can scoop as many crystals as you can.

Being team captain in a private session was easy, as I knew our strengths and played to our advantage, but our first mixed session made up of several guys and gals, they key is to listen, learn and become one.

Feel those motivation moments and get the cheesy slogans at the ready “one team one dream”, “there’s no I in the word team” and prepare to meet your marvellous maze master, who on all my visits have been top notch, as they fabulously and flawlessly present with natural flare and finesse, resulting in non-robotic maze masters, and not losing their personality within the process.

You and your squad need to be prepared for a journey through four zones, Medieval, Industrial, Aztec and Futuristic, and yes for the mega super fans you do get to slide your way down the iconic slide in Aztec – one of my personal fav zones…apart from the Dome!

Maze Master pictured was a lovely cheery chap, and there is also a lovely mystical lady who was fabulous and Hanzza not pictured, was our gorgeous genuine Geordie, who during our private session, had us screaming out “Why Aye” at the top of our lungs, that kept us on our toes for sure, and motivated us to go crackers for crystals.  Rightfully so, as each crystal collected gives you 5 lovely seconds in the crystal dome.

The Crystal Dome, a moment of 90s nostalgia, take a breath and get the team in the iconic bomber jackets, smile for a quick piccy, before you take on the Dome – “Will you start the fans please”.  A slight twist with tickets, no gold or silver, just shiny foiled metallic tickets of loveliness, grab as many as you can, get them in the box and make each shiny token count.

Crystal Maze scores

Don’t play as an individual, and do like one group did, collect tokens, but never actually putting them in the collection box doh – listen to your Maze Master, think team, because team is how you will all conqueror the dome.

Mixed Team of eight: “4 Guys and 4 Gals” 10 crystals, 50 seconds in the Dome, 146 tokens: Playing in the mixed team of strangers, you get around 2 games per person, and the guys and girls we met on the first game were brilliant, a top bunch of team players who worked as one and when it came to the Dome it was all hands-on deck.  For a team of eight our crystal count was good, tokens slightly low, but the daft group fun we had was priceless.

Team of two: “There’s no place like Dome” 9 crystals, 45 seconds in the Dome, 98 tokens: Private sessions offer a unique personalised experience, playing more games each, but be prepared to work up a sweat throughout the four zones and when it comes to the Dome get grabbing those shiny tokens of joy, like your life depends on it.  For a team of two we did a cracking job and with a score of 98 tokens, left with big grins galore.

High octane, adrenaline pumping, immersive, entertaining and energetic experience, with plenty of Oooos, Ahhhs and lots of laugh out loud moments, but the question is can you crack the crystal dome and feel the foil fabulous rustle from the tokens of shiny success?  The formula is simple: More Crystals = More Dome Time = Shiny Tokens, now all that’s missing is you!

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



74 thoughts on “The Crystal Maze Live Experience Manchester #Review

  1. OK, I have never heard of this show. Sounds like a really interesting adventure activity, though. Definitely something I would have had fun with as a big group date night in my 20s.

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  2. Though I haven’t heard of it before, but from your pics and details of the day it sounds like a very enjoyable experience. I like how the zones are named – Medieval, Industrial, Aztec and Futuristic.
    – Nandita

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