Breakout Manchester Spy Training and Crack the Case: Reclassified Blue and Identify Escape Games #Review

Breakout Manchester Spy Training and Crack the Case: Reclassified Blue and Identify Escape Games – Review: December 2018

Located in the cool, quirky, eclectic northern quarter hub, in Manchester city centre, is the brilliant Breakout Manchester.  Prepare to motivate your mind to find clues and solve a serious of puzzles, to unlock padlocks.  Do you accept the challenge, can you Breakout, can you escape?

The names Bond, James Bond…007 eat your heart out and prepare to become the spy you always wanted to be, take your final exam in the exciting, immersive and electrifying Reclassified escape game experience.

The Reclassified Green and Blue games are identical, so if you are in two groups this will bring out the competitive juices and allow you to race the other team.  The Reclassified games are unique, fun and highly addictive and test many areas of perception, observation, speed and skill.  Jess our games master was an absolute legend.  Keep a steady hand, focused mind and you will become 007 in no time.

Once you have fine tuned your Secret agent Spy skills, get the PLASTIC TOY WATER GUNS at the ready, to take on the Identify game.

A murderous mystery game, where your friend had been murdered, so you and your team of spies need to crack the case by invading the killer’s lair to find the proof and bring the killer down.

You will need to channel your inner Sherlock homes and detective powers, as the odds are stacked against you, you know who did it, but the Police don’t believe you, gather the proof before the murderous manic returns.  The Killer caught us in his lair, but do you have what it takes to IDENTIFY this psychopath’s other victims and escape with your life?

PLASTIC TOY WATER GUNS at the ready, keep your wits about you and bring the killer to Justice.

Thank you for reading 😊

Melanie xx



65 thoughts on “Breakout Manchester Spy Training and Crack the Case: Reclassified Blue and Identify Escape Games #Review

  1. I have a confession – this new breakout craze thing sort of escapes me. That said, I DO like 007 movies, so maybe that would be a worthwhile hook for me?

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    1. They are not what I would call claustrophobic, as it is literally just in an open room, but everyone is different, if you do fancy it call the team up and have a chat with the team and they will be able to advise hun. Nah I think you would smash it – be confident xx


    1. Regarding being claustrophobic, some of the games are just like being in a regular room and you are free to leave at any time, the door is always open so to speak, so if you want to get involved, call them and I am sure they would be able to advise. I would hate you to miss out when there is no need. Brilliant stuff, hope your friends enjoy xx


  2. I’ve said it before but I will say it again. I still haven’t done one of these escape rooms but I sure would like to one of these days. This one is a plus for me with the water guns, that definitely adds more fun!

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