Lucardo Escape Rooms Manchester: Gem Runner #Review

Lucardo Escape Rooms Manchester: Gem Runner Review: December 2018

Lucardo escape rooms, located in Manchester city centre, offer an excellent escape experience that is sure to get your pulses racing and minds working, as you race against the clock.

Josh our games master warmly welcomed us and explained the rules and different lock type in the game.  Enthusiastic, full of energy and a genuine passion for escape games, Josh did an amazing job throughout.

The Gem Runner escape game, located in a fictional central bank in Manchester city centre, was a high-quality adventure with well thought out puzzles and problems for our specialist elite team of robbers to decode and crack.

The famous 190 carat Saratov Diamond from Russia had been deposited deep in the vault and the clever team over at Lucardo managed to hack the security system, as our team “Slickly Tricky” pulled on our balaclavas and prepared to raid the vault and steel the diamond.

Our team, along with the lovely Josh managed to pull off the biggest diamond heist…. question is can you escape?

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



72 thoughts on “Lucardo Escape Rooms Manchester: Gem Runner #Review

  1. This sounds such an exciting day out. I love the storyline of it too. We’ve not got around to trying an escape room yet but it’s on our to do list, I’ll have to have a look at Lucardo as we’re not too far.

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  2. This looks and sounds like so much fun! My husband would love to do one of these escape things, will have to do some research because your review makes it sound like great fun xx

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